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Staging a breakout

By Tom Chandler 5/6/2006

Sitting in a motel room less than two miles from the entrance to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park – no matter how good it is for you – is an excruciating exercise. Like medicine that tastes bad, eventually you might decide the disease is less painful than the cure. Besides, I wanted to see if I was healthy enough to fish for brookies tomorrow, and under overcast but warm skies, and I simply drove along the Little River until I found a run I'd never fished, and fished it.

Little River scenic

Without any time pressure, I fished lesiurely. I was casting my 8' Beasley-built Leonard 50DF taper, which is an extremely smooth rod perfectly suited to flicking dry flies on the Little River. Fishing a #14 Hare's Ear parachute for about two hours, I fooled a dozen or so Tennessee trout, half of which were brown trout (my first of the year), the largest being a 10" brownie.

Little River Brown

Proving conclusively that I can be trained, I spent more time out of the water than in it, slinking around like I hadn't paid taxes in years. The results were gratifying, and after covering the run, I decided I'd had enough for one day (tomorrow I fish 4x as long). I'm looking forward to tomorrow's expedition to Brookie water, and to getting water spots and brookie slime on Raine's 7.5' 4wt hollowbuilt.

One astute reader wrote to ask about the status of the great Tennessee slaw dog/Amaratti's burrito comparison, and I admit that my digestive tract has been in a perilous enough state that the slaw dog comparison seemed very unwise. Tomorrow is a possibility, but Monday is a more likely test date. I'm flying out Tuesday, and I am definitely not throwing down a slaw dog and getting on a plane. As always, the Trout Underground will risk it all in our never-ending quest for the truth. See you at the Phillips 66 station, TC


Tom Chandler

As the author of the decade leading fly fishing blog Trout Underground, Tom believes that fishing is not about measuring the experience but instead of about having fun. As a staunch environmentalist, he brings to the Yobi Community thought leadership on environmental and access issues facing us today.

Seven hours? Do the math junk food boy -- even if I bought one on the way out of town, you wouldn't see it for 15 hours minimum, and given that we're dealing with United airlines and a route through O'Hare, that's probably optimistic. At that point, our slaw dog would be more biohazard than tasty lunch snack. Sorry, you're doomed to experience the slaw dog via digital imagery. If at all. The timing ... more is tough...
^^^^^^^^ That Jakester talks like he's part of the ilk you refer to as fishing buddies - hahaha. Anyway listen, pick up a slaw dog right before you get to the airport - get it wrapped "to-go". I really want to try one of these and if they're really as good as Ian claims, then a seven hour trip will not lessen the goodness. If I'm not home as you drive by, just leave it on that desk-thing that's on ... more my porch. Thanks buddy. And yes, of course I'll pay you back. - Dave
I want to knwo which burrito you like better. Glad your feeling better. Can't say I have too much sympathy for you!

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