The latest assault on Montana’s enlightened stream access laws appears to have gone the way of the Dodo bird, and for once, extinction looks pretty good (from the Ravalli Republic):

The Montana Legislature’s House Bill 309 reopened a simmering dispute over a slough running through the Bitterroot Valley property of 1980’s rocker Huey Lewis and others. The courts ruled several years ago that the slough be open to fishermen under the state’s stream access law.

Ranchers and others had sought to make clear that irrigation ditches are not open to anglers. But anglers argued the legislative proposal would have closed to access more than just ditches.

The measure had cleared the House, only to face a large crowd of opponents in the Senate. It was tabled late Tuesday in an 8-3 vote in the Senate agriculture committee.

I’m sure someone will launch a new attack on stream access, but for now, we get to fish.

See you on the river (legally), Tom Chandler.