The respiration of the planet

By Tom Chandler 4/15/2006

Annoyingly alert reader Sully pointed out that just a few days ago the Upper Sac ran 7x it's normal historic flow, and wondered if the big storm promised for this weekend wouldn't push it past the 10x mark.

It's this kind of speculation that drives me ever closer to a chemical dependency. After 1.5 days of actual spring weather, this morning found rain and snow falling on the front lawn of Trout Underground World Headquarters. It's stopped for the moment, but several inches of snow are forecast for by Sunday evening. Plus it's windy. Plus it's... well, it sucks, that's all.Snowing Mt. ShastaThis storm doesn't seem to be delivering everything that was promised, but it's safe to say it's not going to help the fishing any. Still, even though the fishing bites, we can share the good-natured glow we all feel when we pay our taxes...

Still, in the spirit of making lemonade, it seems clear that when the river's covered in whitewater, you go whitewater rafting. River Dancers is a small local whitewater rafting business that does a great job, and they're holding their annual 3-day whitewater guide school at the end of April. If you've ever wanted to learn the trade, this is the way to do it. Plus – with our mile-high snowpack – a whitewater trip in May is a very, very good way to see a big chunk of the river, including a lot of water you've probably never seen before. I've floated the river a couple times and found a couple of spots that I'd never otherwise seen. Plus, it's a good family gig. Visit their site here.

See you reading the weather report, Tom Chandler.

Wally the Wonderdog
Wally the Wonderdog does what smart mammals do when it snows...


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