Red Stag

Native to Europe, Asia, and a small part of Africa, the red deer has a glossy brown coat and distinctive light-coloured patch on its rump.

Since the nineteenth century, red deer have been introduced to Australia, New Zealand, Chile and Argentina. Feral populations have established in all of these countries. In Queensland, red deer were originally released near Esk and are now found around the headwaters of the Brisbane, Mary and Burnett rivers.
New Zealand Safaris specialises in professionally guided free range hunting, based out Fairlie in the central South Island our free range hunting is conducted on some of New Zealand’s ... moremost iconic high country cattle and sheep ranches. These properties vary in size and vegetation from 3000 acres of rolling hills with native timbered valleys, to extensive 60,000 acre properties that have steep mountains, river bed valleys and patches of native trees and bush. Some of our properties hold other wild free range species such as Bull Tahr, Alpine Chamois and Fallow Bucks. 2015 saw 100% success on our Red Stag hunts with the largest being a 8x8.

The Red Stags on these properties are genuine wild deer with antler formations of 5x5–8x8 and at times bigger. The ruts starts around late March–End of April. This hunt is for those who want to experience a true wild deer hunt in New Zealand with plentiful game numbers, high quality trophies, and a desire to take in what hunting is really all about.

New Zealand Safaris hunting properties are all within 15-45 mins of both our lodges with the option to stay in one of our cabins which puts you right in the heart of the hunting.

Additional animals and days maybe added to this hunt, non hunters are welcome and we can add in some sight seeing during the hunt so you can take in this beautiful part of the world.

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