It’s an evening for revelry, Undergrounders. I received a phone call from Siskiyou County Supervisor Lavada Erickson who informed me the much-hated Siskiyou County Natural Resource Policy had been voted into oblivion.

Gone. Kaput. Voted down 3-2.

Holy crap. Tomorrow, I’m having slaw dogs for lunch.

champagneMany of you helped fight the battle against this ridiculous policy document, which threatened to limit legal access to the Upper Sacramento, McCloud, Scott and Shasta Rivers — and included a whole host of other anti-fisheries policies.

In fact, the Undergrounders rallied to the tune of a wad of phone calls and 200+ total emails (some of them sent to five different supervisors, putting us close to the 1,000 total emails mark).

A lot of other blogs fired up their readers, and suddenly, our Board of Supervisors came face to face with the reality that the world was watching.

We also saw considerable opposition from the south end of Siskiyou County (the north county/south county dynamic is… ahem… complicated), and organizations like CalTrout.

Here’s the kicker: we expected a “no” vote from Lavada Erickson, were happy to hear Supevisor Bill Overman decided against it, and fell off our chair when we found out Supervisor Marcia Armstrong cast the third “no” vote.

If you’ll recall, she authored the specific resource policies that caused the most uproar. I’m happy she decided it needed to go away, though I hope something else isn’t in the offing.

Anyway — you magnificent emailing bastards — revel in what you helped accomplish. I am.

See you altering the political landscape, Tom Chandler.

(UPDATE: I forgot to add that Ms. Erickson wanted me to thank my readers for their outpouring of support. She’s often the sole pro-fisheries, pro-tourism, pro-environmental voice on the current Board of Supervisors, so feeling the weight of support was a welcome change.)