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If you've been to The Stonefly Inn in the last 7 years you have probably been in Joe's boat or at least heard his booming laugh bellow through the roost. A life-long fly fisherman, ... moreJoe began his guiding career on the Montana-farm-league known as the Yakima River in Central Washington over a decade ago. Joe and his beautiful wife and daughter have become permanent residents of Twin Bridges, residing along the banks of the Beaverhead. Joe began working a "real job" in 2013 and has resigned to hobby guide status, so if you want in his blue boat, get ahold of us early.
Another saltwater transplant, Jake comes to Twin Bridges after several years of Striper fishing in Cape Cod. He lives in Bozeman with his new wife Laura and several bird dogs. He is ... morea great addition to our team, and is as reliable as the day is long. One of the more well rounded guides I have had the pleasure of working with, he is at home on any type of water – whether it’s the Big Hole at 6000 cfs or walking a spring creek.
Charlie – or “Carlos” as we have come to call him, began his career at The Stonefly 4 seasons ago. Through working his way up the Totem Pole, he has developed a vast understanding ... moreof what it takes to make your fly fishing vacation a great one. From the fishing to the beer cooler, Carlos is in tune with what is going on. Strong as an ox, and always grinning, Carlos is a great oarsman and quick to adapt to our changing conditions. His easy going personality has made him one of our best instructors for the beginning angler we have ever had. He works great with kids of all ages and will often times be your evening host around the fire. Don’t be mistaken though – Charlie is a fish catcher, and will stop at nothing to make sure you are tired at the end of the day.
Thank you for visiting our Montana lodge online! Broken Arrow Lodge is our home and our life’s work. Erwin is a licensed Montana outfitter (#5715). As Montana natives, we welcome you ... moreto visit our backcountry lodge and share the beauty and wonder of this pristine area.

We were both born and raised in Butte, Montana. Our two children are grown and raising little ones of their own now. Wendy and her husband have a trucking company in Billings and have three little girls. Chris works with us and has two little girls and a baby boy. We have always loved the outdoors, hunting, fly fishing, and horseback riding. So, after working at service jobs for 16 years, we decided to pursue our dream to operate a guest ranch.
Over 16 years Guiding Experience and an Expert with Both Fly and Light Tackle Fishing Capt. Gary's passion for fishing brought him to North Carolina in the late 1980's. Starting "Spec ... moreFever" because of his love of speckled seatrout fishing. Moving from the Outer Banks to the Neuse River, Gary adding redfish, stripers, false albacore and so many other species to the Spec Fever hit list.

Always looking to improve his techniques, Gary pioneered the popping cork craze for NC giant red drum, turning what was a night time bait fishery into a day time artificial lure fishery. Progressing that one step further, Gary invented the Pop-N-Fly rig and revolutionized fly fishing for these giant reds.

Capt. Gary has written and lectured on both light tackle and fly fishing and he has appeared on a number of angling shows on ESPN 2, WFN, UNC-TV, NBC Sports, the Sportsman Channel and Discovery Channel (Europe). He is a frequent speaker at local and national fishing shows including the Saltwater Sportsman's National Seminar Series, the Fly Fishing Show and the Virginia Fly Fishing Festival. He has also been featured in many major sports fishing magazines and in several books.

Join him for a fishing trips that are both enjoyable and educational days on the water!
Kevin Brandtonies was born in Chicago IL in 1968; He has been fishing since he was 5 years old. His first trip to this area was in 1974, where his father Larry Brandtonies fell in ... morelove with the White River and brought his family here every year.

Kevin worked as a first mate on charter boats out of Chicago on Lake Michigan, for six years he trolled for Salmon and Trout. He eventually went into the securities business and still vacationed here every year. Dreaming of the day he could come here and stay for good.

Kevin moved to New York and worked on the American Stock Exchange until one day his emotions got the better of him in May of 2000. He left the “Big Apple” and moved here to chase his dream of being a professional guide. Since that time he’s never looked back. “Fishing” especially Fly Fishing has been his passion.

Kevin enjoys teaching children and “first timers” So no matter if you are a seasoned veteran or a first timer you will enjoy fishing with him. Tangles, lost flies, missed fish don’t bother him. As he puts it, “don’t worry about it, that’s what I’m here for”. If you’re ready to have a stress free fun day, call and book a trip with Kevin.
Starting in the mid to late 50's Marc began fishing popping bugs with his father on the upper White, War Eagle, and Osage Rivers in NW Arkansas. This kindled an interest in fishing ... morethat gets brighter every year.

After high school in Tulsa, college at OSU, and a term with the US Navy; Marc was free to pick the places he spent time. Most of these were chosen because of the fishing available.
Belize, Panama, Virgin Islands, Mexico, Canada, Alaska, California, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, (and a few other places) he has tossed a line and hopes to fish again someday.

Twenty two years ago Marc returned to the White River Basin which he considers home. The desire to spend more time on the rivers finally pushed him to move to Cotter and to pursue a career in guiding people in this area we call the Ozarks. He has discovered that he gets much enjoyment and satisfaction out of putting people on fish and helping them to catch those fish. Helping clients develop the skills and predatory instincts to be successful on their own is a top priority.

Marc has been accused of being meticulous in the ways he approaches his fishing and tackle preparation. To him this is part of the fun and adds to the passion for the places and people that come together in pursuit of game fish. Wade fishing is his first and favorite way to fish.( because it satisfies that hunter-gatherer instinct). But on these waters many times a boat can be a necessary tool.

For that reason he has a 20ft. motorized Jon boat and a 16ft. drift boat. Marc does not adhere to the "9 to 5" schedule for guiding. If conditions dictate, he will be on the water at 5am or 8pm and even at night if that is what it takes. Known for his humble and sincere nature Marc invites all who are interested to come fish with him.
I always feel incredibly lucky that Davy Wotton is part of our extended family around this fly shop. Davy has devoted his life to fly fishing on two continents and legitimately should ... morebe regarded as an international guru. He has many, many flies in commercial production both here and in the UK, was an innovator in the fly tying materials business, a writer, photographer, entomologist, casting instructor and out standing all around fly fisher. I've been asked a bunch of times by people, does he really know that much?, well the simple answer is yes, and its knowledge learned from years of obsessive water time and sitting at the vice. Davy also supplies many of our most productive custom patterns, his Sowbugs are standards as are his Super Midge series. His Master Tying Classes are not to be missed. Its also a lot of fun having him as a friend.

A little History on Davy - My fly fishing days began in the 1950s fishing for wild browns on a river that ran through the family farm in the western region of the UK. While at school l was given some fly tying material which further spurned my interest, not to mention the availability of fur and feather that l obtained from the creatures that frequented the local countryside, that also created my interest in hunting.

In the late 60s having achieved fly tying skills l started to produce flies for a local fishing tackle store, that lead further to being asked to write regular fly fishing articles for a fly fishing publication that further encouraged me to set up a mail order business selling flies, that then lead me to expand my business to include fly tying materials and then fly fishing products.

In the early 80s my interest l started to process fly tying materials, learning how to take care of raw material and dying material. In those days the availability of dubbing material was limited more so to natural material such as mole, rabbit, seals fur and only available in limited dyed colors. That furthered me to spend time developing a new ranges of dyed material using at that time natural fur. The first of which was the Davy Wotton hare fur dubings in 12 colors.

Also at this time l was being booked to give both fly tying and fly fishing lessons and guides services both for rivers and stillwaters, both in the UK and overseas. Ultimately that took me to very many countries around the world demonstrating my skills and teaching fly fishing. It also got me interested in competitive fly fishing events which were more or less at that time confined to the UK, now on a worldwide basis. During those 18 years l won many events, it also furthered my development of new fly patterns and techniques for fishing, over and above what was then the accepted standards.

During the 80s seal fur which was more or less the standard for very many flies became very difficult to obtain. That got me interested in so far as how synthetic materials could be utilized. In consequence after 2 years of research and figuring out combinations of what materials and blends to use, SLF was introduced into the world market. My company expanded rapidly to be able to support the international demand.

More or less l have fished every State in the US, guided anglers at many destinations around the world, worked for and produced many fly fishing shows for national TV networks, alongside my own Fly Tying and Fly fishing video and DVD programs and well over 300 articles published in International fly fishing publications and fly fishing forums.

It was my good friend Dave Whitlock who first introduced me to the White river system, to say the least l was hooked by the resources here in Arkansas, and in consequence decided l would move here from what was at that time my homes both in Wales and Chicago.

Since that time l have introduced for the White river system many new fly patterns not to mention bringing with me the many of the traditional and techniques established back in the UK during the 1800s, and those of a more modern concept generated by the international world of competitive fly fishing.

It is the way of the wet fly that holds a passion for me more than any other fly fishing technique, sadly today a technique not often used or understood, but it is one of the most deadly ways to catch trout no matter in what water they live if the prevailing conditions are conducive to its use as is the case for any other method on its day.
I've become known as the "quality control" of our fly tying operation, previously known as Anadromy Flies. I have been the woman behind the counter at several fly shops, including ... moreour own Hoh Humm Fly Shop. I do all of our web design and fly photography in house. Neil and I tie thousands of flies each year, stocking three fly shops in the US with specialty patterns and filling fly boxes across North America.
I have been a fly fishing guide for over a decade and have been fortunate enough to guide anglers all over the West - from the major destination rivers in Montana and the coastal steelhead ... morestreams of Washington, to the lesser known waters right here in Wyoming. I am also a fly designer for Solitude Fly Company.

In 2011, Alyssa and I started Anadromy Fly Fishing to showcase our love for steelhead flies and fishing. Our passion soon turned into obsession when we opened the Hoh Humm Fly Shop in the winter of 2013/14. We have since moved our base camp to Thermopolis, Wyoming and now guide here year round.

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