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The world through rental eyes

By Tom Chandler 6/26/2006

Everybody has their weak spots, and lately, mine seems to be getting a good night's sleep. As anyone with a real knack for insomnia can tell you, around day three, things start looking pretty surreal, almost as if you were viewing the world through a pair of abused rental eyes working in concert with a head filled with warm dishwater. With this as a background, I didn't fish Saturday and Sunday, preferring to let the crowds of fishermen fight the heat while I chased sleep. Sleep, hmmmmmmmm.

Fly fishing in your sleepToday at least, the world no longer feels like it's tilted permenantly downhill away from me, and I feel good (almost normal, or at least as close as I get). This evening I'll be fishing. Naturally, as soon as the river falls to fishable levels the hellish temperatures descend on us, but I was lucky enough to enjoy a couple nights of fishing on the seam between the two.

Temps in Dunsmuir have exceeded 100 degrees, but because of the mountains, it always cools down at night. I'm guessing the fishing will soon fall into the morning and evening routine that defines the Upper Sac during warm weather, and those with daytime aspirations will do well to find the most oxygenated water on the menu.

There's plenty more below, so today's Underground Entertainment
is limited to a couple entries. First, MidCurrent brings us a story about Grand Lake Stream - that little slice of Maine where I go every year (looks like September this year). The Fly Fishing Yellowstone blog tells us that the stoneflies are descending in numbers in that part of the country. Then - via Collateral Damage - comes a story of Southern California pelicans suspected of flying under the influence (yup). Finally, Ian Rutter overcomes the Web problems he's been having and posts a couple of reports on fishing in his very pretty part of the country...

The Raine Road Trip enters Gierach Territory
With Chris Raine rolling ever closer to the Colorado Springs, he's apparently now passing through John Gierach territory - that bit around Lyons immortalized in Gierach's numerous essays. Thankfully, Jack Raine's good with a cell phone camera and we've got more pictures of a part of the country you're probably familiar with if you've ever read much Gierach (and who hasn't). Enjoy!

Big Thompson fish
A beaver dam on the St. Vrain. Pretty, but no fish for Chris. (J. Raine photo)

Big Thompson fish from the Raine Road Trip
A nice rainbow from the Big Thompson - one of three that Chris Jack caught. (J. Raine photo)

Bamboo rod builder Mike Clark
Bamboo rod builder Mike Clark outside his shop in Lyons. (Mike, try another swig of coffee - you don't look so happy.) (J. Raine photo)

Raine road trip Viking
Another reference to the happy hot dog, though this one by an ethnic group (the Vikings) not known for their tube steaks. No word as to whether slaw dogs are on the menu. (J. Raine photo)


Tom Chandler

As the author of the decade leading fly fishing blog Trout Underground, Tom believes that fishing is not about measuring the experience but instead of about having fun. As a staunch environmentalist, he brings to the Yobi Community thought leadership on environmental and access issues facing us today.

Thanks for the thoughts. I'm out of here in a few minutes to go catch fish. It's still hot up here, but not cooling slightly from the weekend. River continues to drop. Am I in heaven or what? Chris called; he kicked Jack's butt in miniature golf, and had a great time at Mike Clark's shop. The St. Vrain is even smaller than he though it was based on Gierach's essays, but the Big Thompson was big fun. ... more Lots of caddis. Off I go...
Tom, You should seriously consider seeing a doctor about your insomnia. There may be a drug and/or treatment regimen available that can provide you with some relief. It's worth looking into.
I fished Sat and Sun and thought it was awesome. The river still a little up and my legs and wading staff arm are feeling it today. No problem with crowds or the heat as long as you stay in the water. I took quite a few fish both days nothing real big but lots of them. Good luck see you on the river.
I hope you get out on the river Tom. Neat pictures from Chris. He should try for one of John. It was over a 100 here the last two days, and supposed to be hotter today. It has pushed the dry fly fishing out about an hour later. Last night I started at about 8:00 PM and used a size 18 high vis comparadun (use white antron for the wing instead of deer) and it worked really well until it was shredded. ... more You can see this fly in low light well, and fish it near dark. I'm going to tie up a bunch more with different colors. (Kelly Galloup pattern). - rriver

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