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Upper Sac high. Chandler 2. Fish 4.

By Tom Chandler 6/2/2006

Your penniless, wandering correspondent visited the Upper Sac yesterday, and though I managed to hook six fish, I only landed two. With the river headed back up to 3,000 cfs, I probably should have run to the middle or lower river, but chose to try the upper canyon. The water is high (and getting higher), and while fish holding areas are pretty obvious, they're not at all easy to reach.

Upper Sacramento running highThe Beetle Bug claimed one bite, but nothing else, and I got desperate enough to hang a weighted Hare's Ear 18" under the dry, which is how I got my next four hookups (and a few misses, if the dry is to be believed).

With the river booming, I spent a frustrating amount of time whacking my cane rod against branches and dead limbs when I was trying to set the hook, leading to a lot of fish who wriggled free as soon as they got some slack (which was pretty quick being as I couldn't move the rod). At these flows, downriver is probably better.

Was it gorgeous? Spring in the upper canyon always is. Easy? Not on your life. This kind of fishing is best done with a tough rod with a soft tip, so don't bring the cannon. (Might I suggest the 8.5' 4wt Diamondback glass rods at Raine's shop and the Ted Fay Fly shop?)With warmer weather here (and a little rain), the river's again headed upwards...

One more for the slaw dog...

We received a cryptic piece of investigatory journalism from Alert Reader Matt, who says: "Slaw in Charleston WV. No slaw in Pittsburg. Clearly the Mason-Dixon line." We don't know which administration member leaked this vital information to Matt, but we know we're going to bravely re-print it here despite the repercussions.

As we continue to uncover new information about the slaw dog, the Underground's Slaw Dog Expert
Ian Rutter is throwing in the towel. He writes "This slaw dog thing has become a cross between The Dancing Woo Li Masters and Six Degrees of Separation. I'm going to send you a box of moonpies so you can move on."

His all-too-obvious attempt to bury this story can mean only one thing: He's got something to hide. We're going to find out what. (Still love to get the moonpies tho.)

Upper Sacramento Rainbow
Even yesterday's trout are weighing in on the Slaw Dog. Will it ever end?

Three days on the Upper Sac...

Don't forget about the Upper Sacramento's River Exchange's package for three days at CalTrout's rustic fishing camp located on a great stretch of the river. Tell your friends. You can help raise some money for a great organization, and have some big fun in the process.

Offbeat book...

I just finished a book titled "The Offbeat Angler" - the adventures of a couple of fly fishers who actively chase lesser-pursued fish (carp, shad, etc.), often in urban settings. The two self-described "Brown Water Boys" have written an interesting book, especially given the recent interest in non-trout species. A work of literature destined to become a classic? Maybe not, but it is an extremely entertaining read, especially their adventures with the Land Captain – a Florida guide who specializes in car-based trips to canals and offbeat places.

Offbeat Anglers fly fishing for carp
One of the 'Offbeat Anglers' authors with a Georgetown-caught carp.

You can read an excerpt at the eponymous MidCurrent site. Expect a longer review once I've paid some bills. Until then, see you on the offbeat water, Tom Chandler.


Tom Chandler

As the author of the decade leading fly fishing blog Trout Underground, Tom believes that fishing is not about measuring the experience but instead of about having fun. As a staunch environmentalist, he brings to the Yobi Community thought leadership on environmental and access issues facing us today.

Gek; sadly, Ian's Mac Powerbook doesn't run a current enough browser to display this site, so he only sees it when I save the pages and send them his way. So your plea for a freebie has fallen on deaf ears...
Can't we all get along, and just agree that "Tab" (yes, the carcinogenic soda) should be the nationwide softdrink for Moonpies. If RC and Shasta ever got together (if you know what I mean), there kid would be Tab. 'Nuff said. One question for Ian...Dude, I've bought two (that may be all of them) of your books. I've read them both. I actually caught 3 (yes, 3!!!) trout on Sunday up on the Middle Prong. ... more A new day's record on the fly for Adam...errr...sorry...."Gek." Ian, hook a brother up with some affordable (if not free) guiding. Don't get so big that the little guy (like myself) can't afford a 1/2 day on the stream with your expertise. Heck, you could even write off the day as a donation. If that still doesn't inspire you, I'll even supply the Moonpie's (and RC...we are in E. TN you know).
I believe the ideal Western variant would be Shasta Cola - the one that used to have the mountain on the can. In keeping with our mission of "Education Without Boundaries" I'm including a link to a site which details the history of Shasta Cola... The History of Shasta Cola
Definitely. There was a time when living large was a cold RC and a bag of cheezy poofs ...
I think the traditional drink to imbibe with your moonpies is an RC Cola.

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