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The Raine Road Trip: Henry's Fork Edition

By Tom Chandler 6/20/2006

Chris Raine has apparently made it to the Henry's Fork. And this despite his tendency to break trucks, trailers and tippets. No word yet on hatches or fish, but at least we know the scenery's spectacular. Jack Raine's been buring up the airwaves with his texted messages and cell phone photography, the low resolution of which actually imparts a rather painterly feel to the photographs.

Sadly, it's late and I've still got work to do. But tomorrow evening, I fish. The river keeps falling, and tomorrow it'll be within spitting range of 1000 cfs. So what are you doing reading this? Stop! Go tie some flies. Fabricate some leaders. Lube some lines. Do something. Anything. See you on the river, Tom Chandler.

Island Park Falls
Texted message: "Upper Mesa Falls on the Henrys Fork - along the scenic byway between Ashton and Last Chance. The falls are 200ft wide and drop 115ft, and followed by a long steep run... about 300 yards. Cool place!" [Jack Raine photo]

Jack Raine fishing the Henry's Fork
Our intrepid texter with the elder Raine over his knees in the Henry's Fork. [Jack Raine photo]


Tom Chandler

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