Fluke 51 K J Thermometer Fluke 51 K Type Thermocouple Thermometer Fluke 52 K J Thermometer Fluke Ir Thermometer Fluke Infrared Thermometer Digital Infrared Thermometer Raytek Infrared Thermometer Infared Thermometer Thermometer Gun Infrared Thermometer Model Fluke 52 Ir Infrared Thermometer Digital Thermometer K Type Cooper Digital Digital Thermometer Type Surface Thermometer Type K Thermocouple Thermometer Infrared Temperature Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Temperature Infrared Thermometer Raytek Raynger Fluke Thermocouple Extech Thermometer Digital Thermometer Probe Digital Thermometer Model Thermocouple Digital Thermometer Thermometer W Probes Thermometer With Probes Thermometer Range Contact Infrared Uei Thermometer Cooper Sh66a Infrared Gun Handheld Infrared Thermometer Infrared Thermometer Laser Ircon Modline Digital Temperature Thermometer Temperature Tester Traceable Thermometer Stem Thermometer Ii Thermometer Raytek Thermometer Thermocouple Thermometer Model Fluke Ir Contact Thermometer Non Contact Thermometer Fluke 52 Ii Ii Digital Thermometer Fluke 62 Mini Ir Thermometer Omega Digital Thermometer Thermistor Thermometer Infrared Thermometer Gun Cooper Atkins Sh66a Digital Tel-Tru Thermometer Hand Held Thermometer Raytek Raynger St Thermometer 20 Fluke 52 K J Digital Omega Thermocouple Fluke 52 Ii Thermometer Fluke 51 Ii Fluke Mini Bimetal Thermometer Industrial Thermometer Test Thermometer Infrared Thermometer With Laser Immersion Thermometer Alnor Pyrocon Portable Thermometer Dual Digital Thermometer Laser Temperature Noncontact Thermometer Humidity Temperature Meter Microprocessor Thermometer Fluke 561 Thermometer 400 Atkins Thermocouple Mini Infrared Thermometer Omega Hh Weston Thermometer Thermocouple Temperature Digital Thermometer Pyrometer Electro-Therm Digital Thermometer Thermometer 1 2 Npt 62 Mini Digital Pyrometer Non Contact Laser Thermometer Digital Temperature Probe Thermometer 30 Omega Type Laser Thermometer Gun Thermometer Calibrated High Temperature Thermocouple Thermocouple Probes Handheld Digital Thermometer Thermometer Sensor Thermometer 50 Dual Input Digital Thermometer Fluke 62 Mini Raytek Radiation Thermometer Thermometer Temperature Gauge T Type Thermocouple Thermocouple K Type Thermocouple Type J Type K Thermocouple Thermometer K Type Temp Gun Thermometer 20-240 Bi-Metal Thermometer Laser Thermometer Digital Infrared Fluke 62 Mini Ir Raytek Laser Trerice Pocket Thermometer Thermometer Type Fluke 62 Mini Ir Thermometer K-Type Thermocouple Type J Thermocouple Temperature Gun Thermometer Kit Surface Temperature Thermometer 10 High Temp Thermometer Ir Thermometer K Type Probe Omega Thermometer Thermocouple Thermometer Thermometer W Laser Thermometer 0 Analog Thermometer Temperature Probes Digital Laser Thermometer Thermometer Meter Fahrenheit Thermometer Thermometer With Probe Raytek Minitemp Omega Engineering Fluke 80Tk Thermocouple Module Thermometer No Reserve Fisher Scientific Traceable K Type Thermocouple Probe Fluke Laser Thermometer Precision Thermometer Temperature Meter Thermometer 58 Plus Infrared Thermometer Humidity Meter Celsius Thermometer Thermometer 4 Thermometer Stainless Dial Thermometer Thermometer 3 Fluke 561 Ir Extech Instruments Fluke 63 High Temperature Thermometer Rf Coax Adaptor Fluke 62 Mini Infrared Robinair Temperature Tester Mini Temp Heat Spy Hart Scientific Fluke 2190A Digital Thermometer Electronic Thermometer Uei Scout Exergen Microscanner Temperature Instruments Wahl Heat Spy Temperature Thermometer Dual Input Laser Sighting Temperature Gun Infrared Relative Humidity Laser Thermometer Infrared Gun Thermometer Model Fluke Thermometer Temperature Digital Analog Pyrometer Weiss Instruments Ir Infrared Trerice Dial Thermometer Ircon Modline Plus Omega Model Temperature Probe Fieldpiece Thermometer Hanna Instruments Fluke 80Pk-8 Universal Enterprises Trerice Co 7000 Digital Thermometer Electronic Development Infrared Radiation Thermometer Temperature Indicator Ptc Instruments Dual Magnet
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Past Items  
Silver plated brass US-made adaptor. BNC male to HN female, marked UG-559/U. This connector is used in avionics. For more Pictures click on these links:
Silver plated brass US-made adaptor. N female to N female, marked UG-298/U For more Pictures click on these links:
Silver plated brass US-made adaptor. Marked CBWH UG-635/U, one end is BNC male and the other is C, female. This is good for connecting a BNC cable to a Ludlum detector C cable. For more Pictures click on these links:
General Radio 874-QNJ adaptor. Adapts GR-874 to N female For more Pictures click on these links:
Silver plated brass US-made adaptor. UG-346A/U, handy in any RF/microwave lab. For more Pictures click on these links:
UG-414A/U adaptor. With a flange for mounting to a panel, US-made silver plated brass. For more Pictures click on these links:
UG-146/U adaptor. Male N to female UHF, US-made. For more Pictures click on these links:
UG-516A/U adaptor. N male to a connector with a hollow gold plated pin in the center, excellent condition. For more Pictures click on these links: RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Feog4d72f%2Bd0f%3E-14038b39c27-0x105-
General Radio 874-QHJA adaptor. GR-874 on one end, female HN on the other. For more Pictures click on these links:
General Radio adaptor from male BNC to GR-874. The shield on the GR-874 side can be removed. For more Pictures click on these links:
US-made silver plated brass coax adaptor. UG-565/U, N female to a large bayonet connector. For more Pictures click on these links: