Eico 667 Tube Tester Eico 667 Tube Tester 600A Receiver Tv Ham Radio Bin D5 Solid State Tube Tester Jackson Dynamic Tube Charts Dyna-Quik Tube Tester 667 Tube Tester Heathkit Tc-2 Accurate Instrument Tube Tester Model Hickok 600A Tube Tester Dyna Quik 600A Tube Tester Receiver Tv Radio Bin D4 Vacuum Tube Tester Checker Hickok 600A Eico 625 Emc Tube Tube Tester Analyzer Tube Tester Powers Heathkit Tc-2 Tube Tester Vintage Knight Tube Tester Seco Tube Tube Tester W Instruction Hickok Cardmatic Electronics Tube Tester Tv-7 U Tube Tester Signal Corps Tube Tester Tube Tester Rejuvenator 707 Tube Tester Accurate Instrument Model Tube And Battery Tester Mercury Tube Tester Model Picture Tube Tester Tube Tester Adapters 612 Tube Tester 600 Tube Tester 625 Tube Tester Tube Tester Clean Cathode Ray Tube Tester Portable Tube Tester Vintage Eico Tube Tester Heathkit Tc-2 Tube Hickok Military 606 Tube Tester Tv Tube Checker Tube Tester Adapter Conar Tube Tester Weston Tube Tester Cathode Rejuvenator Mercury Tube Tester Tube Checker Tester Model Cathode Rejuvenator Tester Eico Model 625 Tube Tester Vintage Heathkit Tube Tester Tube Tester Untested Dyna-Quik Model Eico 666 Knight Tube Tester Hickok Dynamic Mutual Accurate Instrument Co Accurate Instrument Eico 666 Tube Tester Military Tv-7 Triplett Tube Tester Rejuvenator Model Tube Tester I-177 Tube Tester I-177-B Tube Tester Roll Chart Tv-7 Tube Tester Tv-11 Tube Tester Radio Vacuum Tube Tester Electron Tube Tester Vintage Accurate Instrument Crt Tester And Rejuvenator Crt Tester Rejuvenator 700 Tube Tester Mutual Conductance Tube Tester Model Tube Test Data Instrument Tube Tester Model Triplett Tester Tube And Set Tester Tube Transistor Tester Tube Tester Meter Restorer Analyzer Dyna Jet Tube Tester Heathkit Tube Checker Model Mutual Conductance Vacuum Tube Tester Heathkit Tc-2 Tube Checker Hickok 539C 539C Tube 10-12 Tube Tester Tube Tester Operating 500 Tube Tester Vintage Heathkit Tc-2 Tube Heathkit Tube Checker Tube Tester Excellent Transistor Tester Model Vintage Hickok Model Supreme Tube Hickok 533A Dyna Jet Vacuum Tube Tester W Manual Tube Tester Instruction Manual Crt Cathode Ray Tube Tester Precision Apparatus Tube Tester Plate Bk Tester Vintage Sencore Crt Cathode Mutual Conductance Tube Tester Calibrated Cardmatic Tube Tester Tube And Transistor Tester Vintage Emc Crt Restorer Analyzer Tube Valve Tester Crt Cathode Rejuvenator Crt Tube Tester 465 Crt Hickok 6000A Tube Tester Tube Tester For Parts Or Repair Tube Tester Tested Receiver Tv Ham Radio Bin D6 Tube Data Utility Tester Vintage Hickok Tube Tester Sencore Mighty Mite Tv 7D Radio City Products Hickok 533 Jackson 648 Jackson Tube Tester Tester Filament Military Tube Tester Crt Cathode Ray Tube Tester Rejuvenator Cathode Ray Tube Model 257 Tube Tester Dynamic Conductance Tube Transistor Tester Hickok 533A Tube Tester Instrument Tube Tester Superior Tube Tester Knight Kg-600B Tester No Reserve Emc Model Tc 142 Tv-7D U Tube Tester Hickok 539B Knight Kg-600B Tube Tester Hickok 6000 Seco Model Tube Checker Model Dynamic Tube Tester Model Crt Picture Tube Model Tc-2 Roll Chart Dynamic Mutual Conductance Tube Tester Utility Tester Model Tester Model 161 Picture Tube Restorer Electronamic Tube Tester Hickok Vacuum Model 257 Vintage Seco Valve Tester Knight 600 Bk Crt Vintage Accurate Instrument Co Vintage Jackson Model Military Mutual Conductance Tube Tester Ii Tube Tester Tester In Wooden Dyna Tube Tester Instrument Co Model Superior Instrument Tube Tester Model 157 Tube Tester W Chart Tube Tester Test Electrical Tube 6000 Tube Sylvania Tube Tester Tube Tester Service Tube And Transistor Transconductance Tube Tester Grid Circuit Tube Tester Calibrated 650 Tube Vintage Eico Model Conar Model Radio Tv Tube Tester Grid Circuit Tester Radio Bin D5 Vintage Supreme Model Hickok Model 600A Picture Tube Tester Rejuvenator Knight Tube Hickok Tv-7 215 Tube
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B&K Model 707 Dyna-Jet Dynamic Mutual Conductance Vacuum Tube Tester This unit powers on. I was able to get various lights to illuminate by testing some of the buttons, but is otherwise untested. Unit is in good cosmetic condition, case shows some wear. Packaged Carefully and I insure for full amount. Shipping to lower 48 only Thanks for looking
THE UNIT INSIDE IS IN MINT CONDITION US Military TV-7 D/U Mutual Conductance Vacuum Tube Tester with ALL ACCESSORIES TESTED. FULLY FUNCTIONAL! EXTERIOR COMES WITH SOME DENTS AND WEARING. INTERIOR IS MINT-EXCELLENT + WHEN YOU OPENING THE METAL CASE YOU SEE TV-7D/U IN MINT CONDITION(LIKE NEW) WITH ALL ACCESSORIES. THE MOST DESIRED TUBE TESTER- COMPLETE WITH BOOK OF TEST SETTINGS- IN EXCELLENT CONDITION- INCLUDES ALL ACCESSORIES INCLUDES TEST LEADS AND TUBE SOCKET ADAPTERS Certainly the most desired and easiest to use of all tube testers. Tests 4. 5, 6, 7, Octal, Loctal, 7 pin miniature, and 9 pin miniature acorn, as well as specialized micro-tubes. Easy and quick set-up. Checks for shorts, opens, gas, and gives a true mutual trans-conductance measurement of a tubes performance. Overall condition is excellent+. Outer case is original with. Panel ... moreis in MINT Condition. Has all necessary socket adapters. WEIGHT OF THE UNIT IS 20Lbs Photos are the actual TV-7D/U Please see the pictures If you wish to save on shipping you are welcome to pick up the unit locally from Hayward CA 94544
Very nice and clean tube tester. BRAND: B&K MODEL: Dyna-Jet 707 CONDITION: Used SERIAL# 559957 SPECS: Dynamic Mutual Conductance Thank you for looking. Any questions please ask. Check out my other listings. I have B&K adaptors for sale as well. I will gladly combine shipping.
For your consideration is a vintage Hickok Dynamic Mutual Conductance multi-tester. Model 534. Powers on but we have no way of testing it any farther. Comes with the owners manual and accessories. The wood case hinges are broke and material is coming off. It is also missing one knob but is easily replaceable. Please refer to pictures for more details. Any/All questions are welcome. This item was an Estate purchase. The estate was picked by American Pickers in Seminole. PA. It aired on Aug 20, 2012. Where's Aldo? episode. We have many more items from this estate to be listed, lots of goodies! $$ I combine shipping on all my items up for auction. $$$(if interested in combined shipping rate please contact us with your zip code) Payment due with in 3 days at the end of auction Returns are accepted with in 3 days of date delivered and only ... moreif the item is not as described. Buyer pays return shipping. Returns are given as"money back" minus any S&H fees. 6% PA sales tax International buyers are responsible for any/all customs fees Thanks for looking! RETURNS: Returns are accepted and will be given as"money back" for item sale price only. Buyer pays return shipping. NO RETURNS ACCEPTED IF: clothing has been washed and/or tags have been removed.Updated 4/25/12. Sorry for the inconvenience, it won't let us delete the old return policy from our listing. Thanks
This Mercury 1000 is in great. Clean, perfectly working condition. The box is actually in nice shape, but one side of the handle is split. Check out my vacuum tube auction also.it's a lot of 175 vacuum tubes, all tested that I'm selling. I DO combine shipping. And feel free to ask questions.
ITEM DESCRIPTION A vintage 600A tube tester by Hickok. It works well. May need calibration though. I tested the function with a couple different tubes such as 27, 80, 6V6, 6SN7 and all performed as expected. The power cord is flexible and has no cracks. The small grid cap adapter aged and a bit cracked at the base of it. There is an nice built-in scroll for tube settings included and it even still shows those two digit tubes. The handle. Hinges and clasps are tight and in good condition. Exterior cabinet not water damaged or cracked however, it does have marks paint splatters, and tears consistent with its age. Inside, the panel& meter look great. Just a bit of"finger" wear at the scroll wheel and tube test knob as expected. A very nice Hickok Mutual Conductance tester! Sorry no manual however. Easily obtained from the web or ... moreeBay sellers. Unit is functioning however as with any very old electronics it is sold AS-IS, as described here. Will pack safely for the journey with lots of"bubble" If international sale it MUST go with Express Mail only. Domestic may choose UPS or Priority/Express. PAYMENT OPTIONS How do I pay for my purchase? We accept the following payment methods: PayPal. Amex, Discover, Visa, MasterCard. Can I pay with a eBay gift card or gift certificate? Yes. You can pay for this item with an eBay gift card or gift certificate. How do I confirm that my eBay gift card. Gift certificate or coupon was applied to my order? Your coupon. Gift card, or gift certificate will be applied during checkout. After you purchase the item, you can go to order details in My eBay to verify this information. RETURN. EXCHANGE AND WARRANTY INFORMATION Warranty is as described and functional on all products we sell unless it's noted"AS-IS" Please attempt to e-mail me or call +1 480 209-1700 for any questions or unhappy situations regarding your purchase. If we've made a"boo-boo" we want to fix it. Our company strives for 100% POSITIVE feedback& 5 star excellence. If w
US Military TV-7 D/U Mutual Conductance Vacuum Tube Tester with ACCESSORIES and UPGRADES Please look at all the pics. They show lots of detail about the unit and it's condition Details about the unit: Unit was calibrated this April and all parts out of spec were replaced. Switches cleaned, etc Comes with a new upgraded TV-7D/U Meter that shows gm figures per scale(very helpful) $190 upgrade Comes with a set of TV-7 Calibration Reference Tubes from Daniel Neilson(king of TV-7's) $75 value Comes with the factory Tube Straighteners(hard to find) Comes with tube adapter shown in pic Comes with most up to date version of the tube settings book Comes with the plate cap lead connector Has original cord in great shape. No cracking, very soft and flexible Unit functions perfectly. I've tested thousands of tubes with this over the years. ... moreI've always used socket savers so the original sockets are in great shape Outside case has been painted black and has normal scuffs& scrapes for one of this age Interior is NM with one paint wear spot on the very left edge where the cord has rubbed(see pics) This is the highly sought after TV-7D/U Model. Do not settle for any less Certainly the most desired and easiest to use of all tube testers. Tests 4. 5, 6, 7, Octal, Loctal, 7 pin miniature, and 9 pin miniature acorn, as well as specialized micro-tubes There is a wealth of knowledge about these on the web ranging from instruction manuals. Updated tube specs, service manuals, hints& tips, you will have access to everything you need to operate it for a lifetime You won't find a more sound and functional TV7 than this. Get it while you can How often do you see one of these where the paint around the function switch isn't worn off? If you wanted the outer cover to be media blasted and powder coat painted. I could get that done locally for $50 extra and a week delay in shipping I pride myself on packing professionally. I combine shipping as much as possible If you win multiple items. Wait for an adjusted invo
B&K 700 dynamic mutual conductance tube test in working order. This tester is from my personal collection and in exceptional condition with no damage. Minor scuffs and tarnished hardware on carry case. Tested with various tubes and aligns with calibrated 6L6 as pictured. This tester is easy to operate and has been a joy to work. Includes original tube setup manual. Shipped FedEx Ground or USPS. Powered by The free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items.
HICKOK MODEL 600A VACUUM TUBE TESTER This model will measure the true amplification factor(Gm) of your vacuum tubes but putting a known signal on its grids. it's a more trustworthy measure of actual tube performance. Unlike simple emission testers which do not much more than show that the tube glows. This unit will measure: 4. 5, 6, 7 pin large base tubes; 8 pin octals; 8 pin micros; 8 pin in-line; and 7& 9 pin miniatures. It will measure Gm, leakage and test for shorts. Of special interest is this unit's ability to test the very oldest of tubes. Such as the 2 digit number ones( 20, 40, 80 etc) used in the earliest radios. Also, this unit will allow you to match amplifier tubes. It comes with a copy of the original instructions and the most complete set of tube settings for this model( over 100 pages) It will check most all common ... moreamplifier tubes such as: 5U4. 6AQ5, 6CL6, 6SN7, 6V6, 6L6, KT88, 12AX7 and more. Case could use recovering. Electrically this tester works fine and gives consistent results with my test 6SN7. Due to its age. It has not been re-calibrated and if you need exact readings, you will have to get it calibrated. Used. Tested, guaranteed fully working. California residents must add 8% sales tax. Shipping is $45.00 for lower 48 states- more for Alaska and Hawaii. USA sales and shipping only. No exceptions. Payment by PayPal as per Ebay rules. I stand by everything I sell. And should something arrive not as it should be- contact me before leaving feedback. I strive to make sure you are happy with your purchase. Check my feedback before you bid. Thank you for your bid. Good luck and best wishes- Bob
Cean and working Eico 667 vacuum tube tester. Works great! Still has blue protective film over the front panel. I checked one corner and the film is easy to remove with no residue. Includes documentation/tube data. Buyer pays actual shipping. Seller accepts all standard eBay payment methods including credit cards through Paypal. Thanks for looking! Additional Information regarding my listings: I sell primarily used electronic items. I make every effort to ship within 3 BUSINESS days of receiving payment. My shipping costs are based on the shipping weight of the item. Insurance and the cost of packaging. Shipping costs are calculated automatically by the eBay shipping calculator The shipping cost shown in the auction is an eBay calculation based on the weight of the item and the geographic location of the bidder. Please check the eBay shipping ... morecalculator to verify shipping costs before bidding. Ebay does not offer a Fedex Ground check box option in their listing set-up page for sellers so I check the UPS box under"standard shipping" but inside the US I use Fedex for items over 3lb and USPS priorty mail for items 3lb& under. All international shipments are by USPS Priority mail international. International bidders are responsible for all customs fees. I will not mark items on customs forms as gifts or declare a value lower than the winning bid so please do not ask me to do so. If there is not a"buy it now" price listed on the item, it means I intend to let the auction run to completion so please do not ask me to end the auction early, that is unfair to other bidders. If an item is listed as no international shipping, I will not ship it outside of the US but will ship to a US address for international bidders. I strive to have all my buyers 100% satisfied. If you have any questions or issues after receiving your item, PLEASE contact me prior to leaving feedback so that I may address them. As a seller, my policy is that I provide feedback after the buyer leaves feedback. If you have any questi
For Auction: Vintage Mercury 1200 Dynamic Mutual Conductance Vacuum Tube Tester- It Powers Up- I get a Red Power On light and it has a nice hum to it. But I do not have any tubes to test it with. Good Condition. International buyers- sold as is please. Please see my other auctions in my ebay store- We are practicing to be environmentally friendly by using eco tape. Used boxes, and other used packing materal. Combined shipping is available with most items. Media mail items cannot combine with non-media items. Large items may not combine in the same box. Free shipping items cannot be combined. If you are not satisfied. Feel free to return it within 14 days at your own expense. Thanks for looking. Good Luck in Bidding. Powered by The free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items.
This is an almost pristine HICKOK 800K tube tester. My grandfather purchased this brand new and used and very little. He stored it inside its entire life. I used it to check some tubes of my own and all of the functions. Dials and rollers work perfectly. I have three tube setting books I am including in this auction. Case has some outer wear on the corners but very light. This is a great tool for testing tubes or to add to your collection. I will pack for the safest shipping. As is no warranties.
Beautiful condition used Hickok 533A vacuum tube tester. 2 capacitors look to have been replaced. This tester is in good basic working order. And very clean! It powers up, goes up to line test, and tests a known good 6L6 tube strong. roll chart is tight and rolls freely. Most tube testers sold will need to be calibrated. its a given. Unless the seller can provide you with the calibration specs. Almost any tube tester will need calibrated. this tester hasnt been used in years, but does test well. The purchaser should have a good understanding of vintage electronics and be able to do any maintenance it may or may not need. It is sold as is. Comes with complete deluxe manual with all obsolete tube tests, and updates. Photos are of actual tester for sale. Will be well packed for shipping. Guaranteed to please! Please check out my other auctions ... moreand add me to your favorite seller list so you don't miss out on my vintage tube. Electronic, and musical equipment listings. Thanks for looking and good luck! Posted with
The EICO 667 Dynamic Conductance tube and transistor tester is in good working and cosmetic condition. tested a vacuum tube as seen in picture. sold ASIS. Also have Manual in PDF format that I can Email. RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk.rp*05e54c%3E-144fc72b5cb-0x105-
Eico 666 Mutual Conductance Vacuum Tube Tester. Roll Chart and assembly. Roll chart is in good clean condition. No tears or repairs. Please see my other parts for Eico tube testers, I am parting out three testers, contact me for complete list of parts.Thanks.
Eico 667 OR 666 Mutual Conductance Vacuum Tube Tester"PUSH BOTTON KNOB" No cracks. Tight fit, 15 available, this auction is for one knob(1) only. Thanks.
Eico 667 Mutual Conductance Vacuum Tube Tester" Magnoval& Decal Adapters. Both in very good condition. Thanks. ag6 2.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk.rp73%28c%3Eag6%3E2-1450180a56f-0x113-
Nice Eico 667 Mutual Conductance Vacuum Tube Tester"Tube Data Chart" Original. No 7712. Clean and complete in very good condition. Thanks.
If you are looking for a tester with a nice case. This is not the one. The case is in terrible condition. It is intact enough to safely house the tester, it just doesn't look nice. I don't know if all functions are working. I am capable of; finding a tube number in the scroll. Plug the tube in, make the listed settings, push the listed button, and read the meter, good or replace. Other then setting the line adjust, this is all that I have the knowledge to do. I do not know how accurate it is, as I don't have a tube of a known condition or another tester to compare to. The face of the tester in in pretty good condition. It has definitely had some use. As you can see wear marks around the switches wear fingers have rubbed on it. There is a lens missing over the bias fuse, and the power cord is pretty cracked up and should be replaced ... moreas well as the short test lead. The metal name plate that is supposed to be glued under the lid has come off. The tube sockets seemed to work fine on the two I tried, but all look like they have light corrosion on the contacts. The scroll is complete and works well, it gets a little harder to roll as you approach the ends. There is some writing in pencil on the back of the face. I will wrap up the two tubes underneath to be sure they are not damaged during shipping. BE SURE TO OPEN AND REMOVE THE PACKAGING MATERIAL BEFORE USE! I will include a note making mention of this to be sure it is not forgotten. Due to its age and my lack of knowledge I am selling this"as is" Please view all pictures and contact me with any questions. I package all of my items very well for safe delivery. Thanks for looking!
B&K Model 700 Vacuum Tube Tester in Good Working Condition With Tube Specification Table on Lid.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk.rp*a4%601gc%3E-145507580d4-0x10d-
Hickok Tube Tester and analyzer model 534.Super clean with everything there.Powers up when plugged in.I don't know much about this.It belonged to my grandfather.Any questions message me and I'll answer them the best I can.It looks to be very well taken care of.Includes schematic drawing of the tester plus another set of papers.It looks like its from the bottom part that scrolls.Its pretty heavy so you would be welcome to pick it up if you are near Los Angeles.Thanks. Bruce Posted with
DESCRIPTION: For sale is one used vintage Hickok Model# 752A tube tester. Manufactured by The Hickok Electrical Instrument Company located at 10514 Dupont Ave. Cleveland, Ohio 44108. Has a custom black hinged case with rear storage compartment. Front handle, and 2-latches on front; has metal protective pieces on all corners. Exterior measurement of the case is: 18.5" x 17" x 7.25" Weight of case& accessories = 21 lbs 14 oz. Designed only for 115-Volts AC at 50-60 Hz. Serial number under the handle reads: 397-00520. Includes tester unit plus CRT adapter and two small wires with clamps at their ends. See photos. The instruction manual is not included. Also includes. But NOT PICTURED. Is one Sylvania vacuum tube with"6CG8A USA- Sylvania if EZU" printed on it. I do not know what this tube is for other than it was ... moresitting inside the box's rear storage compartment along with the other described accessory wires when I opened it. CONDITION: I powered the unit on and it lights up and appears to function properly; however. Since I'm not an electronics technician, I'm unable to verify if it truly is fully functional. Thus, item is sold as-is with no warranty or guarantee. Note that I did press the Line Adjust S10 button and when I varied the line adjust knob the meter registered accordingly.so that is a good sign. Also, neither of the two fuse lights were illuminated, thus another sign it is functional. There is a perfectly in-tact paper roll chart with various tube data on it(no tears/ no damage to paper roll) I tested it by using the scroll knob located to the right of it on the faceplate and successfully scrolled it up and down without issue. There is a nice white backlight that allows you to read the text very clearly. As noted in the photos. I unscrewed the front metal faceplate(note that 2 wood screws are missing but could easily be replaced) and took a variety of photographs of the electronics inside the unit. I do not know anything about how this unit works but I figured that
This Signal Corps Dynamic Mutual Conductance Tube tester works great and will test a large variety of tubes including 4 pin 5 pin 6 pin 7 pin octals and miniatures. Buyer pays $30.00 for shipping.
Hickok Model 800 Tube Tester Included is a reprinted user manual and various documents*Went through the calibration procedures(included in manual) and everything measured nominal voltages* BEAUTIFUL CONDITION All functions check out normal Various tubes tested and compared to the arsenal of tube testers we own and operate: 532. 533A, 539, 600, 600A, 750, 800, 800A Sencore tube testers, etc. Tube scroll chart is velvet smooth*SEE PICS* Appears original except: Replaced all(4) screws with new chrome screws The RCA 83 and 5Y3GT tubes appear original but cant confirm that 100% Mission Amps is our family business. Check out reviews and history Tested various tubes New/Used; all functions normal Bid with confidence and enjoy
Heathkit TT-1A Good used condition. Case shows some wear. This is a very well respected unit. And it works great! Has been completely serviced with new electrolytic capacitors. Resistors as needed, sockets cleaned and unit calibrated. The tt-1a is not difficult to calibrate due to the internal pots. And documented calibration procedure. Comes with a whole bunch of original documentation and paperwork. Will be well packed to arrive safely. Guaranteed to please! Please check out my other auctions and add me to your favorite seller list so you don't miss out on my vintage tube. Electronic, and musical equipment listings. Thanks for looking and good luck!
Powered by Hickok 605 Dynamic Mutual Conductance Vacuum Tube Tester/ Analyzer(R78) For sale is a fair condition Hickok 605 Dynamic Mutual Conductance Vacuum Tube Tester/ Analyzer. We tested this for this listing by checking one tube successfully. We only had a 12ng7 to test with. It looks like a handle has been removed. The cord is old and very brittle. Some screws are missing as seen in the pictures. There is a lot of wear next to the thumb wheel and some stains as seen in the pictures. This can be seen at our Westlake Ohio location. You can pay with your credit card through PayPal. All Ohio state residents or purchasers utilizing our local pickup option will be charged sales tax in the amount of 8% at the time of checkout unless a valid exemption certificate is on file. Payment must be received within 2 days of the close of auction. If ... morepayment has not been received within 2 days. The auction will be revoked and a Non-Paying Bidder alert will be filed. We only shipped to confirmed addresses in Pay Pal. Please do not ask us to ship to other addresses. Packages are usually shipped within 24 hours of payment receipt(excluding Saturday/Sunday/US Holidays) Shipping costs for all orders can be determined by the shipping calculator in each listing. The shipper we utilize is of our choice unless arranged in advance of bid or purchase. We do offer combined shipping for multiple items. Please request combined shipping before you pay by sending a message with your zip code for a quote. The size and weight of items dictates whether combined shipping is possible. If for some unexpected reason we are out stock of the item. We will refund your money within 24 hours of discovery. Item damaged in shipping will result in a damaged claim through the shipping company. The shipping company will pick up and inspect all items with packing materials. Refunds will be issued once claim process is completed. International buyers, please be aware that you may incur a brokerage and/or customs fee upon delivery. Please DO NOT ask us to
Directly from a local estate. Vintage Signal Corps Military Superior I-177-B vacuum tube tester. This unit has been checked out and everything works as it should. Several different types of tubes were tested and tube test results were compared to that of a calibrated TV7 tester. Metal box has been repainted but was probably done while it was in service with the military. 41 pages of tube test data cards included. Very good condition. This will make a great addition to your collection. As is auction, no returns, NO reserve. Buyer pays $25.95 for U.S. packing& shipping. International bidders welcome with Ebay's Global shipping program. Powered by The free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items.
Hickok Model 800K Vacuum Tube Tester Dynamic Mutual Conductance Up for auction is a used Hickok Model 800K Dynamic Mutual Conductance Vacuum Tube Tester. This tester is in very good cosmetic condition with only minor scuffs and dings on the case. No cracks. The tester powers up and the internal tubes warm up. The power cord looks good and the jumper cord is present. The built in tube chart roller operates very smoothly. I could not find the manual. But I see they can easily be gotten right here on ebay. This tester belonged to my father K2UBU. He was a Ham radio operator from 1956 on and took very good care of his equipment. I do not know enough about electronics to do any testing on this other than power up. I would imagine that it could use a calibration. It is packed well to ensure it arrives at your home safely. In the coming days and ... moreweeks. I will be listing a lot of Ham Radio equipment. Some are more modern and there is a lot of vintage equipment as well. If you have any questions. Please ask. Thanks for looking and Good Luck! PLEASE READ This item is in Used Condition and Sold As Is. I do not consider myself to be an expert on this item. I do however. Try to do as much research about the item as is reasonable so that I can provide pertinent details and specifications. I also inspect the item and provide any observable details, including noticed defects. All of this information together with the photos, should be used to make an informed purchase. If you have any questions or need additional information. Please ask before bidding. I will answer all emails as soon as possible. Payment is due within 2 Days after close of auction. I will ship your item on the next business or sooner. My shipping charges are the actual cost billed to me by the carrier you choose.
Up for auction is a Hickok 534 Vacuum Tube Tester Checker Dynamic Mutual Conductance Multi Meter VOM. This item is in good condition for its age. It has been tested and works. It is complete with its owners manual and extended tube setup charts. All knobs. Buttons and lights work, the VOM is also in working condition. We tested several types of tubes with it and they tested the same as on our other tester. Don't miss out on this one. Bid now! PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO VIEW ALL PICTURES. OUR PICTURES ARE PART OF OUR DESCRIPTION. IF IT'S NOT IN THE PICTURES IT WILL NOT BE INCLUDED. If you can't see all of the picture. Reduce your browser zoom to 75% HAPPY BIDDING AND FEEL FREE TO ASK QUESTIONS! Please check our other auctions + store for more great items. We don't charge handling fees. Shipping quotes are actual charges. Items are ... moreESTATE FINDS IN USED CONDITION and MAY have wear. We are not experts in any field- ALL ITEMS SOLD AS-IS. AS FOUND- NO RETURNS ON INTERNATIONAL SALES. Powered by The free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items.
Vintage Hickok 532 Dynamic Mutual Conductance Vacuum Tube Tester V ery good condition. I tested a tube I had and it tested good, working condition, tube shown not included) all button knobs move freely and push fine, any questions please ask, as is, tester is roughly 20" x 20" buyer pays s/h.
Hello again.This auction is for another great condition vacuum tube tester.It is called a"DYNAMIC MUTUAL ACCEPTANCE TUBE TESTER" and the Model number is#I-177A. Could not find and age on the unit but assume it is maybe a military made unit.The unit is in s metal made box and does appear to work well.Has not be calibrated or had any servicing.so the unit sell as is.Unit does have a printed manual that can be seen in the pictures an the manual appears to list all of the vacuum tubes that were made at that time. The unit weighs 15lbs.So figure this weight to be used to determine a shipping charge.Will ship overseas but please remember the extra charge.Please e-mail with any questions.Thanks for viewing and the best to all.P.S dimensions are 15 1/2 long 8" deep by about 5 3/4 tall.Thanks
Vintage Antique Hickok Vacuum Tube Tester Model AC-47 Mutual Conductance Box measures about 16-1/4" x 10-3/4" x 5" not including handle) circa early 1930's With data sheets as shown in sample photos. Note: Smaller handle was added. Apparently as a reinforcement. Untested; sold as found. Needs a new power cord. This has been sitting untouched for over 50 years! Look closely at pictures. What you see is what you get. Please ask all the questions you want before you purchase. We'll do our best to answer quickly! Shipping is by USPS or FedEx We're happy to accept reasonable offers on this item. When making your offer. Please keep in mind that the item price includes shipping on this HEAVY item(free to our customers) Returns accepted; buyer pays return shipping. See our Feedback to purchase with confidence! YOU'LL ... moreLOVE THIS OR WE'LL BUY IT BACK! 24.18.13-25# 01/15 inkfrog terapeak.
Eico 625 Tube Tester Precise 111 Mutual Conductance and Emissions Tube Tester With Manual. Schematics, Tube Testing Data Sheets Not Working- Sold for Parts Only This is a Precise 111 mutual conductance tube tester. I purchased this at a sale thinking that I would restore it. But I just don't have the time to do that. It is being sold for parts, as is, not working. The"Tone Lizard" listed this as one of the best tube testers out there for general all purpose use. Maybe you can fix it and get it going but it's just too big a project for me at this time. See the pics for the condition of the unit. Apparent deficiencies are, broken glass on the meter movement, no short test bulb, wear to the case, tube testing roll data sheets off the track. It does not turn on or show any signs of life. I don't know what is wrong with it ... moreor how to fix it. I found a copy of the build manual and tube testing data sheets that I'll include with the unit to help you in your repair/restoration effort. The complete schematics for the unit are in the manual. I also have the replacement meter movement for this unit listed for sale in the tube tester section on EBay. talk about scarce as hens teeth) If you buy the tester and the meter movement. I'll ship the meter movement for free along with the unit. Better scoop it up now before someone else beats you to it. I've seen these sell in good working condition for way in excess of $275 on EBay but they are really hard to come by. And as always. I have tried my best to represent this item clearly and honestly to the best of my ability.Adding or detracting nothing that would distort the true condition of the item. No warranty of any kind is either expressed or implied. Pictures are to be considered a part of the description of this item. This item is used and unless otherwise stated, all items are sold as is where is. Thank you for your interest in my items. Payment is to be received within 24 hours of the auction close. Insured Shipping and handling is $44.95. Sh
B&K 747B DYNA-JET DYNAMIC MUTUAL CONDUCTANCE Vacuum TUBE TESTER 747 Powers up and works. Clean/Nice This is a 747B Model. The only difference is the 747B has a circuit breaker and the regular 747 doesn't have a circuit breaker. The manual and the meter face both say/show 747. The two models are essentially the same except for the addition of the circuit breaker. The original manual is included with a tube chart/manual ThisDyna-Jet model 747/747B tube tester checks over 99% of all vacuum tubes. Check the pictures and email me with any questions before the end of the auction. Payment is to be made through Paypal Only& must be made within 3 days of end of the auction or the item will be re-listed.
Super Sounds Perfect Prices. Item Description. Up for auction is a Hickok model 752 dynamic mutual conductance vacuum tube tester. Many of you who are real tube aficionados will instantly recognize the brand-name Hickok. The big Hickok"laboratory" models. The 752 series and the 539 series(along with the military version of same, the TV-7 model) are widely considered the most durable and accurate testers ever sold to the general public. They were also sold to the US Government by the thousands, to be used in critical applications, such as planes, tracking equipment, etc. so you know they had to be built to work, and keep working. There are many stories out there, some apocryphal, I'm sure, about these testers surviving floods, mud-slides, extreme rust, extreme heat, you name it, then being plugged in- only to find out they still ... moreworked. Oh, make no mistake, they do and did break down- but it usually took a lot of use and/or abuse to cause that. This tester has some very nice features. Including a test for(relative) remaining tube-life, the ability to test dual-triodes without changing settings, the ability to set exactly accurate plate-voltage that the tube was designed for, the ability to measure the tube's reading in micromhos, test and measures shorts and leakage in the tubes, and much more. One thing it will not do: it will NOT cook your dinner for you(you need a significant other for that) well, maybe it would cook your dinner ONCE- but then, you'd need a new tester.Seriously, though, this really is considered a professional unit. This unit was sent to the well-known Roger Kennedy of All Tube Testers dot com. Who inspected, cleaned and calibrated it in May of 2014. It is in relatively decent condition cosmetically for an instrument which is more than 50 years old. We are selling this tester in good faith that it is in working condition(although it might take you a while to figure that out, if you're not familiar with this line) and because of its age, we are selling it as-is, and wil
This calibrated Stark Model 12-22A Dynamic Mutual Conductance Tube Tester is probably the hardest vacuum tube tester to find. It tests both European and American Vacuum Tubes along with Selenium Rectifiers. Transistors and Diodes. Stark was the Canadian subsiduary of Hickok and made electrically identical tube testers. Using the Hickok circuits, but with a somewhat different appearance, and a lot wider range of sockets. The quality is second to none. The bias pots etc. feel very healthy. Function switches look and feel great. Both are somewhat bigger than their hickok counterparts. To allow for the extra sockets. A Stark 12-22A Users Manual. Calibration instructions and a Hickok Consolidated Test Data Manual is Included. Both the Hickok 533A and the Stark 12-22A use the same 2.5 Screen Voltage so they share the same Tube Testing Data. Resisters ... moreand Capacitors were checked and replaced as necessary. The 83 Mercury Filled Rectifier Tube has been replaced with a perfectly balanced solid state replacement. The 5Y3 tested new and balanced. This tube cannot be replaced with a solid state replacement without loosing accuracy. Calibration double checked with 6L6 and 6sx7 Calibrating Tubes. Then Tripled checked matching tubes on a Calibrated Hickok 533A.