• I’d tune to see this at the Olympics: New US record 5:15 ‘Beer Mile’ set by Olympian: http://t.co/WHT32j5E #
  • Want a five-star review of your book? Just buy it — “Book Reviewers for Hire Meet a Demand for Online Raves” – NY Times:… #
  • Outdoor Apocalypse, sad edition: Man killed while trying to fake Bigfoot sighting? http://t.co/ivLKdZs5 #
  • Vacation pics worth watching: ValAtkinson’s photos from Kamchatka: http://t.co/sbwyTO9A #
  • Zing! Alaska guide-outfitter fined $125K on 16 counts of illegal guiding: http://t.co/JJ3pa5i6 #

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