Catv Meter W Home Jdsu Acterna Hst-3000 Video Measurement Set Tv Pattern Generator Digital Catv Meter Jdsu Acterna Hst-3000C Tektronix Wfm Signal Level Catv Meter Catv Meter W Home Cert Tektronix 1730 Catv Analyzer Home Cert Catv Signal Meter Television Analyst Television Generator Trilithic Dspi 860 Hst-3000 Sim Hst 3000 Crt Color Analyzer Sencore Universal Video Tv Analyzer Waveform Vector Monitor Serial Component Monitor Waveform Monitor Vectorscope Ntsc Vectorscope Wavetek Acterna Tv Color Analyzer Xt Docsis 3 0 Catv Meter Yoke Tester 1730 Waveform Monitor Video Analyzer Tv Video Analyzer Degaussing Coil Jdsu Acterna Wavetek Tektronix Tsg Tester Rejuvenator Tektronix 1730 Waveform Monitor Tektronix 1720 Crt Tester Rejuvenator Dot Generator Waveform Vectorscope Conrac Manual Ntsc Pattern Generator Ntsc Test Cathode Ray Tube Tester Universal Video Analyzer Sencore Model Inst Manual Schematics Video Test Generator Tektronix Vm700a Vector Scope Sadelco Displaymax Digital Waveform Monitor Bar And Dot Generator Sencore Cr70 Test Pattern Generator Video Test Picture Tube Tester Alignment Generator 3 0 Catv Meter 6Mhz Dsam Jdsu Acterna Dsam Tv Signal Generator Video Waveform Sda 5000 Docsis 3 0 Catv Meter 6Mhz Tektronix 1740A Tube Tester Rejuvenator Signal Level Meter Rejuvenator Vintage Sencore Television Test Tv Test Home Certification Pattern Generator Model Crt Tester Tektronix 1740A Waveform Tv Test Equipment Crt Cathode Ray Tube Tester Reverse Sweep Beam Builder Riser Bond Bar Generator Sencore Va62 Tektronix Signal Digital Catv Meter W Home Color Bar Generator Trilithic Uhf Signal Generator Cathode Ray Tube Tektronix Vm700t Video Measurement Heathkit Tv Crt Picture Tube Copper Tester Secure Sync Philips Pm Pattern Generator Catv Meter Model 466 Test Signal Generator Vm700t Video Measurement Set Universal Crt Analyzer Restorer Picture Tube Sencore Colorpro Tektronix Wfm 601A Picture Tube Restorer Dsam 6300 Tektronix Wfm90 Bar Pattern Generator Television Demodulator Vcr Analyzer Jdsu Dsam Sencore Tva92 Copper Module Circuit Analyzer Video Generator Jdsu 5000 Cathode Ray Tube Tester Rejuvenator Metallic Tdr Cable Fault Locator Monitor Test Cr70 Universal Crt Analyzer Sencore Tester 466 Crt Tdr Cable Flyback Transformer Vcr Test Digital Audio Monitor Cr70 Beam Builder Tektronix 764 Flyback Transformer Yoke Tester Jdsu Acterna Dsam-2500B Dot Generator Model 3 0 Catv Meter 6Mhz Annex Digtal Catv Meter Vhf Signal Generator Trilithic Model Sweep Ingress Model 1076 Tektronix 1760 Sencore Test Equipment Sencore Vc93 Waveform Analyzer Va62 Universal Video 764 Digital Audio Jdsu Acterna Dsam-3600B Digital Catv Meter Multimedia Video Generator Sync Generator Tektronix 1740 Digital Video Generator Video Signal 1076 Television Analyst Tektronix Model 1740A Waveform Vector Universal Video Acterna Dsam-6300 Xt Docsis 3 0 Jdsu Acterna Dsam-6300 Xt Docsis 3 Tv Alignment Generator Sadelco Displaymax Jr Astro Design 1760 Waveform Vector Monitor Opt 01 Jdsu Acterna Handheld Waveform Catv Meter W Home Certification Model 944 Generator Instruction Manual W Schematics Tv Test Pattern Generator Micro Stealth Vdsl-In Wb2 Video Pattern Generator Tektronix 1735 Digital Ic Color Generator Monitor Service Sadelco Displaymax 5000 Signal Dsam-6300 Xt Docsis 3 0 Catv Sunrise Telecom Precision 1248 Digital Test Scope Waveform Monitor Instruction Manual Model 465 Waveform Monitor Sda-5000 Catv Video Display Tester Vsb Field Strength Meter Loop Subscriber Dot Crosshatch Format Vcr Rsvp 2 Minolta Ca-100 Operating And Service Manual W Schematics Operating Service Manual Schematics Tektronix 1420 Ntsc Audio Test Generator Sim T1 Wfm 601A Serial Component Monitor Analyzer Ii Crosshatch Generator Serial Digital Stealth Digital Signal Analyzer
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SquareTrade © AP6.0* ITEM DETAILS* Please take the time to read and understand the terms of this sale. By purchasing. You accept all terms set forth ... moreby AVCS Repair Service This listing is for the service to REPAIR/ REBUILD your SDA-4040D. SDA-5000 Extended Life Battery Pack. Send us your dead or non working battery pack. It will be repaired/ rebuild and all components professional checked by our partner company. You will receive your old case with new high quality cells. Six months limited warranty. One to three day turn around service. Free return shipment. Please include a copy of your receipt with your item. Quantity discount is available for more that one piece. We also rebuild other model battery packs. Contact us with any questions. Thank you for choosing our service. TYPES OF REPAIRS THAT'S COVERED BATTERY PACK PART NUMBERS-Battery packs that doesn't hold a charge. Broken or faulty PCB and connector. Damaged casing is not covered. JDSU/ Acterna/ Wavetek P/N: 1118-00-0358 Future Electronics P/N: A-5055 Devcon Power P/N: SDA-BP38. SDA-BP45 Warranty Six months warranty against workmanship and material defect. This does not include any other malfunctions or any other damages to your battery pack that's not related to service rendered. Warranty only covers the exact part that we repaired or replaced. Obtain Our Service 1. Select Buy It Now 2. Ship your battery pack to 3. Please include a copy of your sales receipt 4. If possible provide us tracking information. SHIP TO: AVCS Service Department 3140 W Pembroke Ste. 620 Hallandale Beach. FL 33009 At Our Facility 1. We will evaluate your battery pack and make the necessary repairs. We do not repair broken cases. 3. Tracking information will be sent to your PayPal email address. 4. Turn-around time is usually one to three business days. We will inform you if this time will be extended. Return Shipment Return shipment is free. Your battery pack will be return to the shipping address that is listed with eBay. If you would like your instrument to

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THIS IS A BUY IT NOW AUCTION Acterna sda-5000 Stealth Digital Analyzer GUARANTEED WORKING CONDITION Acterna sda-5000 Stealth Digital Analyzer Acterna sda-5000 Stealth Digital Analyzer The SDA-5000 is a small. Lightweight hand-held field CATV Sweep Analyzer for diagnosing and eliminating problems quickly in CATV system equipment. The Stealth Digital Analyzer(JDSU Acterna Wavetek SDA-5000) product family offers a true"One Box" solution for HFC network testing and deployment of digital video. Data, and traditional analog services. While preserving the rugged design and industry standard RF sweep technique of its Stealth Sweep System predecessor, the SDA-5000 series now adds test features to qualify the network for today’s high growth subscriber services. Find and Fix" tools are included that reduce technician time for the most ... morelabor intensive maintenance and troubleshooting assignments, like tracking down reverse ingress, optical node alignment, proof-of-performance testing, and return path alignment. For these demands. The SDA5000 provides advanced QAM analysis(optional) a powerful 5 to 1,000 MHz spectrum display with cable modem analysis(Zero Span) PathTrak™ Field View, and full forward and reverse sweep capability. And with the versatile combination of standard and optional features, the SDA can be customized for both the cable operator’s network technology level and budget. The SDA-5000 is used for HFC network testing and deployment of digital video, data, and traditional analog services. It is part of a system sweep solution. Highlights Qualifies the network for today's high-growth subscriber services. Reduces technician time for the most labor intensive maintenance and troubleshooting. Advanced QAM analysis for 64. 128, and 256 QAM(optional) Spectrum display from 5 to 1.000 MHz with cable modem analysis(Zero Span mode) Totally non-interfering sweep. Specifically for 64, 128, and 256 QAM digital channels. As is no Charger* Battery was charged with a Universal Charger and is not holding a ch
Template By Froo! JDSU Acterna HCU-400 PathTrak Modular Controller HSM-1000 CPU 5500 GigE SDA 500 New Page 2 JDSU Acterna Wavetek HCU-400 PathTrak Modular Controller HSM-1000 CPU 5500 GigE SDA 5000 List Price $12 999.99 MAKE AN OFFER I CAN'T REFUSE AND GET FAST FREE SHIPPING(48 US ONLY) In good cosmetic and working condition. Tested and works. Just pulled from a working environment. Comes loaded with Acterna HSM-1000 RF Modem& CPU 5500. Please see pictures We also have a JDSU SDA-5000 with Pathtrack option listed. We can make a combined deal. Includes everything pictured. Got Questions? Email Us We purchase new and used test. Measurement, automation, construction and medical equipments that you or your company no longer use. We make very fair offers based on the condition/age of your equipment(s) We also do trade-ins when purchasing ... moreour equipments, feel free to inquire about a quote. We accept PayPal and all major credit cards. Email Us. About Us We're a genuine seller offering quality items at lower prices. Every item is carefully packaged using the latest technology to ensure safe shipment to you. Enjoy your visit! Payment We purchase new and used test. Measurement, automation, construction and medical equipments that you or your company no longer use. We make very fair offers based on the condition/age of your equipment(s) We also do trade-ins when purchasing our equipment, feel free to inquire about a quote. We accept PayPal and all major credit cards. Call us 832-529-4594 Shipping We take great care packaging every item to ensure safe shipment to you. We charge a shipping fee only to cover our costs of materials and labor. Once your order has been processed and we have received cleared payment. Your item will be dispatched as soon as possible. Terms We warrantee and represent that the goods are as described in the above listing. We specifically disclaim any implied warranties of title. Merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. Customers should satisfy themselves that
Comes with case. Battery, and unopened manual. No charger, but they are available through customer support line on the inside of the battery for around $100.
PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE LISTING. INCLUDING THE INFORMATION ON THE Shipping and payments TAB. Ault Inc. AC adapter charger BNW71007500100N for Wavetek SDA 5000 Stealth meter. Wavetek part number 4010-00-0140. The unit indicates power when plugged into AC. No other testing was done. The charger was working when removed from service. The case has some scratches. Nicks and scuffs as pictured. PLEASE READ MY PAGE PRIOR TO BIDDING! Thanks for looking! Payment I accept and payment on delivery for local pickups. When the auction ends. I will send an eBay checkout invoice with the shipping charges based on the zip code you have listed with eBay. I follow the eBay for buyer contact and payment. Prompt payment is appreciated. And expected within 3 days of auction's close. 5 days without payment or an arrangement will earn the appropriate feedback, ... moreeBay notification, and loss of purchase. If there are legitimate problems, contact me& I'll work with you. Shipping Items paid for by will be shipped to the only. You may obtain a shipping cost ESTIMATE from the eBay shipping calculator on the Shipping and payments tab. Which will include the postage and a charge for packing materials. I will pack your items, calculate shipping costs based on the zip code you have listed on eBay, and send an invoice with all available shipping methods. Due to eBay's new rules, shipping insurance is not offered, included, or available. Return Policy I offer a return option on any items that meet the following conditions: You e-mail me when you receive it The package is not damaged as a result of shipping. The item is not in the condition as described above. Or does not work as described above You notify me of the problem within 14 days of receipt You return it prepaid in the condition received including all accessories, If these conditions are met. I'll refund your purchase price when the returned item is received& checked. The shipping costs are not included in the refund. Powered by The free listing tool. List your items f
JDSU Acterna Wavetek SDA-5000 CATV is in good working and cosmetic condition Recently pulled from a working environment. Tested and works Includes options: QAM Option B& Reverse Sweep This is the Acterna version. Calibrated last 2011. Includes everything pictured. I will ship within one business day. Feel free to ask any questions. I am always happy to help. Thank you
Calibrated by Comsonics 11/07/12. New internal CMOS battery at the same time. Only a few minor scratches on the screen. Good battery and charger. Flawless operation.
This is a previously owned and gently used Wavetek Steath trak. Overall the SDA-5000 is in great working condition with no major problems or issues whatsoever. To my ability to test it the Stealth Trak works and functions without issue. There are a few light signs of wear and tear on the exterior of the unit. 702343974
Wavetek meter AC charger that was used with a SDA-5000(rarely used as a spare charger at remote location) Payment within seven days- local pickup available I ship US post office parcel post which is cheap for the buyer but can be slow on delivery Works very good.check my ratings.I don't sell junk
METER IS IN GREAT CONDITION! This meter measures both digital and analog signal. Stores and saves sweep references and auto tests(proofs) and has Reverse sweep and Pathtrack field view option. Also included are 2 batteries, and 1 battery charging unit.
SDA- 5000. Reverse sweep,Pathtrak,case,charger and 2 Batteries total. RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fvo%7B%3Dd70f%2Bf54%3E-14706507bae-0x115-
JDSU Acterna Wavetek SDA-5000 and SDA-4040D AC Adapter Item is used but guaranteed to work just fine. has part# BPW71007500100N 4010 00 0150 Others are selling for $175!
SDA-5000 with reverse sweep. Comes with a new bag and a charger for the extended life battery. JDSU Acterna JDSU SDA-5000 Stealth CATV Digital Analyzer Reverse Sweep Option The SDA-5000 is used for HFC network testing and deployment of digital video. Data, and traditional analog services. The SDA-5000 is small and lightweight handheld tester for easy diagnostics and problem solving. FEATURES: Qualify subscriber service networks Improve technicians diagnostics abilities Display 5 to 1000MHz spectrum analysis Perform cable analysis Perform sweep testing
1) JDSU. Acterna, Wavetek, SDA-5000 and SDA-4040 AC Adapter(used)
ebay template The Following Items Are Included: WWG SDA-5500 Stealth Reverse Sweep Manager(BC# 19799) Coax Cable Power Cord RS232 PC Interface Cable User Manual On CD-ROM BE SURE TO CHECK OUR EBAY STORE FOR OTHER ITEMS! This Item Has A Current Calibration! WWG Wavetek JDSU Acterna SDA-5500 Stealth Reverse Sweep manager Works With The SDA-5000 Stealth Digital Analyzer! Includes Accessories As Listed Above! Working Condition: Excellent Condition: Refurbished Calibrated: Yes Warranty: 90 Day Exchange Warranty SDA-5500 The JDSU/ Acterna SDA-5000 Series of Stealth Digital Analyzers provides a lightweight. Weather resistant, rugged, and affordable single instrument with the versatility to test the latest digital services as well as the ideal device for maintaining the analog spectrum. The SDA Series provides seamless forward and return path testing ... moreas well as advanced digital testing. A host of invaluable extra options such as QAM analysis and PathTrak Field View are available, enabling the SDA Series to be customized for both the cable operators network technology level and budget. Features: Offers unmatched measurement performance for digital video. Data, and traditional analog services in a single instrument Increases the efficiency of service calls and reduces troubleshooting time Ensures HFC network integrity with the Acterna non-interfering forward and reverse sweep system compatible with todays digital signals Enables easy preparation of networks for interactive services with a 5 MHz to 1000 MHz. Fast, sensitive spectrum analyzer Delivers comprehensive testing of forward and reverse digital services including optional QAM analysis Ensures full in-service proof-of-performance with automated tests Rugged. Weather-resistant, and lightweight Please check our Huge Inventory with savings of up to 80% off of retail on Cat5/5e/6 LAN Cable Certifiers and Fiber Optic OTDR's. Fusion Splicers, CATV Meters, Fiber Optic Kits, Sources, Meters, Tools, Network Analyzers and much more. Here is a Link to our Ebay Test Equipmen