302 Welder Welder 230 460 Dc Inverter Arc Lincoln Ln-7 Nelson Stud 250 Mig Welder Dc Arc Welding Power Source Welder Ln-25 Welding Power Source Welder 250 Welder Generator Welder Local Nelson Stud Welder 450 Welder Lincoln Pipeliner Welder 220V Ac-225 Arc Lincoln Electric Weld-Pak Arc Welder Power Source Lincoln Idealarc 250 Arc Welder Generator Dc Inverter Arc Welder Welder Unit Ln-25 Wire Feeder Miller Xmt 304 Lincoln Electric Ac-225 Lincoln Diesel Welder Welder Complete Package Suitcase Wire Feeder Miller Dialarc Portable Arc Welder Pipeliner Welder Lincoln Ln-25 Wire Tig Stick Welding Pro Mig Arc Welder Model Welder Excellent Idealarc 250 140 Mig Miller Gas Welder Cc Ac Dc Flux Core Welder Resistance Spot Welder Lincoln Ln 25 Miller Diesel Welder Ac Dc Welder Generator Hobart Handler Portable Spot Welder Lincoln Electric Power Miller Maxstar 150 Spot Welder Model Spot Welding Ac Dc Tig Stick Welder Miller Bobcat 250 Welder Gas Welder Generator Welder Free Shipping 225 Arc Lincoln Electric Arc Welder Ready Welder Arc Welding Machine Miller Maxstar 150 Stl Tig Inverter Snap On Mig Portable Mig Miyachi Unitek Welder 115V Gasoline Welder Suitcase Wire Feeder For Welder Lincoln Electric Ac Airco Welder Welder Onan Series Wire Feeder Ac Dc Tig Stick Arc Welding Power Source Lincoln Ac-225 Stick Lincoln Sa200 Welder Miller Trailblazer Lincoln Power Mig Portable Mig Welder Mig 300 Miller Xr Welder Works Fine Welder Foot Tig Stick Arc Pulse Welder 250 Tig Welder Welder No Reserve Feed Welding Ac Dc Stick Welder Miller 302 Lincoln Sae Thermal Arc Welder Welder 208 Diesel Welder Generator Mig Welding Machine Miller Suitcase Inverter Arc Welder Portable Dc Welder Miller Dialarc 250 Suitcase Welder Welder 110V Lincoln Sa 200 Welder Multi-Process Welder Stud Welding Lincoln Square Wave Tig 220 Welder Idealarc Tig Welding Power Supply Miller Syncrowave 250 Miller Bobcat 225 Welder Welder Head Welder 220 Volt Hobart Mig Welder Portable Tig 135 Mig Dual Mig Hobart Mig Ln-7 Wire Feeder Tig Stick Welding Welder Welder System Welder 120 Miller 60 Series Welder 230V Welder Power Supply Welder 110 Miller Dimension Miller Deltaweld 452 Flux Core Wire Lincoln Ranger Century Welder Flux Core Mig Flux Core Kva Spot Welder Driven Welder Inverter Welding Ac Dc Arc Welder Welder With Leads Mig Tig Stick Plasma Welder Plus Welder Welder Inv Arc 300 Welder 220 300 Ac Dc Tig 300 Welding Wire Feeder Mig Welder Model Miller Maxstar 150 Stl Tig Portable Welding Dc Welder Generator Lincoln Invertec Cv Dc Welding Power Source Multi-Process Mig Welder 60 Series Feeder 200 Tig 250 Ac Dc Welder Welder Kit Miller Thunderbolt Mig Flux Miller Xmt 304 Cc Cv Deltaweld 452 Ln-25 Pro Arc Starter Mig Welder Power Source Lincoln Welder Generator 250 Tig Welder 120V Miller Syncrowave 250 Tig Welding Control Cv Mig Sa200 Pipeliner Dc Mig Welder Metal Dx Tig Miller Matic Multi Process Constant Voltage Dc Miller Bobcat Ac Dc Single Phase Lincoln Sa200 115V Wire Welder Nice Miller Gold Star 304 Cc Cv Miller Invision Miller Dynasty Welder 10 Sa 250 Welder With Trailer Miller Cst Miller Coolmate Lincoln Sa 200 Miller Cst 280 Lincoln Welder Sa-200 Dc Welder Power Welder Welding Machine Ac Dc Welding Power Source
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NEW- CG-211Y PIPE GAS CUTTING MACHINE PORTABLE TRACK BURNER- NEW Specifications: Model: CG211Y(No Electricity Required) Cutting Speed: Person Operated/ ... moreManual. Pipe Cutting Thickness: 4" 24" With the Chain Provided) Larger Pipes will require more chain as maximum pipe size in essentially infinite. Chain: Comes with 87" Length. Bevel Angle: 0-45 degrees. Cutting Tips: Includes#1. 2, 3 Acetylene GO2(Similar to Airco brand) This unit can use Propane Tips as well with this set up. Unit Weight: 24 lbs This is a NEW Portable Pipe Gas Cutting/Bevelling Machine. It uses a system that wraps around a steel pipe and cuts by using the chain as track to run along. The user simply turns the knob which spins the wormwheel drive system. The machine has a clutch system which allows the user to"freewheel" the unit to get it to the proper starting point and make set-up easier. It comes with extra-large wheels to use when cutting smaller pipe. It can cut straight or beveled clean edges. The unit does not require electricity. Welding hoses to connect to the machine are not included. Additional chain can be purchased at $130 for a 118" Length. This length can be combined to the existing chain. Shortened or extended as each link can be easily removed. Let us know post purchase if you are interested in more chain and we can add it to your sales invoice. We've been selling this machine for 6 years here on Ebay and have had nothing but positive feedback that entire time. We were the first one selling this machine in the North America. If you've read our competitions listings you've probably read that there are a lot of poorly made machines out there(I hate to have to write something childish like this. But feel the need to defend our products from their attacks) A few years before they decided to enter this game, we went through a couple bad factories until we found the one that supplies us now. We've had this supplier for almost 6 years now and they have impressed me with their high quality a

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Listed is a Airco 250 Heliwelder V model welder. TIG and Stick unit. 220/240 single phase.
Used Airco 250 Amp Aircomatic welder. 208/230/460 Volt, 33/30/15 Amp, 3 Phase input power. On wheeled cart and with input power cord. Can be used for stick or Mig welding.
Airco. 250amp, AC/DC Bumblebee Stick Welder, Stock# 1341-0266
Airco 250 amperes AC/DC Heliwelder welding machine. Tig welding rods in picture included. Located in La Verne. CA Posted with
See below for shipping cost information* Welder Brand-Airco(Made by Miller) Name/Model Number-Aircomatic CV-250 Input Voltage-208/230/460 Phase-3 Approximate Net Weight-400 pounds All sheetmetal panels have been removed. Sandblasted and repainted. Welder has been cleaned on the inside. The only interior parts that have been repainted are the fan and fan shround. Very clean inside due to very low use. Came from a school Advantages of DC welding: DC welding offers advantages over AC for most Stick applications. Including: easier starts; fewer arc outages and sticking; less spatter/better looking welds; easier vertical up and overhead welding; easier to learn"how to weld" and a smoother arc. DC reverse polarity(electrode positive) provides about 10 percent more penetration at a given amperage than AC, while DC straight polarity(electrode ... morenegative) welds thinner metals better. All electrodes run on DC. Whereas some do not run on AC and some are harder to run on AC. It takes a 200 amp AC welder to do what a 150 Amp DC welder can do. Limited rod selection. AC welders can only do certain alloys like 6011. 6013, 7014, but nothing else. Deposition rate on AC is slower so any weld takes longer. It's harder to strike an arc on an AC welder. They tend to shock you if your gloves are wet. Low cost shipping available: You won't know how low it can be if you don't ask. I can get a quote(Mon.Fri. 8am-5pm)for serious buyers you if you provide the following pick up information: Zip code*Residential or commercial location? If residential. Is a liftgate truck required? Liftgate truck cost is higher) If commercial. Is there a dock or forklift? Cost will be higher if there are neither) Other option: You can pick it up at the trucking terminal The lowest cost will be if it is delivered to a commercial location with a dock or forklift. Or if you pick it up at the terminal. Highest cost will be residential delivery with a liftgate truck.
airco 250-a big old beast of a welder- we stopped using it when the fan quit- i am including a fan motor.The fan and mount for it,wire feed has a TWECO conversion installed, as old as it is,it was our workhorse machine. Im also including a TWECO style gun-needs consumables machine has not been powered up for a yr or so. Has been in my welding shop since, a little bit of wrenching and you got a heck of big welder, or a good buy if you have one and need parts for it. I will ship- i will skid and load to your carrier no charge- you arrange and pay all freight charges
AIRCO Welder Model Dip-Pak 250/ Type DP250 Questions or Shipping Quote call Metro Machine& Tool 732-650-0666;1?RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Feog4d72f%2B%3E%3B1%3F-145bd723ecc-0x10b-
Multi-purpose welder. Works well and was in use in our shop until recently.
Airco(ESAB) Mdl. CV-250-II 250A MIG S/N 700-707-591. Code 1248, Stock 1346-8110 Feeder: MED-20 Voltage: 208/230/460/575 Amp: 27/24/12/10 100% Duty Cycle SELLING AS IS WHERE IS BUYER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL SHIPPING AND RIGGING CHARGES
Does not currently run.
This old welder is single phase 230 or 460 so it can be used in a home shop or industrial location. The welds in the pictures were made with this welder. The high low switch. AC, DC+ and DC- all work fine. At some point in its life the red lug shorted out to the case making the hole larger. The lug was replaced at that time, I welded a washer over the hole to make the lug fit right and to keep it from being a problem in the future. I bought a lot of welders from a closed vocational school and will be listing them on here. Every welder is wired up and tested before being listed. I will wire it up and let you test it if you pick it up in person. This welder does not come with leads or power cord. I will strap it to a pallet and shrink wrap it for shipping but it is up to the buyer to arrange shipping. Posted with
AIRCO 250 AC/DC HELIWELDER V TIG WELDING MACHINE(This welding machine is in great condition. All items shown in the pictures are included with your purchase of this welding machine plus a few extras not shown) I honestly don't know too much about this welder but I will do my best to answer any questions to the best of my ability. I do not have a manual for this machine but I do see where manuals are available for it online. This unit is being sold"as is" so please examine the pictures. Dimensions(approx. 47 1/2" L x 18 1/2" W x 34" H( the cart it is sitting on is included in the dimensions) It is the responsibility of the buyer to make arrangements to have this item picked up upon close of the auction.
Airco 250 AMP Bumblebee Welder On cart. Works excellent
RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk.rp*a4%601gc%3E-14a79ce4a80-0x111-
AIRCO Bumble Bee II AC-DC-DC welder with 20'leads with stinger and ground clamp. Dolly included. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Need at least two strong bodies to haul.