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Click Here. Double your traffic. Get Vendio Gallery- Now FREE! SAES Getters PS4-MT50-R-1 MonoTorr High Flow Helium/Argon/Xenon Rare Gas Purifier Comes ... morewith what you see in the pictures. If you don't see it. You probably wont get it. Specifications are from SAES Getters and may vary slightly due to upgrades. Options, or revisions this unit may or may not have. These units were removed from a semiconductor fabrication plant in AZ by us. They are guaranteed to work. The Unit's Serial Number Tag Reads: Model Number: PS4-MT50-R-1 Serial Number: 206404 Date Mfg: March 2005 Flow Rate: 100 SLPM Gas Type: Helium(I believe it can be used for any rare gas) Power Requirements: 208 VAC. 16 A, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz Interrupt Rating: 10 KA IC Link to the Datasheet#1: Link to the Datasheet#2: Model Number Ordering Information: Gas Purified Types: Rare Gases- He. Ar, Xe Electrical Voltage: 208 VAC Description: The MonoTorr Rare Gas Purifier is a getter-based purifier designed specifically to provide ultra-high purity(UHP) gas for semiconductor applications. Outlet impurity levels for O2. H2O CO, CO2, H2, N2 and CH4 are reduced to low parts per billion(ppb) levels or below. The patented getter alloy operated at elevated temperatures. Removes impurities by forming irreversible chemical bonds. Impurities will not be released under any circumstances when the purifier is operated within specification. The purifier will continuously supply ultra pure gas at rated flows provided that inlet impurities are within specified levels. Until getter cartridge replacement is necessary. Features: Fully Automated Microprocessor Controller continually monitors system operation providing fault detection. Temperature control and valve sequencing, ensuring purifier reliability while minimizing operator involvement HMI(Human Machine Interface) displays valve operation. Purifying sequences, warning and alarm status, system temperature, heater power levels and totalized purification time. System Alarms detect potential hazards to ensure system

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