Wian Van der Walt

My father taught me a valuable lesson when I was just starting out my hunting career, he told me that the day I stop enjoying the hunt, the chase, the challenges and the frustrations of hunting, is the day I must stop guiding all together. His reasoning was such, “what you are helping people achieve is an opportunity to live out the dream of a lifetime and that is why no matter what, you must love every single aspect of what you do, so that you can focus on making sure you give your everything to provide the best hunting experience possible for your clients. Eighteen years later I have never ever looked back with an ounce of regret. Hunting is my passion, it is a part of who I am, where I belong and what makes me whole.

Being born into a hunting family I understand the importance of passing on the generations of experience I have down to the future generations to come. That is one of the reasons we run a successful family safari company, so don’t be surprised if you see my children, beautiful wife, not so handsome brother or my parents at some stage during your trip as we welcome you into our home, our camps and our lives.

I tell all of my clients on the first day of their hunt that 99% of the things they see and experience will be things that relatively few people have ever experienced in their lives and that you should always make the most of it whether it’s a Mamba or an exceptional trophy as there is a good chance that it may only happen once.
Bayete Hunting Safaris offers world class hunting experiences in the heart of South Africa. Guests have the opportunity to hunt exotic species such as the African Buffalo, Nyala, Zebra, ... moreImpala, Eland, and many others.

Our experienced professional hunters are South African born and raised, trained in emergency medical triage, advanced survival techniques and most importantly in putting your safety first. The knowledge they have has been cultivated over years of firsthand experience and they are there to make sure you have the best experience possible. Whether you need help telling the tallest tales at the evening fire, learning to improve your tracking and stalking skills or simply learning about the heritage and wonder of our great Nation, don’t be shy.

All accommodations provide three meals per day, consisting of specially designed menus to please all tastes as well as dietary restrictions. There are also snacks and drinks available 24/7.

We are a family and so we are family friendly, with a wide range of fantastic non-hunting options and sightseeing tours for everyone.
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Mitch Nesbitt Taxidermy
I have hunted with Wiam and would recommend him to anyone that wants to go experience hunting Africa. His hunting knowledge and skill is amazing. I spent 6 days trying to just see an animal before he pointed it out to us. Never could.

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