Catv Meter W Home Jdsu Acterna Hst-3000 Video Measurement Set Tv Pattern Generator Digital Catv Meter Jdsu Acterna Hst-3000C Tektronix Wfm Signal Level Catv Meter Catv Meter W Home Cert Tektronix 1730 Catv Analyzer Home Cert Catv Signal Meter Television Analyst Television Generator Trilithic Dspi 860 Hst-3000 Sim Hst 3000 Crt Color Analyzer Sencore Universal Video Tv Analyzer Waveform Vector Monitor Serial Component Monitor Waveform Monitor Vectorscope Ntsc Vectorscope Wavetek Acterna Tv Color Analyzer Xt Docsis 3 0 Catv Meter Yoke Tester 1730 Waveform Monitor Video Analyzer Tv Video Analyzer Degaussing Coil Jdsu Acterna Wavetek Tektronix Tsg Tester Rejuvenator Tektronix 1730 Waveform Monitor Tektronix 1720 Crt Tester Rejuvenator Dot Generator Waveform Vectorscope Conrac Manual Ntsc Pattern Generator Ntsc Test Cathode Ray Tube Tester Universal Video Analyzer Sencore Model Inst Manual Schematics Video Test Generator Tektronix Vm700a Vector Scope Sadelco Displaymax Digital Waveform Monitor Bar And Dot Generator Sencore Cr70 Test Pattern Generator Video Test Picture Tube Tester Alignment Generator 3 0 Catv Meter 6Mhz Dsam Jdsu Acterna Dsam Tv Signal Generator Video Waveform Sda 5000 Docsis 3 0 Catv Meter 6Mhz Tektronix 1740A Tube Tester Rejuvenator Signal Level Meter Rejuvenator Vintage Sencore Television Test Tv Test Home Certification Pattern Generator Model Crt Tester Tektronix 1740A Waveform Tv Test Equipment Crt Cathode Ray Tube Tester Reverse Sweep Beam Builder Riser Bond Bar Generator Sencore Va62 Tektronix Signal Digital Catv Meter W Home Color Bar Generator Trilithic Uhf Signal Generator Cathode Ray Tube Tektronix Vm700t Video Measurement Heathkit Tv Crt Picture Tube Copper Tester Secure Sync Philips Pm Pattern Generator Catv Meter Model 466 Test Signal Generator Vm700t Video Measurement Set Universal Crt Analyzer Restorer Picture Tube Sencore Colorpro Tektronix Wfm 601A Picture Tube Restorer Dsam 6300 Tektronix Wfm90 Bar Pattern Generator Television Demodulator Vcr Analyzer Jdsu Dsam Sencore Tva92 Copper Module Circuit Analyzer Video Generator Jdsu 5000 Cathode Ray Tube Tester Rejuvenator Metallic Tdr Cable Fault Locator Monitor Test Cr70 Universal Crt Analyzer Sencore Tester 466 Crt Tdr Cable Flyback Transformer Vcr Test Digital Audio Monitor Cr70 Beam Builder Tektronix 764 Flyback Transformer Yoke Tester Jdsu Acterna Dsam-2500B Dot Generator Model 3 0 Catv Meter 6Mhz Annex Digtal Catv Meter Vhf Signal Generator Trilithic Model Sweep Ingress Model 1076 Tektronix 1760 Sencore Test Equipment Sencore Vc93 Waveform Analyzer Va62 Universal Video 764 Digital Audio Jdsu Acterna Dsam-3600B Digital Catv Meter Multimedia Video Generator Sync Generator Tektronix 1740 Digital Video Generator Video Signal 1076 Television Analyst Tektronix Model 1740A Waveform Vector Universal Video Acterna Dsam-6300 Xt Docsis 3 0 Jdsu Acterna Dsam-6300 Xt Docsis 3 Tv Alignment Generator Sadelco Displaymax Jr Astro Design 1760 Waveform Vector Monitor Opt 01 Jdsu Acterna Handheld Waveform Catv Meter W Home Certification Model 944 Generator Instruction Manual W Schematics Tv Test Pattern Generator Micro Stealth Vdsl-In Wb2 Video Pattern Generator Tektronix 1735 Digital Ic Color Generator Monitor Service Sadelco Displaymax 5000 Signal Dsam-6300 Xt Docsis 3 0 Catv Sunrise Telecom Precision 1248 Digital Test Scope Waveform Monitor Instruction Manual Model 465 Waveform Monitor Sda-5000 Catv Video Display Tester Vsb Field Strength Meter Loop Subscriber Dot Crosshatch Format Vcr Rsvp 2 Minolta Ca-100 Operating And Service Manual W Schematics Operating Service Manual Schematics Tektronix 1420 Ntsc Audio Test Generator Sim T1 Wfm 601A Serial Component Monitor Analyzer Ii Crosshatch Generator Serial Digital Stealth Digital Signal Analyzer
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THIS IS A BUY IT NOW AUCTION Acterna sda-5000 Stealth Digital Analyzer GUARANTEED WORKING CONDITION Acterna sda-5000 Stealth Digital Analyzer Acterna sda-5000 Stealth Digital Analyzer The SDA-5000 is a small. Lightweight hand-held field CATV Sweep Analyzer for diagnosing and eliminating problems quickly in CATV system equipment. The Stealth Digital Analyzer(JDSU Acterna Wavetek SDA-5000) product family offers a true"One Box" solution for HFC network testing and deployment of digital video. Data, and traditional analog services. While preserving the rugged design and industry standard RF sweep technique of its Stealth Sweep System predecessor, the SDA-5000 series now adds test features to qualify the network for today’s high growth subscriber services. Find and Fix" tools are included that reduce technician time for the most ... morelabor intensive maintenance and troubleshooting assignments, like tracking down reverse ingress, optical node alignment, proof-of-performance testing, and return path alignment. For these demands. The SDA5000 provides advanced QAM analysis(optional) a powerful 5 to 1,000 MHz spectrum display with cable modem analysis(Zero Span) PathTrak™ Field View, and full forward and reverse sweep capability. And with the versatile combination of standard and optional features, the SDA can be customized for both the cable operator’s network technology level and budget. The SDA-5000 is used for HFC network testing and deployment of digital video, data, and traditional analog services. It is part of a system sweep solution. Highlights Qualifies the network for today's high-growth subscriber services. Reduces technician time for the most labor intensive maintenance and troubleshooting. Advanced QAM analysis for 64. 128, and 256 QAM(optional) Spectrum display from 5 to 1.000 MHz with cable modem analysis(Zero Span mode) Totally non-interfering sweep. Specifically for 64, 128, and 256 QAM digital channels. As is no Charger* Battery was charged with a Universal Charger and is not holding a ch
Comes with case. Battery, and unopened manual. No charger, but they are available through customer support line on the inside of the battery for around $100.
This item was only used for a couple of times. Like New! Comes with Charger. Carrying Case, User Manual and Carrying Strap. Five times faster than the original SDA 4040. When you press SPECT, the spectrum update is as fast as 750 ms per sweep. You can zoom in and out with rapid button presses to isolate ingress problems or view TDMA signals. More important is the ability to catch transients and noise. The SDA 4040D detects signals as fast as 5 µs—in both zero span. And continuous modes. A built-in preamp and 50 MHz low-pass filter allow you to track down smaller signals, even through high-loss test points. The SDA 4040D’s expanded SPECTRUM mode provides the tools needed to find‘difficult’ problems. Programmable‘dwell’ time allows the meter to stay on each frequency longer and catch more ingress. Peak hold in spectrum mode saves transient ... morespikes instead of overwriting them with the next trace. CSO/CTB mode for automatically making intermodulation measurements. Operational Specifications. Level Measurement, Range: 40 to +60 dBmV, Resolution: 0.1 dB, Accuracy: +/ 1.0 dB from-20 to +50°C 1.2, Signal types: single carrier. Video(single or dual audio) audio, Additional uncertainty: +/ 1.8 dB for digital(QAM. QPR, QPSK, VSB, CAP-16) TDMA(zero-span spectrum mode) Tilt Measurement. Up to 9 pilot carriers or video channels, Hi-Lo s Resolution: 0.1dB, Scan Mode. All video. Audio, pilot carrier, and digital channel levels displayed. Sweep Mode, Frequency range: 5-1000 MHz, Display span: user definable, Display scale/range: 6 vertical divisions 1. 2, 5, or 10 dB/division, Stability: +/ 0.5 dB. Normalized(dependant on stability of referenced carriers) Carrier to Noise Measurement Non-scrambled channels only. No preselection required for 78 channels at +10 dBmV input level. Resolution: Range: 52 dB maximum1, Hum Measurement. carrier 0 dBmV) Non-scrambled channels only, Range: 0 to 10% Resolution: Accuracy: +/ 0.7% Depth of Modulation. Assumes presence of white reference on any VITS line. Non-scrambled ch
ebay template The Following Items Are Included: Wavetek SDA-4040D Stealth Digital Analyzer(BC# 11996) QAM Option B(6 MHz) Battery Pack AC Adapter/Charger Power Cord User Manual on CD-ROM Carrying Case with Hook Clip Cable TV Installer Starter Toolkit Coax Cable Stripper(Brand New) Gilbert Termination Tool(Brand New) Coax Security Shield Wrench(Brand New) Coax Pocket Toner w/ Battery(Brand New) BE SURE TO CHECK OUR EBAY STORE FOR OTHER ITEMS! This Item Has A Current Calibration! Wavetek SDA-4040D Stealth Digital Analyzer Installed Option: QAM Option B(6 MHz) The SDA-4040D is used for HFC network testing and deployment of digital video. Data, and traditional analog services. Free Cable TV Installer Starter Toolkit Included! Coax Cable Stripper(Brand New) Gilbert Termination Tool(Brand New) Coax Security Shield Wrench(Brand New) Coax Pocket ... moreToner w/ Battery(Brand New) Working Condition: Excellent Condition: Refurbished Calibrated: Yes Warranty: 90 Day Exchange Warranty The SDA-4040D is used for HFC network testing and deployment of digital video. Data, and traditional analog services. It is part of a system sweep solution. The SDA-4040D is a small, lightweight hand-held field CATV Sweep Analyzer for diagnosing and eliminating problems quickly in CATV system equipment. Ideal for aligning amplifiers, testing performance of forward path networks, measuring signal quality, and fulfilling FCC and CENELEC proof-of-performance requirements. Highlights: Full. In-service, proof-of-performance analyzer. Fast. Sensitive spectrum analyzer. New digital QAM measurement option for forward path carriers. Digital QAM carrier demodulation includes 64. 128, and 256 QAM constellation display with zoom, average digital power level, bit error rate(BER) and 21 to 35 dB modulation error rate(MER) Applications: Cable modem analysis using Zero Span mode provides accurate. In-service power and C/N measurements. QAM View option provides complete analysis of digital TV and forward cable modem signals. Find ingress fast
Up for sale is a WaveTek Stealth SDA-4040D cable TV/RF analyzer. This meter is in excellent condition and has been tested to the most extent I could. Verified spectrum analyzer. Internal amp functional, internal attenuator functional, hum/mod functional, and QAM constellation. I originally bought this meter for my own RF hobby projects and have not had the time to use it as much as I would like. Great for CATV line work, sweeps, balancing, troubleshooting, POP testing, and RF projects. Includes WaveTek SDA-4040D meter, battery(holds a charge) soft case, AC charger, splitter, and three short jumpers. Feel free to ask any questions via eBay. Returns Item is sold under the understand buyer is buying the item wanted. Item is guaranteed non DOA and will be shipped fully insured. In the event the item is DOA refund will be issued after the item ... moreis returned with the buyer paying return shipping costs. Shipping Item will be shipped via standard shipping and ship fully insured. Shipping to the USA and territories only. Posted with
WAVETEK ACTERNA STEALTH DIGITAL ANALYZER MODEL: SDA-4040D WE WILL GUARANTEE THE UNIT TO BE FUNCTIONAL. UNIT IS USED AND HAS SOME VERY MINOR SCUFFS FROM NORMAL WEAR. AUCTION INCLUDES BATTERY PACK AND AND CARRYING CASE. AUCTION DOES NOT INCLUDE POWER ADAPTER OR ANY OTHER ACCESSORIES. ONLY WHAT IS PICTURED IS INCLUDED IN AUCTION. 14 DAY WARRANTY PAYMENT We accept payments in US Dollars through Paypal Please allow extra days to clear the fund if you pay by an eCheck If you prefer to pay with a Visa. Mastercard, or American Express card please contact me after the auction ends We will hold your order pending receipt of your payment for up to 3 days if no immediate payment is required If the payment is not received in 3 days the sale will be cancelled and the item will become available for sale WARRANTY AND RETURNS We guarantee our items not DOA ... moreunless otherwise stated in auction. We ask that you please contact us first if you would like to return a purchase. If you have any issues or concerns with your purchase please contact us. We will do our best to make it right. Returns for defective items are accepted within 14 days of receipt. We offer an exchange or money back. Shipping for returned items that are not defective is the responsibility of the buyer. We ship exactly as described in auction. If manuals. Software, packaging etc. are not mentioned, they are not included. Returned items must be in the same condition as they were shipped. SHIPPING We ship 1-2 business days after cleared payment(excluding holidays and weekends) Shipping is via UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail If you need a different method of s hipping please contact us before auction ends and we will do our best to accomodate you. INTERNATIONAL BUYERS We ship internationally on a case by case basis. If you are an international buyer please contact us before buying or bidding on any of our items. We will not ship internationally unless we are contacted first. Import duties. Taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These
Wavetek Stealth Digital Analizer SDA 4040D sold with a warranty test period. I do not have a power supply to test. The unit comes in a carry case and has a battery. Unit will be marked for return purpose if needed. Ships USPS/ASAP.
Acterna Wavetek micro Stealth Digital JDSU MS 1200D Click to view supersize image Click to view supersize image Click to view supersize image Click to view supersize image Click to view supersize image Click to view supersize image Acterna Wavetek micro Stealth Digital JDSU MS 1200D Available is this Acterna Wavetek MS1200D unit. This item is being listed for parts repair as we do not have a charger to charge the unit. Only unit and battery pack included. Unit is in good physical condition. Due to inability to test this item is being listed for parts/repair. Please review photos for a better idea of content and condition. If you have any further questions please let us know. Thanks. We accept Paypal payments. All major credit cards are accepted via Paypal. Paypal accepted for CONFIRMED ADDRESSES ONLY. North Carolina Residents will be charged ... more6.75% sales tax. All items must be paid for within 3 days of the auction's close. PLEASE NOTE: ALL ITEMS PAID THROUGH PAYPAL MUST BE SHIPPED TO A CONFIRMED PAYPAL ADDRESS. Most domestic shipments are sent USPS. For large. Bulky or heavy items, we only ship UPS Ground within the continental USA(lower 48) We can not ship these items to P.O. Boxes. SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION IS REQUIRED FOR ALL ITEMS WHICH COST OVER $225.00. All items are packed with professional packing materials. Our packing fees vary and are designed to cover these costs. We do not try to make an item appear better than it is. We always provide pictures for a listing so you can make an informed decision of what you are buying/bidding on. We can also provide additional pictures if needed. We always hold an item to the highest standards. If is stated good. Chances are it is well above the minimum guidelines to meet good. If best offer is available; do not hesitate to make an offer. Our margins are small but we are more than willing to work with you as a customer and any reasonable offer will be considered. We are the modern day Fred Sanford of EBay. Pack rat or Junker is only the tip of the iceberg when it come
I Purchase public storage vaults at auctions when people stop paying their rent. First bid wins this Acterna Wavetek Micro Stealth Digital MS1200- No Charger To Test Sold As Is. Might work. Some scratches on screen. The last owner worked for Direct TV. Please check out pictures on what you are buying. Please ask all questions. Please check out other cool finds being listed. California Residents Pays Local Sales Tax* Thanks