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For your consideration. A vintage Jackson Dynamic Output Tube Tester. Model 658A. I have used this tester and it seems to work fine although seeing as it is roughly 50 years old it could probably use some maintenance. I tested a few 12ax7 and 12au7 tubes as well as 6v6 tubes with good results. I have recently aquired another tester made by B&K that is more suited for my uses and do not need this one. Comes with what you see in the pictures and includes tube charts and manual. Please take time to read the following before you bid: We ship with USPS. UPS and FedEx. In our experience, always have higher rates. Anything over $50.00 automatically has insurance added on and is reflected in the shipping cost. We get our rates from USPS.com and if for any reason we overcharged you for shipping. We refund the overage. International buyers should ... morecontact us directly for a correct quote for shipping. Please do not ask us to falsify information on a customs form. We will not do it. We sell mostly vintage items. If you are or when you become vintage you’ll probably show some wear also. We take detailed pictures of the items we sell and we try to make sure you know everything that we know about the items we list. Some of the things we sell are sold as-is. Untested, because we have no way of testing them and our starting price reflects that and the auction description will always state that the item is not tested when that is the case. We are happy to answer any and all questions you have about any item we are selling or provide more information or pictures for you just ask! However… We are humans. We may possibly make a mistake that needs correcting. Communication is key in any good business transaction. We would appreciate you giving us a chance to correct a situation before you leave anything but a positive feedback. We take our feedback seriously and we want you to be happy with anything you buy from us. We are super easy people to work with. But we need to know that we need to correct something before we can! Th
I'm really not a expert on all this music stuff I'm listing on ebay.don't know how to check it to see if it works.you buy you check are what ever. Seems to be all there. selling as is.what you see in the pictures is what your gonna get.
Jackson 658-1 Dynamic Output Tube Tester This unit has been electrically brought back to specs. New 1% resistors. 5 watt power resistors, 450V capacitors. All factory solder joints have been checked/repaired. ALL diodes have been replaced. Please check your tubes for shorts. This can be a touchy unit. It's true what you read online you may get into the habit of tapping the meter to get the needle to set. If you know of a solution I would be happy to incorporate that into the rebuild before shipping. This unit has been calibrated using a Fluke 87 for currents and voltages. This tester is in one of the best shapes I have seen. These are rare and hard to come by. Please see the pictures for the fine details. I use a Nikon D40 with a 90MM zoom so you can see the detail. Please contact me if you would like to see pictures of the rebuild. If ... moreyou have tubes you want to test please look up the tube chart online to see if this will test the desired tubes. I have had orders where the buyers were unaware that the unit would not test them. Most all tube info is found online. BAMA is a good source. Technical info: Please contact me with your line voltage if you plan to put this in service. I will calibrate this tester to YOUR line voltage. If this is not performed the tester WILL give inaccurate readings. ALSO I ship with INTERNAL protective material for the transformer during shipment if it i required. This MUST BE REMOVED BEFORE PUTTING INTO SERVICE! Do not have this plugged in while doing this. If this is something the buyer would rather not perform then I will ship without this material but YOU the BUYER assumes ALL responsibility of any damage due to the weight of the transformer. There will be blue or green tape holding the meter face and roll chart in place during shipment which needs to be removed ASAP as to not leave residue behind. For all who ask. shipping instructions given to me for shipping glass and delicate equipment is a no-brainer. This is why I offer a no questions asked guarantee of my products. I have
JACKSON MODEL 658A DYNAMIC OUTPUT TUBE TESTER IN TRAVEL CASE/ TESTED This eBay listing is for a vintage used Jackson model 658A tube tester that comes as you see pictured in the travel case. I had my neighbor test this out last fall before he moved and said that it was in good working condition(I'm just now getting to items in my other garage listed on Ebay) Overall size is 21" across. 7" tall and 13" deep. PAYMENTS We accept PAYPAL. Plus other options like local pickup for FREE and coming soon- ProPay! We do ship ASAP upon payment as noted above within 1 business day 95% of the time! We do file Non Paying Bidder Alert with Ebay for non-payments! Furthermore. Ebay's new payment rules of requiring all Ebay bidders to use an online electronic form of payment like Paypal, Propay, etc. which has scared away many of my loyal ... moreand repeat customers who do have have this form of payment method available. DO NOT let this be an obstacle to your bidding on any of my items! I welcome all bids, even from those bidders who do not have a Paypal account. BID IN CONFIDENCE– CHECK MY FEEDBACK! My goal is your satisfaction. I leave positive feedback right after the payment is received for all payments! If you plan to leave anything less than positive feedback and 5 stars- please let me know so that I can work out any problems that you may have. INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS- PLEASE READ Attention all international bidders- I welcome bids from all around this great world of ours! But please note that I only ship outside of the United States via USPS(United States Postal Service) by Priority Mail ONLY unless its a smaller item in which case I can ship via USPS First Class mail if the value is under $50.00 in value. The only exception is with the country of Italy. All purchases from Italy will only be shipped via USPS Priority Mail. This is for both your protection. Speedy delivery of your purchase and for delivery confirmation/tracking. Please feel free to contact me for a S&H quote but please do so upto 24 hours be
Jackson Model 658-1 Dynamic Output Tube Tester. Measures 21 x 13 7. Checked and tested with various common audio tubes. They all work good. It seems that this unit is overall working fine. Cleaned internally. Paperwork is included. Normal age and wear. Some writings on the face and keys. What you see is what you get. Please check photos for more details. Thank you for looking and don't forget to Check out my!
DESCRIPTION This tube tester is used and is in good working order. It has scuffs/scratches from general use. And some tears and scuffs in the case covering. Includes power cable. Note that other cables/accessories are NOT included. Sold exactly as pictured. What's NOT Included: Other cables/accessories Manufacturer: Jackson Model: Model 658 Cosmetics: Used Test Results: Tested for key functions GO GREEN Lower your shipping cost and help the environment! If you are purchasing this item for a specific part or parts. Please let us know. We can pack only the part(s) OR piece(s) you want, send a revised invoice to properly reflect the change in weight, and properly recycle the rest! Electronics Cafe is R2 certified(Responsible Recycling) and we take preserving the environment very seriously. Every item we list has been processed by a technician ... moreand deemed one of the following: tested for full functions(R2 ready for reuse) Tested for key functions(R2 ready for resale) or evaluated as non-functioning. Electronics Cafe specializes in used electronics. When you buy used, fewer electronics end up discarded or in landfills; it saves the raw materials necessary to manufacture new electronics; and it saves the energy used, and pollution created, in the production, manufacturing, and transportation of the new item. That means less resources and waste are cluttering up the Earth's environment! ELECTRONICS CAFE GUARANTEE Thanks for looking at our auction! We are offering a no-hassle. Full guarantee on this item- we'll do what it takes to get five-star ratings across the board. We've been selling on eBay since 1999- our customers are the most important thing to us! Bid with confidence! Questions? Comments? Concerns? Contact us. Every inquiry is of utmost importance and we treat it as such. We strive to provide 5-star service in every category you can rate us on! We greatly look forward to working with you! Power supplies. Cables, batteries, and other basic accessories are NOT included unless stated otherwise. Retu
Vintage Jackson"Dynamic Output" Tube Tester 635 FREE SHIPPING
jackson dynamic output tube tester model 680 vintage 1940's in nice oak suitcase tested in good working condition includes all cords and 5 ends for testing very nice vintage condition no reserve auction! details. Details, details. please read below* I do my best to describe items. But if you have any questions please contact me. If you have a question about shipping. Please contact me for a quote. This shipping quote comes right from eBay's shipping calculator. I NEVER call merchandise a gift to evade any country's laws. So please don't ask. Please be aware that while First Class International shipping is the least expensive, it cannot be insured, and may be very slow. It can take up to 2 months for delivery in some countries. Also. The United States Postal Service(USPS) does not offer tracking for international packages. ... moreI only accept PayPal at this time and expect payment within 5 days of winning an auction or"Buy it Now" listing. Unpaid items after that time WILL BE turned over to the eBay Resolution Center. Don't forget to check out my store thumbnail treasures. Click the red door up and to the right! 101214 5 822)
Jackson 535A Dynamic Output Tube Tester Jackson 535A Tube Tester. This tube tester is physically in excellent condition for being from 1938. It does power up. But I have no tubes to test it.