Eico 667 Tube Tester Eico 667 Tube Tester 600A Receiver Tv Ham Radio Bin D5 Solid State Tube Tester Jackson Dynamic Tube Charts Dyna-Quik Tube Tester 667 Tube Tester Heathkit Tc-2 Accurate Instrument Tube Tester Model Hickok 600A Tube Tester Dyna Quik 600A Tube Tester Receiver Tv Radio Bin D4 Vacuum Tube Tester Checker Hickok 600A Eico 625 Emc Tube Tube Tester Analyzer Tube Tester Powers Heathkit Tc-2 Tube Tester Vintage Knight Tube Tester Seco Tube Tube Tester W Instruction Hickok Cardmatic Electronics Tube Tester Tv-7 U Tube Tester Signal Corps Tube Tester Tube Tester Rejuvenator 707 Tube Tester Accurate Instrument Model Tube And Battery Tester Mercury Tube Tester Model Picture Tube Tester Tube Tester Adapters 612 Tube Tester 600 Tube Tester 625 Tube Tester Tube Tester Clean Cathode Ray Tube Tester Portable Tube Tester Vintage Eico Tube Tester Heathkit Tc-2 Tube Hickok Military 606 Tube Tester Tv Tube Checker Tube Tester Adapter Conar Tube Tester Weston Tube Tester Cathode Rejuvenator Mercury Tube Tester Tube Checker Tester Model Cathode Rejuvenator Tester Eico Model 625 Tube Tester Vintage Heathkit Tube Tester Tube Tester Untested Dyna-Quik Model Eico 666 Knight Tube Tester Hickok Dynamic Mutual Accurate Instrument Co Accurate Instrument Eico 666 Tube Tester Military Tv-7 Triplett Tube Tester Rejuvenator Model Tube Tester I-177 Tube Tester I-177-B Tube Tester Roll Chart Tv-7 Tube Tester Tv-11 Tube Tester Radio Vacuum Tube Tester Electron Tube Tester Vintage Accurate Instrument Crt Tester And Rejuvenator Crt Tester Rejuvenator 700 Tube Tester Mutual Conductance Tube Tester Model Tube Test Data Instrument Tube Tester Model Triplett Tester Tube And Set Tester Tube Transistor Tester Tube Tester Meter Restorer Analyzer Dyna Jet Tube Tester Heathkit Tube Checker Model Mutual Conductance Vacuum Tube Tester Heathkit Tc-2 Tube Checker Hickok 539C 539C Tube 10-12 Tube Tester Tube Tester Operating 500 Tube Tester Vintage Heathkit Tc-2 Tube Heathkit Tube Checker Tube Tester Excellent Transistor Tester Model Vintage Hickok Model Supreme Tube Hickok 533A Dyna Jet Vacuum Tube Tester W Manual Tube Tester Instruction Manual Crt Cathode Ray Tube Tester Precision Apparatus Tube Tester Plate Bk Tester Vintage Sencore Crt Cathode Mutual Conductance Tube Tester Calibrated Cardmatic Tube Tester Tube And Transistor Tester Vintage Emc Crt Restorer Analyzer Tube Valve Tester Crt Cathode Rejuvenator Crt Tube Tester 465 Crt Hickok 6000A Tube Tester Tube Tester For Parts Or Repair Tube Tester Tested Receiver Tv Ham Radio Bin D6 Tube Data Utility Tester Vintage Hickok Tube Tester Sencore Mighty Mite Tv 7D Radio City Products Hickok 533 Jackson 648 Jackson Tube Tester Tester Filament Military Tube Tester Crt Cathode Ray Tube Tester Rejuvenator Cathode Ray Tube Model 257 Tube Tester Dynamic Conductance Tube Transistor Tester Hickok 533A Tube Tester Instrument Tube Tester Superior Tube Tester Knight Kg-600B Tester No Reserve Emc Model Tc 142 Tv-7D U Tube Tester Hickok 539B Knight Kg-600B Tube Tester Hickok 6000 Seco Model Tube Checker Model Dynamic Tube Tester Model Crt Picture Tube Model Tc-2 Roll Chart Dynamic Mutual Conductance Tube Tester Utility Tester Model Tester Model 161 Picture Tube Restorer Electronamic Tube Tester Hickok Vacuum Model 257 Vintage Seco Valve Tester Knight 600 Bk Crt Vintage Accurate Instrument Co Vintage Jackson Model Military Mutual Conductance Tube Tester Ii Tube Tester Tester In Wooden Dyna Tube Tester Instrument Co Model Superior Instrument Tube Tester Model 157 Tube Tester W Chart Tube Tester Test Electrical Tube 6000 Tube Sylvania Tube Tester Tube Tester Service Tube And Transistor Transconductance Tube Tester Grid Circuit Tube Tester Calibrated 650 Tube Vintage Eico Model Conar Model Radio Tv Tube Tester Grid Circuit Tester Radio Bin D5 Vintage Supreme Model Hickok Model 600A Picture Tube Tester Rejuvenator Knight Tube Hickok Tv-7 215 Tube
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Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Up for Auction we have a great CD that I have designed from the original Tube Chart and Owner's Manual. ... moreThe B&K 707 Dyna-Jet Tube Chart and Owner's Manual is now on CD, no more fighting with those Old torn up fragile books, I have put it all in PDF format, which is 23 pages long with the Chart, and 12 pages with the Manual, now it is much easier to look at your PC monitor while scanning through the pages of your owner manual learning all about your tube tester, or your tube Chart to test all of those vintage tubes, I promise you will Love it, this is a great CD that will benefit you for the rest of your life, Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back, this include your shipping cost, We are talking about a complete refund, so you have nothing to lose, Happy Bidding and Good Luck,

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B&K 707 DYNA-JET TUBE TESTER. Used but in good working condition.
Model 707 Dyna-Jet BK Tube tester. I don't have the book but the sockets have tube numbers on them so it seems easy to use. a manual would be helpful I am sure you can download one from the net. With out the manual I cannot guarantee that everything works so as is.
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 The B&K 707 is the ultimate professional-grade tester for any user that values his or her time and appreciates convenience. This tester has been calibrated and cleaned. This is what was done: Cleaned all switches and tube sockets with Dexoit contact cleaner; Replaced all electrolytic capacitors; Checked all voltages and bridge resistors; Made all service adjustments according to B&K standards; Adjusted operation of short detection and leakage circuitry. Grid emission, signal voltage, DC Bias balance and balance control. Highly recommended that both GE55 have been replaced and solder directly into the circuit. If you're testing 12AX7/12AU7 let me know, there's a modification that greatly improves this test. Tester comes with the Instruction Manual, Tube ... moreChart and plate cap wire. What are my qualifications? I taught electronics at a local Technical College for 20 years and have a FCC technician license. Features a clever voltage control circuit that eliminates the need to constantly set the AC line level to insure accurate tests. Regardless of line voltage variations. Has sockets for most late model hifi tubes, including compactrons, novar, duodecal, and Nuvistors. Dyna Jet System, where many popular tubes can be tested by just setting two dials. Dual section tubes can be checked with just two push buttons. Sensitive grid leakage and shorts read on the meter and on a neon lamp, indicating grid emissions, internal shorts, or gas. Life-test push button, which will indicate on the meter, gives indication of relative good use left in a tube.
GOOD CONDITION B&K 707 DYNA-QUIK DYNAMIC MUTUAL CONDUCTANCE TUBE TESTER B& K ELECTRONICS MODEL 707 DYNAMIC MUTUAL CONDUCTANCE TUBE TESTER- MEASURES OCTAL. LOCTAL, 7& 9 PIN MINIATURES, WITH SOCKETS FOR NOVAR, MAGNOVAL AND 12 PIN SWEEP TUBES- COMPLETE WITH TUBE DATA LISTING BOOK Photos are the actual B&K 707 tube tester DOWNLOAD A FREE COPY OF THE MANUAL HERE: BK model 707 Mutual Conductance tube tester. I tested the following tunes for dynamic conductance with good results: 6L6. 6JB6, 6550, 5881, KT-66, KT-88, 6146, 12AX7, etc. Handles most tubes. But not the older 4 and 5 pin types. All sockets are very tight. This has been lightly used. Front panel in very good condition. Case has a few tears. Comes with lid. Plate cap lead, tube chart data manual. Buyer to add $24. shipping(USA) QUESTIONS? Please contact me before bidding. ... morePAYMENT INFORMATION: You can either use the"PAY NOW" button at the end of the auction. Or send PayPal. I don't send PayPal or eBay invoices because of SPAM and fake messages. I try to ship most items within 48 hours of payment. I usually accept PayPal being shipped to confirmed addresses only. PAYPAL NOW REQUIRES A SIGNATURE UPON DELIVERY FOR ALL SHIPMENTS OVER $250. INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS: I accept all PayPal payments from International Bidders for amounts up to $250. For larger amounts. Email me. PayPal payments over $250. in value sent only by Express Mail with tracking, insurance, and delivery signature. SELLING INFORMATION: I try to inspect most of the equipment I list for auction. And to describe each completely& carefully. However, since some of the items can be over 60 years old, all items are sold"as is" Since I don't know the characteristics or condition of your equipment. No returns or adjustments on vacuum tubes. Almost every older electronic item will benefit from a careful alignment and cleaning or other restoration. Image may not be unique. I do not divulge reserve prices. Shipping charge may not include AK or HI. Some internationa
B&K Model 707 Dyna-Jet Dynamic Mutual Conductance Vacuum Tube Tester This unit powers on. I was able to get various lights to illuminate by testing some of the buttons, but is otherwise untested. Unit is in good cosmetic condition, case shows some wear. Packaged Carefully and I insure for full amount. Shipping to lower 48 only Thanks for looking
B& K DYNAJET 707 VACUUM TUBE TESTER- powers up and works. with tube chart and cover. Nice condition professional tube tester. With chart. Powers up and works, but not calibrated.
The strength of this tester is the ability to rapidly test a bunch of tubes. I replaced all the electrolytic caps with modern units of the same value along with a NOS 6BN8 tube and cleaned all the controls. The previous owner had replaced the 83 rectifier with silicon diodes. And this is acceptable with this model. I did replace them with current production for safety. A few sockets had also been previously replaced as they do wear out. The line cord was a spliced disaster so I installed a new one. I tested it with a variety of tubes using both upper and lower banks. But I did not test all sockets. It was close to my Hickock 6000A in readings so I didn’t mess with the calibration. The owner’s manual gives calibration instructions if it is ever needed, and I will include a PDF of the manual on CD. I noticed in the pictures that the bottom ... morescrew was missing, and I replaced the original screw that I left out when I serviced the tester. Guaranteed for a full refund on return if not as described. And I must be notified within 3 days of receipt. I MUST BE NOTIFIED IMMEDIATELY OF ANY PHYSICAL DAMAGE NOT IN THE LISTING SO A CLAIM MAY BE FILED WITH THE CARRIER. No partial refunds. While the shipping calculator says UPS, I will ship all heavy packages by FedEx ground if available to your location, and I have them do the packaging so they guarantee safe delivery. Recent problems with buyers not cooperating with claims have left me no choice. If you are an overseas buyer using a forwarding agent, your bid will be cancelled if it is an agent that refused to cooperate with a claim. I can provide other carrier costs if you are not served by FedEx ground. All items are well packed. But items can be subject to treatment that defies the best of packaging. For this reason, the buyer must be willing to cooperate with the carrier in filing a claim for damage and keep the original packaging. Failures to file claims have resulted in buyers having to pay return shipping, and this can be significant with heavy items. Normal 0 false fals
Very nice and clean tube tester. BRAND: B&K MODEL: Dyna-Jet 707 CONDITION: Used SERIAL# 559957 SPECS: Dynamic Mutual Conductance Thank you for looking. Any questions please ask. Check out my other listings. I have B&K adaptors for sale as well. I will gladly combine shipping.
Very nice. Perfectly working B&K 707 tube tester. Comes with tube handbook and original B&K tube chart booklet. Guaranteed to work. Condition is good but this is an older machine so the case definitely has wear and there are going to be some small marks here and there. It's been cleaned but if someone spent some extra effort it would clean up very nice. We are a music shop and have always had repair techs but recently we lost our main guitar amp repair man and this machine has become expendable. It's been at our shop for many. Many years and was used with care. Happy eBaying!
You are bidding on a B&K tube tester panel meter. This panel meter fits tester model 700 and 707. It operates smoothly and without issue. The plastic cover has some imperfections around the edges. Please check the pictures for details. RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk.rp*3A%3Cd%3Ff6%3E-13f519c1cf6-0xfa-
B+K MODEL 707: DYNA-JET Dynamic Mutual Conductance Tube Tester- Instruction Manual w/schematics& Tube Chart. Product#17431 Manuals in good used condition. 14 day right of return. General description: B+K MODEL 707: DYNA-JET Dynamic Mutual Conductance Tube Tester- Instruction Manual w/schematics& Tube Chart. Product#17431 We have in stock over 70.000 manuals for test equipment. If you don't find what you need, please give us a call. For questions or additional information. Please contact our Customer Service department at: 1-800-527-4642. Items may be listed on multiple sites. Availability is subject to prior sale. Warranty: 30days Return Right: 14day Payment Options We accept: PayPal(preferred) Major Credit Cards(additional Information may be required) Wire Transfer Texas residents Only: Sales tax will be charged(Please contact ... moreTucker Electronics at 1-800-527-4642 before making payment) Shipping Information We ship via Fed Ex or USPS. Approx Weight: 1 lbs. Boxed Dim: 15x12 in. Envelope. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: USPS INTERNATIONAL FIRST CLASS MAIL CAN TAKE FROM 4 TO 5 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY. LIMITED TRACKING AVAILABLE AFTER IT LEAVES TEXAS UNTIL IT ARRIVES AT DESTINATION. DO NOT ORDER BY THIS METHOD IF YOU EXPECT DELIVERY IN 5-10 DAYS. YOU NEED TO ORDER BY USPS PRIORITY MAIL WHICH IS CONSIDERABLY MORE EXPENSIVE. BUT QUICKER. E-MAIL US IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION OR NEED A QUOTE ON PRIORITY MAIL. Auction Sales Policy We will contact the winning bidder via e-mail with 2 business days after the auction has ended. Winning bidders must confirm their order within 3 business days after notification. Additional instructions for completion of sale will be included in the e-mail notification. Payment must be received within 7 business days after the order is confirmed. Or the winning bid will automatically be voided. Exceptions to this rule will be made on an individual basis. Please contact us within 3 business days if you need special arrangements. Tucker Electronics phone: 1-800-527-4642) Any and all state and local
Excellent B&K Dyna-Jet 707 Tube tester w/extras Operation Manual& Tube Substitution Chart This tester is very nice and works fine. Comes with tube substitution handbook and original handbook and original B&K tube chart booklet. Guaranteed to work.I've used it several times but really don't need it anymore. Operational condition is fine but cosmetically you can tell it's an older machine. it shows wear and tear. But I've cleaned up the case pretty well. The handle is broken off the case. Includes all the original manuals and pigtails. Email with questions. S hipping is $ 34.95 via FedEx Ground to the Continental USA and includes delivery confirmation. Professional packing and insurance. International shipping will be via USPS Priority Mail Intl and will be calculated based on country. Winning bidder agrees to pay. ... moreVia PayPal, within 24 Hours of auction ending. E-MAIL for any questions. I normally ship on the third business day after receiving payment. TNX for your interest on this item!
Vintage B&K Dynascan Dyna-Jet Mutual Conductance Tube Tester Model 707. I don't know how well this works since I have no way to test it without any tubes. I can tell you I plugged it in and it lights up; the Shorts light flickers. The fuse light also lights up. It is in good cosmetic condition inside, the case related wear, but is otherwise in good condition. Please see the photos for more details. And now the small print: I am in the business of treasure hunting and recycling cool vintage items and collectibles for eBay in a region where they are still found at auctions. Garage sales, and flea markets. No warranties are expressed or implied, all vintage items are in as found condition. In an effort to make my items a real bargain, I generally leave cleaning and sometimes repair to the buyer. Every effort is made to describe items ... moreto the best of my ability, and I always take great care in packaging items. I'm happy to say that 99% of my eBay transactions have been positive. I believe in the eBay community to do the right thing, as I try to do myself. If there is a problem with your purchase, please let me know before you leave feedback, because I can't take care of a problem I'm not aware of. My goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase and your eBay experience, so check my feedback and bid or buy with confidence. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: I ship via First Class Mail International when weight and dimensions permit. FCMI does NOT provide tracking or delivery confirmation. If you require these services please request Priority Mail International, but be advised it will cost considerably more. Payment is due within 7 days from end of auction. Combined shipping is available on multiple purchases. Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have. Thank you for your interest! Check out my other items! Be sure to add me to your favorites list!
You are bidding on a B&K Dyna-Jet Model 707 Dynamitc Mutual Conductance Tube Tester in working condition. The tester is in good working condition and I have tested tubes on socket 8. 9, 25, 23, and 39. All of the previously stated socks worked fine. I tested the#33 socket and found it was not working and labeled it with a red sticker as seen in the picture. Both of the testers test circuits work and there is some writing on the bottom part of the tester that states EGR 8/22/77. The outside of the tester has some rips in the fabric covering as seen in the picture. I'm unsure when this unit was last calibrated. I tested a 6SN7GT and you can see the indicator is working. We only accept paypal NO PAYPAL CHECKS. Winning bidder pays $45.00 S/H in the USA ONLY! Payment must be received within 5 days of the auctions end. If you intend on ... morepurchasing multiple items please be sure you can make full payment of THIS item within 5 days of its end regardless to other auctions.
Westridgetraders585 welcomes you to this listing for this B&K Dyna-Jet DynaJet Model 707 Tube Tester. This tester is in great cosmetic condition. Comes complete in the case with the paperwork shown. It has been calibrated on 6-12-09 by All City Electric. We are not experts on these units. It powers on when plugged in and all inputs seem to respond. Let me know if you'd like additional information or pictures to ensure it is to your liking. Besides that its being sold as it sits. The pictures listed are of the actual item. Please email with any questions. As always we ship same or next business day that payment is received! Please research specs + take a look at the pictures before buying. We do not disclose our reserve. We will be happy to help. We value our buyers’ feedback and welcome any suggestions you might have on how we could ... moreimprove our business. Please remember we strive for a FIVE STAR rating from our customers.
Works perfectly. With manuals and tube charts! All original except for the handle, case is sturdy and intact. Tests any tube you can think of. From TVs to Guitar Amps, and looks pretty cool to boot!
Vintage B&K Dyna Jet 707 I am offering my tube checker for sale. I am the 2nd owner. Only selling due to the purchase of an Amplitrex 1000(cost me $2750.00! This tester is the nicest you will find. Owned by a non-smoking household. Great for your test bench. Comes with original manual and test adapters. Recently serviced/calibration verified. New filter caps installed. Works excellent. Meter response is smooth. If your into radio restoration. This model is the hot ticket. No set-up switches, just plug in your tube, adjust filament + bias, hit the test buttons. Quick and accurate. Vintage electronics. Sold AS IS, No refunds. Shipping, UPS. USA sales only! A street address is required for delivery. NO PO boxes. I will pack well to prevent damage. Shipping USA. UPS $35.00. Heavy Item
B&K 700 Dynamic Mutual Transconductane(Gm) Vacuum Tube Tester same as 707 Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge Welcome! Up for sale here today we have this very nice B&K model 700(electrically the same as 707) Dynamic Mutual Transconductance tube tester. This is probably one of the best deals you can find on a Gm tube tester. I have compared the results of this tester with a calibrated Hickok TV-7 and this one is testing with in 10% of it. I compared them using a 6L6. Includes the original manual and lots of test data. This tester will test all of the common audio tubes like 6L6. 12AX7, EL34, 5AR4, 5U4. It can also test compactrons like 6JSC6. But please note, this tester does not have sockets for antique 4, 5 and 6 pin tubes. Overall good cosmetic condition, but this ... moreunit is missing the handle on top. Domestic Shipping& Handling Most items will be shipped within 24 hours. But please allow up to 3 days for shipping. All orders will be shipped via USPS or FedEx unless otherwise indicated in the description. International Shipping& Handling Special Circumstances due to size restrictions: I have already figured out which countries I can ship an item to of this size. And which ones I can’t. If you can't get a quote from the shipping calculator I probably can't ship to you, but it's worth asking. PLEASE READ: If you choose to have you items shipped out via USPS First Class Mail you package will take 2-6 weeks to arrive and possibly up to 3 months. I cannot be held responsible for any shipping delays if you choose this shipping service. You may have the option to do so at checkout. I am NOT responsible for any taxes. Duties or import fees associated with the shipment. You must pay these when the package arrives or it comes back to me. Returns& Guarantees- Guaranteed to arrive as described or your money back! Returns are accepted only if there is a problem with the item that was not mentioned. Inkfrog terapeak. I000000.
Here is a very nice B&K tester. Just like one of the ones I use every day. This one is very nice cosmetically and doesn't show much sign of wear. I checked several tubes of different types and the parameters came up very close to mine. It has two books with it in addition to the tube checking chart. One book shows how it works and how to use it and the other is an owner's that includes a schematic. I always tell people who buy these things to clean the control and the switches. That's about all that goes wrong with them under normal usage. This checker weighs 18 pounds and will go in a box that is 20 inches by 20 inches by 12 inches. I will ship it in a well packed box by Fed Ex Ground and it will cost the buyer $20.00 for shipping. If the shipping charges go above that amount, I will pay the difference. See all the photos. ... moreSee our almost 2500 positive feedbacks for honest selling and excellent shipping and bid with confidence. Thanks for looking. We are selling this item with absolutely no reserve beyond the opening bid. If you prefer a different method of shipping. Please contact us with your zip code and preferences and we will quote by return email. We will not close the auction early in fairness to ALL bidders. Foreign bidders must send address to obtain shipping fees.Read more about FOREIGN BIDDERS below) Buyers from some countries(using PayPal) can incur handling fees to cover PayPal's new"cross country" tariffs. Also note that we will not falsify values to save the buyer international duty fees. Please DON'T ask. We take PAYPAL. VISA, AND MASTER CARD. Please click on"seller's other auctions" to see more good stuff on ebay this week. We reserve the right to relist if ebay goes down during final hours of auction. We reserve the right to cancel bids of persons with excessive negative feedbacks. See our feedbacks and bid with confidence. Note: you might make us a favorite on your browser. We put on tons of electronics stuff– most of it with no reserve. Good bidd
BK Precision Dyna-Jet Dynamic Mutual Conductance Tube Tester. Cosmetically it is in quite nice condition for a unit of this age and is not all beat up. It does have some scratching and residue from where an asset tag was(see photo) All the control knobs feel good and solid and the outer casing is solid. It has been power on tested only so it is being sold for"Parts/Not Working" only. It comes with the Instruction Manual and Tube Charts as shown. Anything not shown is not included. Please Note: We can only ship to the address that you have on file with Payal. We can NOT ship to alternate addresses. This item can not be shipped to PO Boxes so if your Paypal address is a PO Box then we can NOT ship to you. We can only ship to the address that you have on file with Payal which cannot be a PO Box. Powered by The free listing tool. List ... moreyour items fast and easy and manage your active items.
B&K Dyna-Jet 707 tube tester in poor condition. The case is coming apart at the seams, there is spotty corrosion of the metal surfaces in the form of a white powder, the Heater control is frozen- all other controls turn or switch on/off, this appears to have been stored in a damp environment and is strictly sold as-is, see pics Sold AS-IS. No refunds- no returns- Questions are strongly encouraged! Don't forget to checkout my other items. Always great items for the collector& hobbyist priced to sell. PLEASE READ THE FINE PRINT If it's not pictured in this listing or stated in the description above it is not included. Whatever"IT" may be. This item is described to the best of my knowledge with any noticeable defects noted in the description above. Pictures are provided showing the exact item you are purchasing, look ... moreat all pictures as they constitute part of the description, please ask questions if there are any doubts about anything. Shipping discounts apply on multiple purchases than can be combined to one package based on total weight and size. Please request a total on multiple items when you have completed your purchases, an updated invoice will be sent within 24 hours excluding Sunday's and holiday's. Shipping fee's include the Actual Carrier Rate based on weight, size and distance + Insurance(items $25 and over) + New Packaging + eBay’s Shipping Fee Paypal with a confirmed shipping address is the only payment method accepted ALL ITEMS ARE SECURELY PACKAGED AND SHIPPED WITH TRACKING PLEASE ASK ALL QUESTIONS BEFORE PURCHASE- International buyer's please note PLEASE REQUEST TOTAL BEFORE SUBMITTING PAYMENT INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS ARE PRIORITY OR EXPRESS MAIL- Any package valued above $50US will ship by International Express Mail only- no exceptions! 1st class mail options for International shipments under $25US may be extended to buyer's with a well established feedback record and a long eBay history upon approval by seller prior
Click the images to enlarge. Click images to enlarge. Item Description Vintage Dyna-Jet Model 707 Dynamic Mutual Conductance Tube Tester. Powers On This Dyna-Jet model 707 tube tester is in fair physical condition with a good deal of scuffs. Discoloration, rusting, and residue from being held in storage. There are a few places where the leather is worn down to the wood beneath. The unit is missing the lid. This tube tester powers on. But we are unable to test it further. For this reason, we are listing it AS IS for parts or repair. Not included are any other accessories typically associated with this item. Please see pictures for additional details! Physical Condition: Fair Working Condition: Powers on. Unable to test, SOLD AS IS PLEASE READ BEFORE BIDDING All items that we sell are guaranteed to be as described in the listing. Everything ... morethat is included in the auction is described and/or pictured above. If there is no indication of whether something is included. Please do not assume it is. Such items or accessories that might not be included in this listing are as follows: antennas, remotes, batteries, A/V cables, ink cartridges, toner cartridges, USB cables, Ethernet cables, speaker wires, software, CDs, user/operational/instructional manuals, hard drives, hard drive caddies, etc. Parts or repair items and items that we cannot fully test are only guaranteed to have the functionally described. No further functionality can be guaranteed for these items. Used printing consumables and batteries are not guaranteed. Feel free to ask us a question before bidding. Thank you for shopping with us! For more GREAT DEALS from MCLEAN-SURPLUS. Please feel free to check out our eBay store. Payment For payment by PayPal. Please checkout through eBay. For payment by credit card over the phone. Please call 703-534-5865 after committing to purchase through eBay. Our hours for credit card payment are Monday- Friday 10 AM to 5 PM EST. Local Pickup Local pickup is available at our location in Falls Church. Virginia from Monday
Hello and thank you for looking at this very nice B&K Tube Tester. Dynamic Mutual Conductance Model 707. I like this tube tester very much as it is easier to use than one of my Hickok testers! This tester came from one of my Ham friends who passed away several years ago. It is TESTED WORKING complete with a copy of the original instruction book which tells all about this unit and also how to calibrate it beside how to use it properly. It comes with more books, 2-tube sub books, tube schematic book and an old tube price list! This unit is in EXCELLENT CONDITION(Inside face, sockets and knobs are in like new condition) and appears to have been seldom used and shows NO signs of shop wear, extra clean and, with all of the tube sockets-each socket has common tubes listed beside each one and the values to set making this a very easy& fast ... moretester to use! Tubes such as a 12AX7 are listed and instead of doing two separate settings for the dual triode, you have two push buttons as"TEST-1 and TEST-2" that you can test both sides without making any other adjustments! This is a MUTUAL CONDUCTANCE tester that will tell you what you need to know about every tube you test and IS NOT a cheap diode tester. The B&K factory did a very nice job with this piece of equipment! The only downside of this tester is that it does not have sockets for early 4 or 5 pin tubes. The lid has a mirror in it that would help in setting up television sets. This unit even has built in 7 and 9 pin straightners! Please email with any questions! For more info, you can google this set as there are several well written sites concerning this tester. S/H is $40.00 to lower 48 states only. Payment by Paypal. Will ship international. Shipping rate is based on location.
dyna jet 707 tube tester i have a stromberg carson tube record player i pulled a few tubes out of and plugged into the tester the tubes lite up the power light was on i also put a bad tube in it it read replace it works just can use some upgrade on the case also come with tube booklet any questions please feel free to email me thanks
Up for auction is a vintage condition B&K DYNA-JET 700 TUBE TESTER with BOOKLET last calibrated in 1981. Unit does power up, very slight hum when unit is turned'on' Meter and lights in working order UNABLE TO PROPERLY TEST DUE TO NO TUBES or correct knowledge on how to operate unit some age corrosion near handle on outer case some age dust and grime on electronic main board found one small tube. Was able to test on feature'short' RED'ON' LIGHT TURNS ON/ BRIGHTENS UP WITH POWER BOTH WHITE COLORED METER TESTING LIGHTS WORK THE'SHORT' TEST FUNCTIONS'GOOD' WITH TEST TUBE UNABLE TO TEST FURTHER OFFERED FOR'PARTS OR REPAIR' UNTESTED AS DESCRIBED cheaply offered unit. A good electronic unit in need of full inspection. Possible repairs and adjustments
measures 16 1/4 x 15 3/4 x 6 1/2 conveniently the lid removed completely so you can set up your testing station without the lid getting in the way I do hope my tube testing days are over especially since it required me to buy 4 testers that was more out of ignorance on my part than bad testers the one thing I like about this type is with the right knowledge it looks like it can be expanded on It was certainly an experience to learn how to use these testers don't need it anymore- so hope I can at least recoup some of my money- please this is heavy- have included the Parcel& Priority service in shipping pick which is best for you I will make sure it gets to you fully protected regardless I'm not a smoker. Any odorous problem will be noted(popular question) If there is relevant history of an item I'm aware of I will share here ... morealso most items I have no background information to give Please consider shipping costs before bidding I do and will combine shipping and gladly quote you if I have enough time before auction ends. Ebay sends payment reminder in 2 days. Payment expected within 4 days so please communicate your intentions of combining auctions or payment to be made. International Shipping: I exclusively use eBay's global shipping program to ship internationally. If your country is not part of the program. You may want to contact eBay and see when it might be added as they are always expanding their country list- I have no control over how they combine shipping. It is based on item weight. Powered by The free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items. RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fvo%7B%3Dd70f%2Bf54%3E-14513dceeeb-0x109-
Looks to be in working condition. Powers up. No rust on the case corner metal protectors so looks like it was kept in a dry place. Comes with all that is pictured.
Tube Tester Dyna Jet 707 ready to be used. I have used this maybe 5 times ago test 6V6 tubes and needs to be where it can be used. It is used but very nice and was calibrated before I bought it. I had planned to use it a lot but never did since I play more guitar than build amps or test tubes. It is ready to be used instead of just sitting around.
This tester works perfect with no problems or flaws. It also looks very nice for it's age. Only missing the handle. it's a very nice tester. Priced to sell. Will ship fast and secure. Thanks
OLD VINTAGE DYNA-JET DYNAJET 707 DYNAMIC TUBE TESTER B&K MANUFACTURING Item Description. I have for sale this vintage tube tester. Made by B& K manufacturing. Model 707. Case measuers 16" x 16" x 6" Comes with the instructions and some charts. I don't know if the tester works right or not. It is dirty and has many stains. I plugged it in and it lights up and I get a humming noise but that's about all I know Thanks. Click any image to see it full size. Payment Details. Please pay with paypal.com. Shipping Details. Please add $29.99 shipping to 50 states only. International bidders please use the shipping calculator. The calculator for Russia is not working properly. Buyers from the Russian Federation please email me for a quote. Thank you. Additional Information. 16. at BiggerBids.com. 1?RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId ... morep4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Feog4d72f%2B%3E%3B1%3F-14747c21ed5-0x119-
B&K 707 Dyna Jet Mutual Conductance tube tester. This tester works excellent and was calibrated less than 3 months ago and I have tested several tubes with it and had excellent results also I had the 12AX7 modification done to test 12AX7 tubes on the full meter scale which is a great upgrade and shown testing a 12AX7 in one photo. The face of the tester is in nice shape except it is missing the 9 pin straightener on the panel but I have included a 7& 9 pin straightener shown in the photos and the outer case is not perfect but nice compared to most I have seen with a few minor scuffs& wear but very solid. The operating instructions& tube data settings manual is also included with the instructions and settings for the 12AX7 full scale mod. So if you have any questions please feel free to ask and good luck. Froo www.froo.com ... more| Froo Cross Sell. Free Cross Sell, Cross promote, eBay Marketing, eBay listing Apps, eBay Apps, eBay Application.
B&K MODEL 707 DYNA-JET TUBE TESTER LIGHTS UP TUBE BUT HAS FAULTY METER It powers up and lights up a tube but the meter doesn't work when I hit the test button. It is selling as is as seen in the photos in need of repair. I combine shipping to save you money. Please check my other listings as I will be listing over 2000 vintage electronic and photography related items during August. September and October. Thank you in advance from Nelsen KE7RDT_gsrx_vers_577(GS 6.7.5(577) Ec2.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fvo%7B%3Dd70f%2B%3Eec2-147ce894e00-0x10c-
Any questions please ask FREE SHIPPING! Check out my! Be sure to add me to your! by adding my eBay Store to your Favorites
NICE B& K Dyna Jet 707 Dynamic Mutual Conductance Tube Tester W/ Original Instruction Manual and Tube Chart Very nice B&K 707 Tube Tester. Very clean panel shows minimal wear. Chassis is very clean as well. Works well and is extremely quick and easy to set up for popular tubes listed on the top section. The case is also in nice shape. It has a couple small snag marks but no serious wear or rips in the covering. Case hardware is all present and in good condition. Comes with the the two adapters shown. Original instruction manual and tube settings charts. Measures approx 16.5" X 16" X 6" I will pack very well and ship same or next business day. The beauty of the B&K 707 are these Dyna-Jet sockets. They allow rapid testing of multi-element tubes without any configuration. For example. Say that you have 20 6SN7 tubes ... moreto test. In the B&K, you simply insert each tube into socket 25, turn the shunt dial as directed, and you can perform Shorts, Grid Leakage, Triode 1, and Triode 2 tests all by the press of their respective buttons. With your B&K. The process is effortless. You save a large amount of time and work. Thus, it is easy to see why the B&K 707 is favored by“power users” anyone who sells or collects a large quantity of tubes) RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fvo%7B%3Dd70f%2Bf52%3E-1482dfea35e-0xeb-
dyna jet 707 bk tube tester. Im unable to test this completely but its in very nice cared for condition. it does turn on and lights turn on. Very clean. Sold just as you see it as it is. Ship is flat $30 lower us only please Thank you from diggers! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Welcome to Diggers auctions. Diggers is a family owned business located in south colorado springs. In the business of collectibles and estates for over 15 years. We love what we do. Everything from collectibles to the usual we do it all. If your ever in the colorado springs area stop in to our outlet store and say hi! We thank you for your business! Diggers liquidates estates. We deal in lots of collectibles and vintage items. While we try to note condition as best possible pictures play a big role in what your bidding on. Please view them to make ... moreyour own determination on condition. We will always gladly take a return if an item is decided to be significantly off of its description. Please keep in mind in many cases your buying a vintage item and it will hold the patina of age. Diggers liquidators strives for customer satisfaction be it in our retail outlet. Estate sales, or online auctions. Please contact me if you ever have any problem or concerns and allow me the opportunity to make things right. Returns. Returns will be taken if an item is found to be significantly different than its description. Buyer is to pay return shipping. We do this to be fair to both buyer and seller and appreciate those that make sure they want an item before they purchase it. In the case of damage during shipping if an item is insured it will be the buyers responsibility to file the claim to be reimbursed. it cannot be shipped back to us as this voids that insurance. for usps insurance claims are all done online and a fairly simple process. Shipping. Shipping will be with confirmation and if over $150 with insurance also. There are no handling fees however please note over $150 insurance will be added to the final bill. Please allow up to
The unit is rough on the outside. But it is a very solid case. To look new it could be painted or recovered. On the inside as you can see from the pics, it is very clean, actually looks unused. The tester was in storage for a few years and so before I decided to sell it I had it calibrated. Before it was calibrated all of the capacitors were replaced and all od the resistors were checked for out of tolerance. There are two#55 lamps in there in bayonet sockets that have proven to be faulty after some time so to remedy this the bulbs were soldered into the sockets. Then it was calibrated to spec and tested with many tubes of known condition. It was right on the money. Included with it will be a copy of the original tube manual. Works perfectly and is priced to sell.
Available for sale is a B&K tube tester. Model Dyna-Jet 707. This is a popular model, as it can not only test most of the audio tubes being use today, but quite a few tubes which are used in ham radio. Included with the tester is the original user manual and tube data books. This unit is in decent physical condition for its age. The previous owner had removed the blue paper/cloth from the bottom of the tester. And refinished the wood underneath. He had meant to do the same to the top, but never got around to it. Take a look at the pictures, and let me know if you have any questions. This unit was acquired from a local ham who is in the process of downsizing his extensive collection. It hasn't been used in quite some time. But I decided to test it out. I tested a 6L6GC that is known to be good, as I have tested it on my Hickok 539B. ... moreThe tube tested fine, but the needle seems to stick at times, and I had to tap the cover on the needle in order to get it to jump to the correct spot. For the sake of accuracy, I would address this issue. Because the unit has some sort of issue with the needle. It is being sold as-is. Thanks for looking. And let me know if you have any questions.
Here is a mutual conductance tester you can be proud of and count on for decades to come. A beautiful refubished, calibrated, and improved B&K 707. This one was from Glendale Union High School, Phoenix, AZ(see pic of original condition) and has not seen much use- a great thing! Very well preserved and super clean from that dry climate. It has been carefully cleaned and polished. Completely re-capped with Sprague Atom and Illinois(4 caps) resistors checked, meter circuit checked, tubes checked and 83 tube replaced with silicon diodes, unit fully calibrated(adjusted shorts detection; leakage circuit, grid emmision, signal voltage; dc bias& balance all according to B&K instructions) checked DC plate voltage& DC screen voltage. Then 12AX7 and 6BQ5 modified. This 12AX7 modification brings the correct bias voltage to the new 12AX7 ... moresocket(number 24) for test results we want and expect to see- ranging from 0 to 120. Not 0 to 30(with 22 min good) as is stock. A wonderful modification as no one likes the design defect of the 22 min 12AX7 testers(all B&K, Hickok, If you want to test the old way though, it is still there available on socket 8. Either way you test each side of the 12AX7 with test buttons 1 and 2, no need to reset any controls. 6BQ5 new bias also brought to 6BQ5 test socket to give you a more accurate test. Meter lens polished. Nice outer case cleaned, chrome/nickel plated corners, hinges and latches polished. 4 new rubber feet attached to the case bottom so no more worries of damage when putting it on a surface. Lid hinges latches work smoothly, 100% Repro manual also included that has the set-up charts and included- nice and new and white. Will test 6LQ6 6JE6C 6LB6. as well as all your octal and 7 pin output tubes. Top grade calibrated tester ready to give accurate test results. Take a look at this superior clean machine and bring it home. Winner will be very pleased. Includes the grid/plate cap connector as well(not pictured. Will ship fully insured and will upgrade to priority mai
This is a B&K Dyna-Jet 707 dynamic mutual conductance tube tester. It was just calibrated per the manual. Notice the different tubes under a test(6L6G. EL34 7868) Also look at the shorted 6L6 tube with the Shorts Light glowing. See arrow on the photo) The fabric looks great for age with only a few minor scratches. The front panel shows some wear. This tester will test 7, 9 pin miniature, octal, nuvistor, and compactron tubes. I can email the Instruction Manual and Settings Chart to the winning bidder if desired. One grid/plate lead will be furnished. This will test tubes like 7868, EL34, 6L6G, 12AX7, ECC83, 6SN7, 7591, 6SJ7, KT66, KT88, 5AR4, and hundreds more. I did notice some slight sticking of the meter at half scale. It only did this a few times, mostly if the tester is turned vertical. If desired, I can send instructions to replace ... morethe meter, if it continues to give trouble) with a digital meter that reads 0-120 just like the original. It uses a PMLCDL 1999 count meter(199.9 mV) This tube tester has the 1 ma, 100 ohm meter. If for any reason there is a problem whether it is with the item. Shipping or communication, please contact me the seller whether the item is new or used if there is a problem; I am sure we can work out a solution. If you do not feel that you can leave me a 5-Star detailed seller rating. Please email me the details regarding the problem. This will allow me to improve my process. Your input here is very important to make Ebay a successful Selling and Buying Platform for everyone to continue using now and in the future. I do combine shipping on multiple purchases so the eBay calculator may not give the correct shipping amount or if you think it is too high please email me so I can invoice you correctly. I ship all my packages within the time shown on eBay and if there is ever a delay. I email the buyer. Due to PayPal’s Seller Protection Policy I can only ship the item to the address that is listed on the PayPal receipt. So do not ask me to ship the item to any other address than t
Here is the large selector knob for the B&K 700. It may work with other testers too. Please look at the pictures. You are getting the part shown in the picture only. Some items may have multiples available. So get all you need. Extra ones ship free! These parts came form a B&K 700 that was working until the primary on the transformer shorted internally. It's not worth it to repair. So the parts are available for yours! Wire me if you need some other part, but please check my other items- I have several parts up right now.
Up for sale is this B&K 707 Meter. It measures 100 ohms on a high impedance multimeter. Good movement and mechanical zeroing. Guaranteed to be good. May work in other models. Check my other listings in the next few days for more B&K parts.
Super Sounds Perfect Prices. Item Description. Up for sale this week we have one of the most versatile and popular tube testers on the market. The B& K 707. This tester made its reputation by including innovative circuitry which allows you to set the dials just once for each type of tube, and test all aspects of that tube without changing the settings. This is especially advantageous if you are testing dual triode tubes, such as the 6SN7, the 12AX7, or the 6DJ8, just to name a few of the more popular tubes. There is also a test for each tube to determine approximately how much of the tube's life is left remaining at the time of the test. The great thing about this is that it is quite accurate, and will give you what you need to know about a tube in a short time. This particular unit is a very nice-looking. Clean unit, which indicates ... moreit hasn't been used to death. About 4 years ago, I had it calibrated& cleaned by my local tech/guru, who pronounced in fine shape, and gave it his stamp of approval. I own two B& K 700 series units, this one, and a beat-up-looking 700. The 700 is older than this one and has a broken handle, but it still works great, so I have decided to let go of the more-salable, desirable unit- the one you see pictured above. This tester has many different sockets, as you can see, and would test just about any tube made, at the time it was manufactured, plus some that hadn't even been invented yet. If you like it as well as I like this model, you will want to give it a home permanently. Good luck in winning this fine unit! Includes an original copy of the test booklet. And also includes a supplemental listing of tubes as well as a copy of the original operational manual. Furthermore since this tester is so popular online manuals exist for free. Please do not miss out on this great tube tester. Shipping Costs and Restrictions. Find your location below to learn how we'll ship to you. The shipping costs we provide here are estimations. And should not be taken as exact. Note
B&K Dyna Jet Model 707 Tube Tester Dynamic Mutual Conductance Vintage Machine Description: I picked this up at an estate auction. And sorry to say, know nothing about these other than what I could research. Selling as-found. Please enlarge the photos to see the details of this tester. I do not have any tubes to be able to try this out. When I plug it in and turn the power button on. The power light comes on and the light on the right side over"test circuit transfer" come on. If I push in the"test circuit transfer" button, the light above that button goes off and the light at the bottom right corner that says"rotate for all shorts" come on. There is a tube chart. No manual. There is electric tape around the bottom of the cord near where it goes into the cabinet, have no idea why or what is under the tape. ... moreThere are a couple of marks inside but I don't see any broken or missing knobs. The case has some dirt, wear, marks etc. There is a section of box covering that is loose and shown in the last photo. The case measures 16"x16"x6" and weighs almost 15 lbs. with no packaging. Did you check out my other auctions? Thank you and happy bidding! `4`.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Feog4d71f%2B%3E%604%60-14b882cf4d7-0x109-
Disclaimer: Please read entire text before bidding or asking questions as they may be answered in my description. Be sure to supersize my pics and consider them as part of the item description. Disclaimer: I shouldn't have to bother with this BUT some people.expect to get everything that is in a photo with the item they are bidding on(don't laugh. I actually had a buyer back out of a deal because I happened to show something else in a pic and he expected to get everything that was pictured) so here goes. ONLY the B&K 700/707 tube tester meter pictured is included in this auction. You will get only the meter! Item up for sale: I have on auction today a tested good meter for a B&K 700/707 tube tester meter for your consideration. This item is being sold AS IS with NO RETURN but guaranteed to be as described or your money back. ... moreThis meter tests good(I have used it in working tester and it works as intended) It is in good shape& will no doubt clean up nicely. There is a slight crack in the top of the front face plastic which just barely extends down the front face from the top(see close up pic#s 4& 5) there are no gouges or scrapes, only a very few minor scratches. Other: I am selling many vintage pieces of test equipment this week so please see my other items for other tube tester parts and accessories and other types of test equipment. Shipping: This auction is open to all bidders. The shipping terms are as follows: Shipping is at cost for sales to US bidders. Figure anywhere between 7& 12 bucks via USPS priority mail. In person pick up is OK if you live in my area. Shipping to all foreign destinations will be at cost. Including all applicable customs fees for your country, no exceptions! Thanks for viewing my auction. Weaver. Boat Anchors"R" US.
Rare and Vintage B&K Dynamic Mutual Conductance Tube Tester. Model 707 Dyna Jet. Made in the USA. Machine powers on. All lights and knobs seem to function as they should. Tested with tube and lit tube up to test. Not sure of the specific functions to fully test but sensitivity knob was moving the needle when adjusting with proper tube inserted. Machine will need some cleaning and calibration. Outside of the case will need to be re-wrapped or have the wood stained. Comes with tube chart manual(wear) and accessory. Case measures 16" x 16" x 6" Weight is approximately 15 lbs. Nice condition inside with some scuffs. Outer case has wear. Locks are working, need polishing. No damage noted. Great small project piece! Please feel free to ask any questions prior to purchase. Safe. Fast and secure shipping with tracking included. ... moreSignature delivery ONLY. Thanks for looking and best of luck!
This B&K 707 is in working condition. I have tested over 20 different tubes with accurate readings. Verified by my Hickok 6000a tester. Inside panel is in very nice condition as you will see in the pics. Outside box shows wear. 2 sets of tube charts both original, 1 set never used. The B&K 707 is the ultimate professional-grade tester for: A shop technician who services tube gear on a regular basis. Allowing fast screening of tubes with minimal time expended. Solid build quality allows years of low-maintenance operation and reliability. a tube seller who values his or her time and appreciates convenience/simplicity, any user wanting a good quality tester with maximum simplicity of operation and speed of use. Personally. I can easily say that the B&K 707 or 700 is my#1 rated tube tester for anyone who fits those criteria. If you ... moreonly test tubes occasionally. Or have a small tube collection, or feel the urge to write down“accurate mutual conductance scores” not that any single Gm score actually exists… then for these folks you would certainly place less emphasis on the convenient Dyna-Jet sockets, and will want a different tester. For my needs— the ability to save time and test a large number of tubes, the B&K 707 or 700 is an ideal shop tube tester. Pros: Dyna-Jet sockets make testing multiple-section tubes fast. Efficient, and with mutual conductance test method(of course, Diodes/Rectifiers are quickly tested for Emission) If you are testing a large number of tubes, the experience is a true pleasure that has no equal. Very high build quality. Tests modern Compactron. Novar, Magnoval tubes. Overall‘good’ shorts and leakage test. But not perfect in either respect. Excellent choice for testing modern sweep tubes. The#83 rectifier tube can be easily replaced with cooler and more efficient solid-state diodes. Documented calibration procedure. Manual is well written. Excellent documentation, detailed explanation of the circuitry. The Tube Data Charts list modern tubes that many testers ca
0 0 1 313 1788 L'attroupement 14 4 2097 14.0 Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE Vintage Working Dyna-Jet B&K Model 707 Tube Tester w/ Manual. Charts, Case RARE This Dynascan Model 707 Tube Tester is a rare find and a great value. In the range of tube testing equipment made by Dynascan during this period. The Model 707 is the top end of the spectrum with the ability to test the widest variety of tubes. This 707 seems to be in good working condition. However. I have not been able to have it calibrated, and so I am considering it untested. Many of these units were used by technicians who dragged them around everywhere. Causing wear on the case. This particular tester is decommissioned university lab equipment so the case and general state are much better than most tube testers that you might come across. Finally. This Model 707 ... morehas its original manual, two tube charts, and a few other documents. Condition: Seems to be working. But I have not had it calibrated and so I am considering it untested and selling it as such. Case is generally in good condition with the exception of a few scratches and some slight wear. You can buy from other sellers who offer free shipping or lower prices. But I only sell things that I have knowledge about. I do not simply flip items. I do my best to test every unit thoroughly. If I advertise something as having been tested, I spent time making sure that it works, which sometimes includes service to the item. Items are shipped to you in the condition that I advertised. Feedback is very important to eBay sellers and has a great effect on the way that our listings appear. Please know that your satisfaction is very important to me. If you have any questions before buying an item. Please don’t hesitate to ask. If you are unhappy with an item, please contact me directly before opening a case with eBay. I will do everything in my power to make sure that you are satisfied. Packing materials are costly and I want your items to arrive to you in the condition that I send them. So I d
I have recapped this unit and checked all the resistor values. Unit has been calibrated and also has the socket 24 modification to properly test the 12AX7 tubes. See Pictures. Includes only what is shown. This unit also has the factory mod that installed a Silicon diode in place of the rectifier tube!