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We’re crazy for fly fishing and like many enthusiasts, keen to making the most of each expedition. Trout Underground, a one-stop, online resource for planning and booking a fly fishing trip, sprang to life in the way that so many new companies emerge – out of a passion for the sport and identifying a need that up to now, has not been adequately met.

We discovered the need for TU as we were exploring new locations. We began researching rivers, guides, outfitters and transportation. To the extent that information was available, we found it scattered, inconsistent and unreliable – in short, very frustrating. Days later, while floating along with our trusted friend and guide, we related our experience. He laughed and began to speak of the numerous business challenges facing outfitters, from filling and managing their bookings to maintaining legal compliance, a long litany of “try wading a mile in my boots.”

It was then we grasped the significance of what’s missing in the fly fishing world and set upon filling that void. Anglers need a single, comprehensive, go to source that provides reliable information for trip planning and booking. Outfitters need a resource that assists in the management of their fly fishing business. TU provides solutions for both.

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