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REm Cathode recovery unit and Crt Tester. Came out of a storage unit. Not sure if its working or not. Sold as is. Willing to part out. Let me know what ... moreyou need. Look at pics please. What you see is what you get. Thanks. Posted with

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R.E.M. Excellent Condition Cathode Recovery Unit& CRT Tester USED. Was on Display at Electronic Store) As with any electronic unit of this age. This item is sold AS-IS. But NO GUARANTEE is made as to the performance of the unit. Due to the possibility of damage during shipment. This unit was"operating" properly and was packaged carefully. IF FULL VALUE SHIPPING INSURANCE IS DESIRED. CONTACT ME AT AUCTION CLOSE! NO SHIPPING OUTSIDE US! ALL bids on my auctions are legal transactions. Do NOT submit a bid unless you are serious about purchasing said such part and/or item. I appreciate whomever it may concern for reading this inquiry and to have a safe and fun auction!
R.E.M. Electronic Instruments Cathode Recovery Unit and CRT Tester. CRU-1 I could not test it. But you can see from the photos that it lights up. Complete with manual. Picture tube warranty cards and case. Everything you see in the photos. The"REM Cathode Recovery Unit and CRT Checker" operates on a completely new principle of cathode repair that practically eliminates the danger of damage to the cathode material. Unlike previous systems that depended on the breaking away of essential coatings as their cleaning process. The REM recovery system carefully avoids the removal of any material. The safety inherent in this system allows its use as a regular and frequent service procedure. The unit performs 3 major functions. The first is to check tube quality the second is to restore emissions when necessary. And the third is to check ... morefor estimated life. This is a used unit used by a TV/Radio repairman clear back in the 1950's. But I do not know how old this unit is. We are listing other units and testers for TV/Radio. Some we can combine and others no. PAYMENT DETAILS Payment through Paypal only. If Auction buying you have 3 days after auction end to pay. BUY NOW. PLEASE PAY NOW. SHIPPING DETAILS We usually ship the first business day after payment through Paypal. We ship ONLY to the address on file. So. Please do not ask. Also, make sure that the address on file is correct in Paypal and eBay. If sent to the wrong address, it is the buyer’s responsibility to pay the shipping again to get it. RETURN POLICY 14 day return on items that have been misrepresented. If damaged in transit. Let us know right away. Return shipping is the buyer’s responsibility. FEEDBACK POLICY If there is a problem. Let us know before leaving feedback. Otherwise, please leave feedback for the services.
New Page 1 2 Meter from a RE Cathode Recovery Unit& CRT Tester*PART ONLY Please look at ALL pictures closely to confirm items condition and contents of item/items being offered in this sale because if it is not pictured it is not included. You will receive a pair of meters from the REM Cathode Recovery Unit& CRT Tester(Panel pictured but not included) Both meters are untested but presumed to be working. Are both in used but solid condition. Included the mounting bracket& nuts(pictured) but nothing else included. Soldered wires were cut off so they will need to be removed(I have no solder gun) Also there is a spot uner the glass on the meter on the right. Your package will ship the day after payment is received(excluding weekends)
REm Cathode recovery unit and Crt Tester. Came out of a storage unit. Not sure if its working or not. Sold as is. Willing to part out. Let me know what you need. Look at pics please. What you see is what you get. Thanks. Posted with
New Page 2 M.H.Rhodes Mark Timer from a REM Cathode Recovery Unit& CRT Tester*PART ONLY Please look at ALL pictures closely to confirm items condition and contents of item/items being offered in this sale because if it is not pictured it is not included. You will receive the Mark Timer ONLY. It is in good physical condition(see pics) I turned the dial and hit the bottom and the time ticked of but unable to test the electrical part of it- 120-240VAC. 20 A, 1 HP I included a picture(last picture) of the panel(not included) so you could see it attached. Your package will ship the day after payment is received(excluding weekends)
New Page 2 3 Knob Set from a REM Cathode Recovery Unit& CRT Tester*PARTS ONLY Please look at ALL pictures closely to confirm items condition and contents of item/items being offered in this sale because if it is not pictured it is not included. You will receive the 3 knobs w inner screws ONLY. Need a cleaning but they are all in good condition. I included a picture(last picture) of the panel(not included) so you could see them attached. Your package will ship the day after payment is received(excluding weekends)
REM Cathode Recovery Unit and CRT Tester I grew up selling Sencore. B&K& Beltron. I don't know electronics, but I know what TV repairmen wanted to buy. By far, we preferred the Beltron. I later heard about the REM unit, which many people compared favorably to the Beltron, and somehow acquired this along the way, probably when a TV repairman retired or passed away. I never got to try it out, but I've had it for many, many years. This is super nice, just dusty on the outside. It has been in my heated storage for decades. It does have a technician's name and driver's license number written in felt pen which is barely visible(Black on Black) on the case. It includes 4 test sockets besides the 21FJP22 type socket. This includes the REM Test Socket. CRU-1. All my items are UNTESTED. Please read the note below and bid accordingly. ... moreUntested: I don't know much about electronics. It was my dad's business. I am selling off all the inventory he had of new and used parts and test equipment that have sat for years. I know as much about it as your aunt Marge. I do my best to research what I have and describe what I see. Do not expect more than that from me. Take your chances if you desire and please bid accordingly. I combine shipping charges to save you money on multiple purchases! Shipping: Shipping is expensive. I'll estimate the weight& dimensions of the package. Add a small handling charge to cover shipping supplies and add enough to cover the ebay/paypal fee for the shipping portion(oh yes, we pay a fee even on the money you send for shipping, nearly 20% I can't figure out the weights perfectly because I don't want to pre-package stuff that might not sell. Has to be combined, or gets picked up here. So I just guess. Please live with it. At least you know in advance how much it adds to the cost of the item. Added items frequently go cheap if I can find the right box and there is never a charge to pick items up here. International Shipping: I have had no complaints and no lost
~ BillyBobs Basement ~ Up for auction is a vintage REM Electronic Instruments. Cathode recovery& CRT Tester in good to very good condition with attachments. Electric cord has been repaired. Unit powers up and appears to be operational. Was once used for TV repair from what I am told. REM tester is offered with a $9.99 start price, no reserve. Tester would make a great addition to your collection or possibly to repair your vintage TV or arcade game screen or whatever. ~ Please Understand ~ Most of my items come from local auctions. I collect certain things and sell the rest. Items are offered"as is" unless otherwise stated, I do my best to post an accurate description with detailed pics, if you have questions please ask before bidding. I may not always be able to tell if an item came from a location that may have contained"Smoke" ... moreor"Pet Hair/ Dander" if you are alergic or sensitive to smoke or pet hair please contact me before bidding. We reserve the right to end auction early if item sells locally. ~ Payment ~ I accept PayPal. I will consider other payment methods if contacted before auction ends. ~ Shipping ~ I ship. United States Postal Service, Parcel Post in most cases, if you would like me to ship using another service let me know before the auction ends so I can get you an accurate shipping estimate. Item will be shipped 2 to 5 days after payment received. If you are in the Southeastern Pennsylvania area you are welcome to pick item up at our shop in the 272 Antique Mall. ~ Feedback ~ Feedback will be left for you after item has shipped. Your satisfaction is my goal, if for some reason you are unhappy. Tell me and I assure you I will do my best to make things right. If you are happy. Tell others. Thanks for looking.
Includes various adapter units as shown in pics. Case needs a good cleaning. Shipping to US addresses only, please bid ONLY if you have a US address we can ship to. If you notice a problem with your item once you receive it. Please contact us before leaving feedback, we will try our best to satisfy you. As Paypal requires. Shipments will only be made to the shipping address you have on file with them. Alternate shipping address changes MUST be made BY YOU in the shipping address field on Ebay& Paypal prior to payment. We CANNOT change shipping addresses after payment is made. Non-paying unresponsive bidders automatically reported to Ebay after 5 days. Unless you contact us before then with a reasonable explanation for the delay& an expected payment date. Shipping method is your choice. When paying select whatever shipping time& ... morecost method YOU will be satisfied with. If the shipping method you desire is not listed, just ask, we will use it if available. Shipping is charged at actual cost, no handling charge, plus we pack for free! We normally try to ship early the next day after the auction ends. If you have your payment in by then, the item will go out then. Combined shipments are no problem. Altho some items are just too large or too heavy to be shipped with anything else. If you win more than one item just wait to pay until we have sent you an invoice for the total. Unless stated otherwise. NOTHING ELSE is included in this lot except for what is shown in the photo. Descriptions are to the best of my ability. BUT, since I am not all that familiar with some items, please LOOK closely to make certain you will be satisfied with what you see, next EMAIL with all questions you have, THEN place your bid. Photos and description © 2014. Powered by The free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items. RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk.rp*4a24%60%3C%3E-14973f297f3-0x119-
I haven't used it. Will stand behind. Items are shipped next business day with the USPS or FedEx Ground* SmartPost items are picked up by FedEx and delivered by the post office) Insurance is included on all purchases. I will combine and reduce shipping costs for multiple purchases. Please ask for an invoice as this is not automated. I like to stand behind everything I sell, so let me know if you have any problems or questions about your purchase. Any item I sell can be picked up in Morgantown, PA 19543. With the exception of some items paid for Sat/Sun) Check out my! Be sure to add me to your!
Up for sale is an Vintage Steampunk REM Electronic Instruments Cathode Recovery Unit& CRT Tube Tester Meter Machine. This was obtained from the estate of someone who collected radio tubes and he worked with various vintage electronics(TV's. Radios, bulbs etc. He also had a collection of radio& tube advertising and memborabilia, as well as tubes and various accessories, many of which I will be listing for sale. I don't know if he was an employee of one of the companies or possibly a salesman or service person. This machine is untested. As I'm not sure hot to use it. The interior appears to be in very good condition& it includes the instructions(affixed to the lid) The machine is encased in a brief case style box. The metal parts on the exterior of the case display tarnish& discoloration. There are a few small rips/tears ... morein the vinyl. Please use zoom function to see condition in all photos. Photo with soda can is for sizing reference. Please ask and& all questions. Items sold as is. SHIPPING& PAYMENT POLICY: Shipping for this item is $15.00 for USPS United States Postal Service STANDARD PARCEL POST MAIL(2-9 days estimated shipping) for the continental/contiguous/lower 48 states U.S. ONLY. If you live outside of this area. Or internationally, please contact me PRIOR to bidding for a shipping estimate. Paypal is the only accepted method of payment. Thanks for looking. And please check out all items for sale in my store!