Despite a series of early season storms (the remnants of which still cover pretty much all the ground at the Underground’s Palatial Mountain Estate), a dry January means the snowpack is now below normal for this date:

Snow surveyors today reported that water content in California’s mountain snowpack is below average for the date.

Manual and electronic readings today record the snowpack’s statewide water content at 93 percent of average for this time of year. That is 55 percent of the average April 1 measurement, when the snowpack is normally at its peak before the spring melt.

With more dry weeks predicted, it seems more late-season storms will be needed to prevent another dry year (hard on trout and farmers alike).

Then again, that seems like the new normal; a couple early storms, a long dry spell, then a couple late-season storms designed to break the spirit of those of us looking forward to spring.

See you watching the weather forecasts, Tom Chandler