Secluded Kauai Beaches

Experience some amazing bonefishing in solitude on beaches so secluded you need a knowledgeable guideĀ just to find them! The Garden Island features several species of reef fish along with giant bonefish and trevally. Talk to Nigel Warrack, a young, local guide for more information on where to fish.
Fishing Trips
  • Surreal fishing on the Garden Island
  • Large bonefish and many other varieties of reef fish
  • 6 to 10 pound fish are common
Amazing saltwater fishing on the Garden Island, Kaua'i with great opportunities forĀ large bonefish, trevally, and other reef fish. Though bonefish are not as prolific on Kaua'i as ... moreother places such as Christmas Island, they compensate for it by their large size. Six-to-ten pound fish are commonly found and some even break into the double-digits!

Enjoy the rustic beauty of Kaua'i with some saltwater island fishing. Prepare yourself for casting into the wind as Kaua'i is subject to regular trade winds that can present a challenge even to experienced anglers. Double haul casting, or casting on the other side of your body can be helpful to counteract these conditions.

Each trip is 4-5 hours of fishing time. Additional days are available at a discount rate for saltwater fishing. Gear and tackle is provided, or you can bring your own. Be sure to specify ahead of time. Bring sun protection and polarized sunglasses.
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