In the past I’ve populated this site with bamboo fly rods, bamboo cars, bamboo clock radios — even pants made from bamboo. Basically, all the bamboo gear you’d need if you wanted to prove to your fly fishing buddies that you’re better than they are.

Now we bring you the latest in high-tech gadgetry for the bamboo snob. The bamboo smartphone:

Bamboo smartphones

You can almost smell the varnish, eh?

It’s a shame I’m already equipped with a water-and-shock-resistant Casio smartphone. Because nothing says “effete bamboo fly rod snob” more completely than a bamboo smartphone (though it would be better if it were engraved with something like “Friends that Fish Anything But Paynes Are No Friends At All“).

Once again, it’s left to the Trout Underground to maintain the high standards of snobbishness and elitism this sport needs to succeed over the next several decades.

No need to thank me, though a new ascot would be nice.

See you pretending to be rich, Tom Chandler.