Wigman River Fishing Report

Unaware of borders, the Wigwam River courses across two countries. The Wigwam starts in the Galton Range of the Rocky Mountains in Lincoln County, Montana, at the confluence of Wolverine and Bluebird Creeks. It twists and turns, crossing international lines 4 times until it reaches Mount Broadwood; there it abruptly runs west and empties into the Elk River near the town of Elko.

To fish the river, you travel through wilderness on old logging roads, making it a great choice for those who yearn for an authentic backcountry adventure. Spring fed, its waters are incredibly clear and more importantly, very cold. Each spring, bull trout travel from the Kootenay River to the Elk River and spawn upon reaching the Wigwam. Insect life is active and its Western Green Drakes hatches are considered to be in a class all their own.

Guides can open a range of experiences to you while walking the riverbed. Plan to enjoy fishing deep pools, large pockets, churning riffles, logjams, undercut banks and hefty boulders while hauling in a native, west slope cutthroat.
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