• Not writing enough? Blackmail yourself with a compromising photo (really): http://t.co/ucyo3mOp #
  • RT @andrewbloch: A Tropical storm named Debby is heading towards Dallas. A tabloid headline writer's dream come true http://t.co/a0TLzgsn #
  • Lyme disease on the rise, but not for reason you think: As Fox Populations Fall, Lyme Disease Rises http://t.co/CDAUZpHj #
  • Why the flies you tie may suck — take a color vision test: http://t.co/i6Wfvetg #
  • Yes, I heard the stories about Fall River too. Here's the skinny: Why Is California’s Fall River Seeing Lower Flows? http://t.co/GycvYyqA #
  • "Revenge is a dish best served with floatant" (culled from an email sent to the Trout Underground). #
  • More Outdoor Apocalypse: Yellowstone tourist fails to give ground to bison, gets tossed, gored for his trouble: http://t.co/G9n5B9PF #
  • Five guide flies for summer in Northern California (Shasta Trout): http://t.co/KnkJxFCA #

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