Hey Undergrounders;

The first two winters after Little M arrived saw me get sick at every opportunity, leaving me looking (and feeling, and smelling) a lot like a badly decomposed extra from the Walking Dead.

By contrast, last winter was a largely disease-free breeze, though after the summer arrival of Tiny-But-Malevolent Petri Dish Tax Deduction #2, you could safely say I’m back in Walking Dead mode (think of the makeup costs the series could save simply by hiring dads of toddlers).

So in effect, I haven’t fished. I haven’t shot. I haven’t done much beyond wheeze and whine (the Twin W’s of The Afflicted).

Fortunately, the end is near (the end of the cold, not the writer).

The Voting Thing

Those with a few extra minutes on their hands might want to click over to this newspaper poll, which is asking if folks think congress should act on the Klamath Basin Restoration Act (KBRA) this session.

Since this involves removal of these pesky Klamath River dams, I’d suggest a “yes” vote is in order:

Click here to vote

It’s hardly barn-burner stuff, but support is support.

The Sage Circa Thing

The Sage Circa fly rod review needs a rewrite before going live, but I’m going to sacrifice some of my “lay on the couch and whine” time in favor of getting it done.

Given that whining is currently the only pleasure left to me, I hope you appreciate the sacrifice.

See you on the couch, Tom Chandler.