Secluded Fishing Streams on Kauai

Trudge through lush rainforests on Kauai to find pristine rivers and streams with great opportunities for freshwater fishing on Kaua'i. Hire an experience guide, such as Nigel Warrack to help you find the best places to catch rainbow trout on the Garden Island.
Game Fish Opportunities
Fishing Trips
  • Gorgeous scenery and amazing views
  • Hiking through the beautiful rainforests
  • Catch wild rainbow trout on Kauai
Secluded fishing experience on small streams in the lush Kaua'i rainforest. Fish for rainbow trout on rivers and streams that are practically untouched. Prepare to do some hiking, ... morerock hopping, and expect to get a little muddy while trudging through the beautiful Garden Island. Experience the rustic beauty of our island with a knowledgeable guide that can help you maximize your time while minimizing your impact. 

All gear and tackle is provided, or you can bring your own. Each trip is 4-5 hours long and additional days are available at a discounted rate.
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