Southeast Idaho Trout Fisheries

I am a fanatical fisherman in Southeast Idaho. There is no better place to catch trout than on a cold raging river in Idaho. I am a real estate agent in the Idaho Falls area and purposefully go out of my way to do business in the Ashton, Swan Valley, Island Park, Salmon areas so I can have an excuse to fish. 

There are so many places to throw in a rod and spend hours casting and pulling in Trout. I lived in the Coeur d' Alene area for a while; there were many lakes but the fishing wasn't the same for me (Might be because I didn't have a boat). 

Here in Southeast Idaho our rivers are known for huge brown trout. I would say that is the most common type of trout you will catch in the South Fork of the Snake River. Getting up into higher country and smaller channels of the river you can get really colorful Browns, in different shades of darkness. Catching a large hook jaw brown really gets me going. 

With as many people moving into the Southeast Idaho Valley this year, I have been able to show people around, and share some helpful fishing tips (not my honey holes of course). I put together a list of my favorite fisheries in the area. 

Find my Top Southeast Idaho Trout Fishing Tips Here:

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