Flow Rate Nikon Nsr-S620d Mass Flow Controller Range Regulator Ss Pressure Regulator Ss Ap Tech Pcb Amat Mass Flow Controller Gas Mass Flow Controller Gas O2 Flow Card Amat ½ Flaretek Amat Assy Semitool Mass Flow Controller Gas N2 Flow Astex Asml 4022 Psi Max Inlet Board Amat Pcb Assy Svg Thermco Asyst Technologies Aviza Interface Pcb Throttle Valve Kla Tencor Lam Research Rf Power Supply Brooks Automation Inlet 3500 Psi Gas N2 Huge Lot Of Ultra Industrial Medical Industrial Medical Vinyl Surplus Marking Tape Ultra Industrial Medical Vinyl Surplus Marking Tel Tokyo Electron Thermco Svg 90S Asml Silicon Valley Mass Flow Controller Valve 13 56 Mhz Pressure Transducer Type Heater Jacket Interlock Pcb Genmark Psi Maximum Needle Valve 1 Max Inlet Flaretek 1 Controller Valve Advanced Energy Mirra Amat Seiko Seiki Baratron Pressure Transducer Vimec Valve Needle Valve Mks Baratron Pri Automation Rebuilt 90 Day Warranty Pcb Pn Flow Controller Gas O2 Flow Rate Regulator Ss Maximum Inlet Scp Global Hp Robot Gas Sf6 Mass Flow Controller Gas Cf4 Flow Watkins Johnson Wafer Transfer Kulicke Soffa Gas Sih4 Magnetron Head Sbc Single Board Matching Network Process Station Applied Materials Amat Opal Nikon Nsr 600 E2 Psig Max Pcb Assembly Boc Edwards Focus Ring Diaphragm Valve Pcb Card Flow Controller Gas Cf4 Flow Rate Axis Board Single Board Computer Vacuum Chamber Controller Pcb Manometer Mks Instruments Opti-Probe 2600B Dry Pump Flow Controller Gas N2 Flow Rate Cnc 432 Model Pressure Regulator Ss 3500 Psi Max Controller Pcb Card Ge Intelligent Platform Vme-7671-421000 Sbc Single Intelligent Platform Vme-7671-421000 Sbc Single Board Cable Devicenet Length Nikon Nsr-S620d Used Untested Platform Vme-7671-421000 Sbc Single Board Comp Vme-7671-421000 Sbc Single Board Comp 605-048878-001 1 Lot Of 4 100 Psi 2-Way Valve 50 60Hz 60 Hz 74Ls 81.186.5545 90 Day Warranty Ac Motor Ac Servo Acting 12 Applied Materials Applied Materials Amat Applied Materials Screws Bearing Board Board Assembly Board Assy Board Rev Brushless Business Ca Cable Assembly Capacitive Manometer Carbon Graphite Card Board Ceramic Ceramic Sealant Chuck Circuit Board Circuit Breaker Clamp Cnc Cnc Kids Cnc Router Co Ltd Controller Board Controller Module Controller Panels Controller Unit Diffusion Furnace Driver Board Dryer Epsilon 3000 Controller Rack Fiber Optic Flow Meter Gate Valve Hotplate Induction Industrial Instrument Kit Interface Board Lam Laser Leitz Link Clamp Machines Compressed Motion Controller Motor Motors Controller Mpm Ultra-Print 200 Stencil Printers Novellus System Old Omron Plc Paper Pc Board Pcb Pcb Board Pcb Rev Pdr Power Cable Power Supply Pressure Regulator Pressure Switch Pressure Transducer Psi Max Pump Controller Quad Recif Rf Generator Robot Robot Controller Robot Kit Saw Servo Motors Sold As-Is Solenoid Valve Stainless Steel Stepping Motor System Controller Tdk Temperature Controller Thermco System Thermocouple Thermostats Tool Kit Trapped Turbo Pump Used Vacuum Pump Vacuum Gauge Vacuum Pump Vacuum System
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AMAT Information Specifications are from a 3rd party and may vary slightly due to upgrades, options, or revisions this unit may or may not have. Part ... moreNumber: 0020-27091.
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MIRRA AMAT 3800-01126 Electro-Pneumatic Regulator SMC IT2021-N32-X34
Applied Materials: 3800-01126 Electro-Pneumatic Regulator. SMC: IT2021-N32-X34 Input: 0-10VDC. Supply: 0.40-0.46 MPa. Output: 0.005- 0.35 MPa. Looks like new. Unused surplus. Check out my! M4B2C.
MIRRA AMAT 0090-77347 Servo Drive Motor, Brake, and Encoder MCG 2284-MEB3710
Applied Materials: 0090-77347 Spindle Drive Servo Motor. Brake, and Encoder. MCG Pn: 2284-MEB3710 Used in MIRRA Applied Materials. Some surface rust on steel shaft form storage. 13.62 LB-IN 9.65 AMPS Check out my! LL2A3G.
MIRRA AMAT Electro-Pneumatic Regulator SMC IT1001-N31-X4 E/P Assembly (Lot of 3)
Electro-Pneumatic Regulator. Used by Applied Materials. Lot of 4 assemblies. as in photo. no relays. two extra pressure senders and relay wire harness) SMC: IT1001-N31-X4 Input: 0-10VDC. Supply: 0.14-0.20 MPa. Output: 0.005- 0.1 MPa. New. Unused surplus. Check out my! M4B2C.
Applied Materials: 0190-77181 Scrubber. Servo Motor Brush Position. With Mounting Bracket and Timing pulley. Bracket: 0021-79845 Check out my! M2A1C.
MIRRA AMAT 0100-77026 Wrist Home & Axis Limit Sensor EESV3 Applied Materials
MIRRA Applied Materials: 0100-77026 Wrist Home& Axis Limit Sensor. Omron: EESV3 Removed from unused equipment. Check out my! M1A1G;1?RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Feog4d72f%2B%3E%3B1%3F-144c2b95b57-0x106-
MIRRA AMAT 0021-79484 Dual Blade Wafer Robot Plastic cover Brackets (Lot of 3)
MIRRA. Applied Mateirals: 0021-79484 Dual Blade Wafer Robot Plastic cover Bracket. Lot of 3) Some scratches from handling. Aluminum bar. 3" wide X 1/4" thick. 7 3/8" X 9 1/4" X 4 11/16" Check out my! M4A1A 1.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk.rp73%28b0g%60%60%3E1-144e54614fa-0x103-
MIRRA AMAT 0021-79462 Dual Blade Wafer Robot Bracket Applied Mateirals
MIRRA. Applied Mateirals: 0021-79462 Dual Blade Wafer Robot Plastic cover Bracket. Lot of 3) Some scratches from handling. Aluminum flat bar. 1 1/2" wide X 12 7/16" long X 1/2" thick. Check out my! M4A1A
MIRRA Beltless Pad Conditioner Assy AMAT CMP 0140-77723 0020-79236 0020-77033
Applied Materials Beltless Pad Conditioner Assembly. MIRRA Beltless Pad Conditioner Assy: Part numbers on components of assembly: 0020-79236. 0021-77033, 0021-77031. 0020-79492, 0140-77723. CMP Process. Check out my! EBRUL. RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fvo%7B2d71f%2B4g7%3E-14585caee21-0x10b-
MIRRA Pad Conditioner Assy 0020-79229 0020-79252 0020-79256 AMAT CMP
Applied Materials Pad Conditioner Assembly. MIRRA Pad Conditioner Assy: Part numbers on components of assembly: 0020-79229. 0020-79252, 0020-79256. 0020-79254, 0020-70386. 0020-79173. CMP Process. Check out my! EBRUL. G6.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk%601d72f%2B%3Eg6%3E-14585caee42-0x111-
MIRRA AMAT 0090-77347 Applied Materials Servo Motor & Harmonic Gear Spindle
Applied Materials: 0090-77347 Spindle with drive motor spindle and drive motror. Used in MIRRA Applied Materials. Internal Parts: Harmonic Drive Technology gear box Pn. MSR-020-100 MCG Servo motor with Brade and Encoder: 2284-MEB3710, Mfg code: 000183-0023 Some surface rust on steel parts form storage. US shipping if by truck to be arranged by purchaser. This is for Insurance reasons. International shipping via customers freight forwarder. You know your area and how to best receive your parts. Sale is FOB West Palm Beach. Fl. If you want additional information please ask a question. Check out my! LL2A3G.
MIRRA AMAT Ball Screw THK BT2005A used in 0010-77217 Sweep Head assembly
THK BT2005A Ball Screw. As in photos. MIRRA Appllied Materials: Ball screw and nut. THK BT2005A. Used in 0010-77217 SWEEP HEAD assy. Look like unused. Listing as used because not in factory packing. Check out my! M2B2B.
Mirra Fabs Loader AMAT 0020-51397 RAE-03773 RINGER, ROBOT, WORKING
Used Fabs robot finger# 0020-51397 or 3880-01027. Robot buffer blade.
AMAT Applied Materials, Mirra LOADCUP ASSY, p/n 0010-77157
Welcome to GTI ~ Semiconductor Equipment Resellers& Service Specialists ~ gt3i.com Item: Applied Materials. Mirra LOADCUP ASSY Part Number: 0010-77157 Condition: Refurbished. Ready to install Shipping: We ship worldwide. Buyer is responsible for shipping costs. Please provide your shipper account number. Returns: This item can be returned if it doesn't match the listing description. NOTE: Please contact us if you need more than the listed quantity. We are happy to check current availability. GTI provides total solutions for Semiconductor Metrology Process tools along with a wide range of other front end tools for the Semiconductor. MEMS, and LED industries. GTI has the ability to supply As-Is Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment and complete equipment solutions including installation with hardware and process qualifications, custom ... moreonsite support plans, as well as after-sales and spare parts support. Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE