1% For the Planet is auctioning a day of fly fishing with Craig Matthews (Blue Ribbon Fly Shop), and I can only assume the Underground wasn’t asked to be a part of the auction because of last year’s Unfortunate Incident (we hear the unlucky angler lost the hand, but still has seven toes – those 1% people can be so touchy).

Craig Matthews holding an obviously stuffed trout.

Craig Matthews holding an obviously fake rubber trout.

From the 1% site:

That’s right, our newest auction offers a day of catch and release fly-fishing with famed angler, renowned guide, author, owner of Blue Ribbon Flies and 1% for the Planet co-founder Craig Mathews!

Craig will take the highest bidder and friend out on Montana rivers for a day this summer or fall. Complete with special fishing holes, spectacular views, and Craig tying a fly one-handed and blindfolded (ok, maybe not blindfolded), he’ll be sure to provide you with any required gear and end the day with a wonderful dinner enjoyed in good company.

See you on the (Montana) river, Tom Chandler.