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Up for auction is a clean used Weston 981 Type 3 Tube tester. I purchased this tube tester 3+ years ago to test VR(voltage regulator) tubes and to more ... moreaccurately test other vacuum tubes. At the time I only had a small Sencore tester. Two years ago I sold off all my Hallicrafters equipment. And last year I sold off all my Collins and Drake tube equipment. Therefore. This fine tube tester is now surplus to my needs. I have had it in a closet for the past year because it is just a sweet piece of test equipment and I did not want to part with it. But, I have come to my senses and would like to see it go to someone who will enjoy it as much as I did. I simply no longer have a use for it. This is a laboratory grade tube tester. The sort of tester you need if you really want to tell if a tube is working to specifications vs if its just good or bad. The 981 is a true Mutual Transconductance tube tester and measures actual mutual transconductance(GM) This tester is in very good overall condition. I purchased it as a tester that had been gone through and calibrated by a professional. I tested about two dozen tubes over two years and it works perfectly. All controls are positive and move freely. Other than a few scratches it looks and works as new. Included it a copy of the original instruction manual. If you would like a truly professional tube tester for you lab or shack you will love this one.
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DESCRIPTION Triplett 3444- Refurbished. Calibrated& Ready to Use, IMHO One of the Best Affordable. Portable Tube Testers Made in the U S, Buy with Confidence- Calibration Results Included- See Picture 6, Tests for Mutual Conductance. Shorts, Leakage, Gas and Plate Current, Tests Most Old and Modern Tubes Including 4.5,6-Pin Tubes, Tests Dual Section Tubes Without Resetting Selectors, Capable of Testing to Tube Manufacturer Specs, Up to 250 VDC Filtered B+ on Plate& Screen, Panel Meter Readout of Plate Current for Easy Tube Matching, Built In Self-Calibration Feature, Panel Meter Isolated from Main Gm Circuitry, Illuminated Main Meter and Rollcart, Pictures 7& 8 Show My 6L6GC Bogey Tube Under Test(6200 Micromhos) Picture 11 Shows Complete Tester Specs and Features, Rugged. Reliable and Accurate, INCLUDED Calibration Sheet, Test ... moreLead, Operating Manual(original) PAYMENT DETAILS Payment Due Within 3 Days of Auction End or Item Will be Relisted, Will Ship to U S and Canada Only, Shipping and Insurance to U S is a Flat 40.00,
Triplett 3444 Vacuum Tube Tester. Works beautifully with alot of extras: Supplemental tube charts, socket savers, tube puller, vintage safety stickers, This set also includes the Triplett CG Adapter located in the lid. Roll is perfect without any tears or damage. Guaranteed to work or refund after one week of receipt of product. Payment with Paypal. Free shipping anywhere in the continental United States. Thanks for bidding and please check out my other auctions.
Sorry for the Re-list but I had numerous people making me silly offers so I will let it go to Auction Up for your consideration is my beloved Triplett 3444 Tube Analyzer. This is a True Mutual Conductance tube tester. The unit is perhaps the finest tube tester available or ever produced for the mainstream public and the beauty of this one is that it has been completely refurbished and upgraded by the best in the business on the Triplett 3444 my friends at C. G. Industries in Florida. See the photo of the sticker on the meter it was just calibrated last year and has seen approx. 150 hours use so it is ready to go as it is good for 5000 hrs. after the calibration. That's a lot of tube testing. Tester was brought back to factory specs and I had them add a circuit that doubles the amount of plate current the meter will read. This was done ... moreby replacing the 7 pin straightener with a toggle switch and a new circuit to accommodate the higher readings. Tester is accurate and very simple to operate after you acclimate yourself with it. Two of the pictures show a known good 6SN7 being tested on both plates. No need to move any switches for a double plate tube just grab another lever and you are there. Tester is in excellent working condition as well as very nice cosmetics. Roll chart works smooth all the way to both ends. The last one on here sold for $1945.45 and it need calibrated! S o here is your chance to have the Finest Calibrated Tester With Upgrades there is! Comes with plate and grid leads. Manual, and supplemental roll chart information. This unit will test most all of the popular audio tubes, plus the older tubes such as 300B& 2A3. Also with it's plate current meter you are able to closely match your tubes with no question of accuracy. I am only selling due to an illness in my family and we need the extra money at this time. Winner will add $38.50 for very well packed and insured shipping. Tester is packed and ready for a safe trip to it's new home. I hope someone will enjoy this tester as much as
For sale is a complete and functional Westmore 501 tube tester. This unit is for all intents and purposes a rebadged Triplett 3444 and is regarded as one of if not the finest vintage tester available. The unit powers on and all lights function as well as the meter being operational. I put in a few different tubes and the filaments lit up and registered readings but doubt the accuracy. The tester is seemingly all original and should have a full refurbish and calibration before doing any serious testing. This is your opportunity to get one of these and have the service done yourself to your liking and have confidence in what you have instead of buying someone elses project and taking their word for it. The information below is taken from radiomuseum.org and is very informative. DUE TO THE NATURE OF THESE UNITS IT IS SOLD AS IS AND NO WARRANTY ... moreOR RETURNS ARE IMPLIED OR OFFERED. BY BIDDING YOU ARE AGREEING TO BUY SO BID ACCORDINGLY. I WILL SHIP WORLDWIDE BUT PLEASE CONTACT ME OR DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH ON SHIPPING COSTS BEFORE BIDDING! Country: Manufacturer/ Brand: Year: 1959–1967? Type: Service- or Lab Equipment Valves/ Tubes 2: 6C4 12AU7 Wave bands- without Details Power type and voltage Alternating Current supply(AC) 110 Volt Loudspeaker- No sound reproduction output. Power out from Radiomuseum.org Model: Tube Tester 501- Westmore; Fanwood. New Jersey, Material Metal case Shape Tablemodel. With any shape- general. Dimensions(WHD) 19 x 8 x 16 inch/ 483 x 203 x 406 mm Notes Westmore 501 Tube Tester. Made Between 1959 and 1967. This Tester was made by the Triplett Company and sold under the Westmore name. The same model from Triplett is a model 3444. This model has a 5kHz oscillator for a signal supply and can also read plate current up to 50ma. The Triplet 3444 and Westmore 501 were listed as a Labortory Grade tube Tester. This tester can use the tube manufactures data sheet to setup a test for a tube not listed in the roll charts. The only difference between the 501 and the 3444 is an added lamp in seri
Western Electric KS-15750-L1 Tube Tester KS-15750-L1 is make by Hickok for Western Electric. This KS-15750-L1 Comes with: original manual- copy of the manual- calibration procedure- tube test data The KS-15750-L1 can test the vast majority of WE tubes and other brands. The WE 205D. 101D, 102D, and other WE tennis ball tubes can be tested as well in the 4-Pin socket. I think the KS-15750-L1 is better than the 539C and TV-7D. The KS-15750-L1 has the Jumbo 9-Pin(Magnoval) Tube socket. Therefore. The KS-15750-L1 can test WE 437A. 436A, 418A etc. The case is aluminum. Unlike the cheap case of the 539C. I recently serviced and calibrated this tester. All the voltages are correct. The Gm values in all ranges are correct. It is in excellent working condition and is accurate. The 5Y3 and 83 rectifiers are very strong. Like NOS. I guarantee this tester. ... moreThe buy can return this tester within 14 days of receipt. I will refund the purchase price minus shipping. Buyer pays return shipping International shipping
Up for your consideration is my beloved Westmore 501/ Triplett 3444 Tube Analyzer. This model of tester Triplett was commissioned to produce for the US Government it is virtually identical to the 3444. Although this particular version has a factory upgrade to the plate current circuit which allows it to test up to 100 ma. This is a True Mutual conductance tester supplying 250 volts on the plate much higher than any of the Hickoks for a more real world test. The unit is perhaps the finest tube tester available or ever produced for the mainstream public. And the beauty of this one is that it has been completely refurbished and upgraded by my friends at C. G. Industries in Florida See the photo of the sticker on the meter it was just calibrated on Feb. 18, 2014 and has only seen approx. 15 hours use so you are set for a long time as this is ... moregood for 5000+ hours after calibration, that's a lot of tube testing. Tester was brought back to specs with high quality components. Tester is accurate and simple to set up and operate after you acclimate yourself with it. Picture 5 shows calibration sticker and line adjust in operation. Pictures 3& 4 show a known good 6SN7 being tested on both plates. No need to move any switches on a double plate tube just grab another lever and you are there. Tester is in fully working condition and guaranteed accurate. These have been known to sell for as high as $3495.00 and $1900.00 when not even calibrated. So here is your chance to have the Finest Calibrated Tester With Upgrades there is! Manual and supplemental roll charts are included This unit will test a wide variety of tubes. All the popular audio tubes plus the older tubes such as 300B& 2A3 Also with it's plate current meter you are able to closely match your tubes with no question of accuracy. I am only selling due to Medical bills and an up coming surgery so I need the extra money at this time. Winner will add $38.50 for very well packed shipping for a safe trip to it's new home. I hope someone will enjoy it as
Here is a Westmore 501 tube tester. From what I have found it is almost identical to the Triplett 3444 tester but made for the government. You can research that more if needed. I assume if you are bidding you know what a great tube tester these are. I have had it for about a dozen years and got it from an old ham operator. I can't tell you much about the calibration since I have never had it calibrated. It does seem to all work fine and I have used it to test many tubes like 6SN7's for my Mcintosh amplifiers and they fall into the normal ranges. The case is in nice condition with a few worn corners. Comes with the adapters seen in the picture. No manual but they can be downloaded of the internet or purchased on ebay. Winning bidder to pay through PayPal. No bidders outside the United States please. I will do a good job of packaging ... moreand securing the tester. Shipping will be $40 in the United States. RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Feog4d71f%2B0a7%3E-1459f4e98c8-0x101-
The Triplett 3444 is a true Mutual Transconductance tube tester. Measures actual Mutual Transconductance. Unlike other testers that measure only proportional or% of transconductance. The overall physical condition is Very Good for its age. Some fabric separation on the bottom, re-glued. All other fabric in very good shape. All latches, handle and hinges work and are original. The tester was an original unmolested example and sent to be calibrated/refurbished in May 2014 by Merren Audio in California(see description of service performed at bottom of the page) One of the few qualified restorers of this type of equipment. This was done to provide years of worry free use to the owner and to bring this classic tester up to spec. All switches cleaned and calibration performed. I do have a copy of the invoice available. Tester is accurate and very ... moresimple to operate. One of the pictures shows a known good 6L6GC being tested. Tester is in excellent working condition as well as very good in appearance. Roll chart works smooth all the way to both ends. Many extra tube sockets are included in the accessory Lid adaptor. Comes with the owners manual The item will be packaged very carefully and will ship Fedex for $49 to lower 48 states. 24 hour approval is offered and the unit can be returned for a full refund if you are not satisfied. Buyer does pay return shipping and insurance and must be in the same condition as shipped. Refund upon inspection after return. Specification/Description: This is a Triplett 3444 Tube Analyzer* One of the Best Vintage U S Portable Tube Testers Made* Capable of Testing Tubes at Manufacturer Handbook Voltages* Tests Most Old& New Tubes* Filtered Plate and Screen Voltages Up to 250 VDC* Sensitive Short& Gas Tests* 5KHz Control Grid Signal* Plate Current Readout Up to 50 Milliamps. Easy Tube Matching for Gm and Plate Current* Built-In Gm Self-Calibration Check* Tests Dual Section Tubes Without Resetting Selectors* Illuminated Main Meter and Smooth Rollchart This is a vintage ite
I have testet this tube checker and it works great Comes with several adapters. The top halve of the right rear hinge is missing. Some of the test cables are dry rotted. But still usable Getting rid of a lot of equipment in my downstairs Ham Shack. Thanks for looking Kx4X On Jul-05-14 at 16:38:05 PDT. Seller added the following information: S/n is 7300 Comes with a copy of manual.
Selling this wonderful Westmore 501 tube tester(rebranded Triplett 3444) This is arguably the best tube tester(non-industrial) ever produced for the consumer market. I purchased this tester in May. And the seller on eBay told me it was completely refurbished, calibrated and verified. I received it, it is immaculate. I cannot either figure how to use it, or it is in need of further calibration. I cannot get the tester to move past about 1/4 of the meter. Perhaps something is loose from previous transit, or I don't know what I am doing(which can be the case) Please look at all the pictures. Including the image of the test/calibration results. I assume with VERY LITTLE service, you will have the ultimate tube testing machine- capable of testing TRUE Gm and Plate Current for premium matching. Instead of spending more time trying to figure ... morethis out. And/or sending it for a service/calibration, I am taking a LOSS on this item, and will be going back to my trusty 3423(the little brother of this beast) Free US Shipping. Sold as-is. In need of either service or a capable operator(I am not certain either way) I paid well over my asking price 2 months ago. The original seller will not help me with this- he has been selling these 3444/501's a few times over the last couple of years apparently, and others have had the same problem.
Triplett Manual Model 3444 Tube Tester Operating& Service Manual w/Schematics(1959) Includes"BV" CD" CE" Adapter Testing Data. Copy Manuals in good used condition. 14 day right of return. General description: Tube Tester Operating& Service Manual w/Schematics(1959) Includes"BV" CD" CE" Adapter Testing Data. Copy, Product#66994 We have in stock over 70.000 manuals for test equipment. If you don't find what you need, please give us a call. For questions or additional information. Please contact our Customer Service department at: 1-800-527-4642. Items may be listed on multiple sites. Availability is subject to prior sale. Warranty: 30days Return Right: 14day Payment Options We accept: PayPal(preferred) Major Credit Cards(additional Information may be required) Texas residents Only: Sales tax ... morewill be charged(Please contact Tucker Electronics at 1-800-527-4642 before making payment) Shipping Information We ship via Fed Ex or USPS. Approx Weight: 1 lbs. Boxed Dim: 15x12 in. Envelope. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS: USPS INTERNATIONAL FIRST CLASS MAIL CAN TAKE FROM 4 TO 5 WEEKS FOR DELIVERY. LIMITED TRACKING AVAILABLE AFTER IT LEAVES TEXAS UNTIL IT ARRIVES AT DESTINATION. DO NOT ORDER BY THIS METHOD IF YOU EXPECT DELIVERY IN 5-10 DAYS. YOU NEED TO ORDER BY USPS PRIORITY MAIL WHICH IS CONSIDERABLY MORE EXPENSIVE. BUT QUICKER. E-MAIL US IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION OR NEED A QUOTE ON PRIORITY MAIL. Auction Sales Policy We will contact the winning bidder via e-mail with 2 business days after the auction has ended. Winning bidders must confirm their order within 3 business days after notification. Additional instructions for completion of sale will be included in the e-mail notification. Payment must be received within 7 business days after the order is confirmed. Or the winning bid will automatically be voided. Exceptions to this rule will be made on an individual basis. Please contact us within 3 business days if you need special arrangements. Tucker Electronics phone: 1-800-527-4642)
Listing is for both(two) knobs. Fits Triplett 3444& 3444A tube testers. See pics for details& as the remainder of the description. Please email me with any questions before bidding. Buyer to include shipping cost(please be advised that eBay takes 10% of your shipping cost. This is added into the shipping amount you pay) Unless Specifically requested I may ship by UPS(even though USPS Parcel Post is selected) at my discretion. Parcel Post does not include shipping insurance. Contact must be made within 2 days of auction close. Sorry. NO partial refunds- All or None- on auctions with returns. No refunds for items altered by buyer. Payment is due within 3 days of listing close or item may be relisted. International Bidders- Paypal Only unless prior arrangements made. I do not undervaluate for customs Thanks for viewing!
This listing is for a Triplett 3444 Mutual Conductance Tube Analyzer in very nice condition. I purchased several good tube testers years ago. And eventually sold them all- except for this one. After using this unit, the others seemed almost toy-like. I tested a large batch of 12AX7's just before packing it away. And everything worked perfectly. The Triplett 3444 has a fantastic reputation. So if you're not familiar with it, there are many reviews on the Internet you can research. Here's a very informative web page which will tell you everything you'd ever want to know about this unit: As far as cosmetics go. I'll let the photos below speak for themselves. If you'd like to own a tube analyzer that's a major cut above the rest. Don't pass this one up! IMPORTANT NOTES: 1) Sorry. But I can ship only to a U.S. PayPal ... moreverified address. 2) Sold"As Is" due to age and high voltages involved. Thanks for Looking!