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Condition: New
Location: Hungary
You can buy tham in a KIT and getting a better price. -IAT sensor. -2x Wide band oxygen sensors 0-5V signal usually 3 wire and 2 heater cable (the second ... morewide O2 sensor only availabe if second MAP 2 channel is not used).
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$12.99 Shipping
Condition: New
Location: Hungary
Warning: This is the stand alone tuning board. -IAT sensor. -2x Narrow band oxygen sensors 0-1V signal usually 2-3-4 wires with or without 2 heating cables. ... more-2x Wide band oxygen sensors 0-5V signal usually 3 wire and 2 heater cable.

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Used. Only 4 Months, Good condition. If you want to obtain the Largest Mileage Gains Possible from any HHO Generator. You MUST modify the signals from"4" sensor Groups. Just doing the 02 Sensors with an EFIE will not get it done. You MUST modify All of the following sensor signals. All 02( oxygen) Sensors MAF/MAP Sensor CTS/ECT Sensor IAT sensor This is the only Device On The Market that Can Do It Now You Too Can Tune Like the Pro's Using The Tuning 101 Techniques For Those HUGE Mileage Gains That You Normally Only Read About. It Lets YOU Take Contol of your AFR( air fuel ratio) Puts you in Charge of your ECU Will Work With ANY Efficient HHO-Hydrogen Generator Mileage Gains of 50% to 100%+ are Common One of our Test Vehicles was able to Achieve a Mileage Gain Of 139% This is NOT Typical. Some of this is due to my 55+ Years Experience ... moreIn the Automotive Service and Repair Industry
O2 sensor Wideband Dual EFIE for HHO project
USED(about 1 month) Working perfect. THE MOST POPULAR EFIE IN HHO WORLD! You cannot gain BETTER MILEAGE without this EFIE if you have HHO generator installed in your vehicle. This is the EFIE for 4 cylinder engines that are equipped with wide band oxygen sensors. Or any vehicle with one wide band and one narrow band sensor. You can get further details(installation etc) from the supplier's link. FREE SHIPPING ONLY TO MAINLAND USA CUSTOMER. FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR SHIPPING BEFORE YOU PURCHASE.
This is the same chip that is sold by HydroClubUsa here: This is flashed for a 1999 Plymouth Voyager mini van but can be easily re-flashed. I had this re-flashed once already(changed vehicles) and I think it cost me $15.00 for the re-flash. FAST AND FREE SHIPPING!
PWM HHO Hydrogen Generator. Dry Cell Used but working really good.
EFIE Oxygen Sensor Fuel Saver, Map sensor Adjuster 3 Devices Total
I am selling all 3 devices in this listing: 1 The Protium Fuel saver Mass air flow sensor tuner has three knobs( I had this on a Dodge Dakota 5.9 that I sold) 2 Hydrogen single Oxy sensor adjuster( comes with instructions) one knob one switch( I had this on a Dodge Dakota 5.9 that I sold) 3 If My memory serves me. I believe its a Eagle Research EFie kit that was assembled but not The first two did operate when I removed them The last one has not been tested All Sold AS-IS
HAND STAMPED Home Made Efie Glitzfinger POSTAGE Postal Rubber Stamp
HAND STAMPED Home Made Efie Glitzfinger POSTAGE Postal Rubber Stamp Click to Enlarge Click to Enlarge PLEASE REQUEST A COMBINED SHIPPING INVOICE BEFORE PAYING. I AM HAPPY TO COMBINE SHIPPING. BUT ONLY WHEN AN INVOICE IS REQUESTED IN ADVANCE OF PAYMENT. THANK YOU! This is Hand Stamped by Effie Glitzfinger. It's in gently used condition with light ink staining to the rubber or the block BUT. the rubber is in great condition and it stamps a crisp perfect image! There are NO names or markings on the block of this stamp. Please look at the front& back pictures- what you see is what you get so make sure the stamp meets your standards for condition. I show both front and back images so you can see it all! I list everything as used even if it has never seen ink because the stamp is pre owned. SMOKE FREE HOME! Check out my other auctions- ... moreTo Save You Money. I combine shipping for purchases made within a 14 day period and always ship for the lowest possible price! Lots can fit into flat rate packages for COST ONLY shipping! Sorry. But I only ship to the US. Your package will be prepared and mailed within 1 days of your payment. LOTS CAN FIT IN A FLAT RATE ENVELOPE AND EVEN MORE IN A MEDIUM or LARGE BOX! I accept all payments by PayPal. Please pay your invoice within 3 days of auction close. I would be happy to hold your invoice open for a longer period of time. Just email me to let me know you are still bidding. When you are done bidding and if you have won multiple items, just request a combined shipping invoice. I will send you the invoice with the best possible shipping rates I can get! I always combine shipping to give you the best deal! DO NOT DUPLICATE OR COPY! Template Made By: © Inkfrog Template Center Auction Templates. Logos, Store fronts and more! inkfrog terapeak. I000000. InkFrog Analytics.
Quad Wideband EFIE Oxygen Sensor Control (HHO) (For Water 4 Gas)
Digital EFIE For Wide Band Oxygen Sensors Wide Band Quad EFIE For 6 and 8 cylinder engines that have wide band oxygen sensors. Vehicles that have wide band oxygen sensors. Only use them upstream of the catalytic converter. The downstream sensors will still be narrow band. This digital EFIE has 2 wide band and 2 narrow band EFIEs. It has one potentiometer that controls the 2 wide band and another pot for controlling the 2 narrow band. It will work with all types of wide band and AFR(Air/Fuel Ratio) sensors. It is the EFIE to choose for four and five wire oxygen sensors. Also note there is a variation of the 5-wire sensor that uses 6 wires. This device will work with these also. SLIGHTLY USED. I bought this off the"Hydrogen Generators USA" website. I used it a few weeks. It worked great, and then I upgraded so I no longer need it. ... moreIt was $99 brand new, so I'm sure you'll get it much cheaper buying it used from me. Happy Bidding.
This Wideband EFIE/AFR controller is in excellent like new condition. I am selling because I ordered this in error and am unable to return item to seller because I have exceeded the 30 day return policy. If you don't know what this is don't bid. If you want to know more about this unit and if it's right for your car. Search the web for D&N Automotive Engineering. No returns. No reserve. Happy bidding!