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Grey has been guiding professionally for the past six years and fly fishing for over a decade. He has acquired a true passion for guiding over the years and is an avid fly tyer. Grey ... morelearned to fly fish in the salt water of the Puget Sound and the rivers of Washington State. After moving to Utah, he became consumed with chasing brown, rainbow, and cutthroat trout on the waters of Utah and Wyoming. Grey loves casting to wild trout from his boat with dry flies and says, “helping my clients achieve this same thrill is why I love guiding.” Grey’s easy going demeanor, humor and skill set will give you an unforgettable fishing experience.
Jeremy Allan has been fly fishing in Utah for the past 25 years and has spent the last 11 years guiding on the Provo River and surrounding streams. Not only is Jeremy considered one ... moreof the top fly fishing guides in the area, he is also an accomplished photographer. His work as a photographer has been published in magazines such as The Drake, Northwest/Southwest Fly Fishing and Catch Magazine. Jeremy takes his artistic talents to the vise, and uses his creative fly tying skills to dupe the most finicky trout. Spending a day on the water with Jeremy will not only improve your technical skill, but you will also put a lot of fish to the net.
Jake has been guiding on the Provo River and surrounding streams for the past 11 years. Averaging around 180 guide days a year, Jake Smith is considered by many the hardest working ... moreguide in Park City. Jake’s passion for fly fishing started by spending all his free time in the Uinta’s fishing the small streams and lakes with a fly. When a friend took him fishing to Idaho he knew he found his life pursuit Now you can find him in many of the western states chasing a varied species of fish from trout to warm water species. He loves the sport and considers it a privilege to guide all the great people he meets. He prides himself on working hard to get his clients on fish and helping them understand how to catch and land big fish.
With twelve years experience of guiding fly fishing on the Provo River and surrounding streams, Jeff Harwin is one of the most respected guides in Utah. Jeff began fishing in Florida ... moreas a young child and was first introduced to fly fishing while working as a camp counselor in Pennsylvania at the age of sixteen. Soon he began chasing tarpon and snook on a fly rod, and never picked up his spinning rod again. Jeff has been a die hard enthusiast ever since, chasing trout on the Provo River and other local streams. If you go on a guided fly fishing trip with Jeff you might find yourself on one of many Utah’s secret screams throwing large dries to huge trout. His knowledge of the sport, attention to detail and preparation for any guided trip guarantees a successful excursion. Jeff takes pride in hand tying all of his flies for his guided fly fishing trips, and is ready to share his enthusiasm for the sport with novice to expert anglers. Let Jeff make your Utah fly fishing trip unforgettable.
I was born in Upstate New York, where my father and uncle taught me to conventionally fish for bass, pike, walleye and musky on the lake my grandmother lived on. During the summer, ... morewhen school was out, I was lucky enough to be able to live up on the lake with her until school started up again. Every day I would be on the water in my old 12ft aluminum boat with a 5hp motor that would get me everywhere I needed to go, I loved it. What more could a young boy ask for?

Later, finding my way into the United States Air Force and being stationed at Beale AFB, CA, I somehow picked up the passion that my late uncle once had, fly fishing. In December '04 my uncle passed away and I decided what better way to carry on his tradition than try fly fishing myself, not knowing what was in store for me. I was fishing the East Carson River one late summer evening and saw a guy fly fishing. Fascinated by his silhouette in the water against the sunset and the perfect casting stroke and tight J loops made by his fly line while casting, I realized then that this is why my uncle loved this sport.

August 15, 2005, I bought my first fly rod from a local sports store, and have been hooked ever since. This is the one thing I was missing. There is something about standing in the middle of a river with water rushing by me, the sound that it makes, the sound of nature, it’s like you are part of it.

There's no technology in the world that can recreate this experience, it's priceless. This is the one place that not only can I be myself, but it’s the one place that I can feel closer to my uncle. Funny how things work into our lives without us knowing what the future may hold. Love you Uncle Bruce.

I take great pride in my fishing, especially fly fishing. I am self taught, from single to two handed casting, mending, dead drifting, swinging, knowledge of equipment, aquatic insects and fly tying, to even reading water. My love for this sport has taken me to waters all over the state, as well as Oregon, Nevada and Upstate New York. During this unforgettable journey, I have had the opportunity to meet a great number of outstanding individuals and fellow anglers, but only a select few can I truly thank for helping me develop the knowledge, skills and experience that I have for this sport. And to be honest, I wouldn't be the fly fisherman, the guide or the man that I am today without their personal advice and guidance. So to those few, I Thank You. Fly fishing for me is my number one passion in life and that's putting it lightly, I would have to say it's more than a passion, it's an addiction and "state of mind". You can call me a fishaholic, or even better a trout bum, or just plan crazy, and I'll just laugh, shake my head and say HELL YAAAAA!!!!

When I'm not guiding, you can usually find me on the water with a rod in my hand and a tight line, hanging out at the local fly shop, Fly Fishing Specialties, where I like to hang out and talk fishin. I also enjoy tying flies old patterns and new, helping others out in the sport, no matter what their experience level may be, camping, hunting and the outdoors, of course fishing and lastly I enjoy meeting new people and learning new tips, techniques as well as the trade to hone my skills as a guide, fly fisherman and as a person. That's why in 2010 I started Nor Cal Fly Guides, a fly fishing guide service, where I guide clients all over Northern California. I absolutely love passing on my knowledge that I have learned and sharing my joy for fly fishing with someone, and the joy they get when they hook their first fish on the fly. It's something that cannot be explained only felt and or witnessed. There's something said about fly fishing, that once you hook your first fish, you are hooked for life. Fly Fish Once, Fly Fish Forever.

-I look forward to our many trips together-
As owner of Montana Fly Fishing Trips, I feel honored to be an Outfitter in Southwestern Montana and a member of the Ennis community. I was born in Billings, Mt and had a rod in my ... morehand, literally, as soon as I was born. I started fishing around the age of 13 in Colorado and moved back to Montana as soon as I learned to row a boat. I enrolled at Montana State and was lucky enough to be given a guiding position as soon as I arrived. When I first started out, I worked and rowed as hard as I could to make a name for myself. I do the same thing 15 years later, no longer to make a name for myself but to give my clients the trip that they deserve.
Everyone has different expectations for their special float trip and I will do my best to ensure that we succeed in either meeting or exceeding those expectations...However, any day you can be floating down the river instead of sitting behind a desk is a successful day! Charles P.
Graham has an overflowing passion for spending time in pursuit of piscatorial prey and is an accomplished guide on multiple rivers in Montana, especially the Madison, Jefferson and ... moreRuby rivers.
"Dirty" Mike Elliot has been a licensed Montana fishing and hunting guide for nearly a decade, but his passion for fly fishing started way before that. He spent his childhood tying ... moreflies and exploring Northwest Montana on his pedal bike, fishing pole in hand. He has been in Ennis for a while now but continues to spend every day learning the ever changing Madison River. In the off season, Dirty Mike is either hunting elk, deer, antelope and bear or he's working on a ranch-spending his days with cows and his horse, "Lorie Darlin."
Fishing...He can't stop; he won't stop. Art has been a fishing guide for over 10 years now and guiding has taken him to some incredible places: the wild bush of Alaska, the far reaches ... moreof Chile and all over the state of Montana. After living and guiding around various parts of the state (and the world) Art has chosen Southwest Montana to call his home...and there's a reason for that.

If Arts not fishing or guiding you can find him hunched over his fly tying table creating something that looks more like a small mammal than a fish! He loves to streamer fish and throw meat. However, Art is versatile and will make sure your day is incredible no matter what your approach to fishing might be. Arts love of guiding, combined with his love of Montana, ensures a great day on the water. He would love nothing more than to share his knowledge, love, and passion for the sport with you and will certainly make your Montana fishing adventure unforgettable!!!

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