Pu Leather High Heeled Shoes Pu Leather High Heeled Rave Bar Cotton Underwire Push Up Bra Bras Casual Underwire Push Bra Women Girl Ladies Us Ca Casual Underwire Push Up Sexy Push Up Underwire Bras Underwear Bra Lace Casual Underwire Push Up Sexy Bras Bra Women Girl Ladies Underwire Push Up Bras Sexy Bra Lace Casual Underwire Push Heeled Shoes Underwire Push Up Bra Women Girl Nurse Doctor Tech Nurse Icu Casual Underwire Push Up Sexy Bra Lanyard Id Badge Retractable Reel Badge Bra Us Ca Size 36B Bra Us Ca Size 34B Push Up Bras Bra Women Girl Purity Floral Lace Casual Underwire Push Up Bra Ca Size 36B Er Icu Doctor Tech Ca Size 34B Lycra Purity Push Up Underwire Bras Bra Bras Women Girl Us Ca Ca Size 6 5 Underwire Bras Underwear Bra Us Ca Student Rn Bra Us Ca Size 32B Cover Shell For Apple Iphone 5 Lycra Underwire Push Up Bras Underwear Rn Teacher Nurse Hello Kitty Carabiner Id Badge Holder Retractable Reel Pu Leather High Heeled Pumps Lace Lycra Purity Push Up Underwire Lace Lycra Underwire Push Up Bras Chinlon Underwire Sexy Bra Bras Women Cotton Chinlon Underwire Sexy Bra Bras Cotton Chinlon Underwire Push Up Bras Bra Women Bra Us Ca Size 34C Ca Size 32B Lace Underwire Push Up Bras Bra Rn Er Icu Bra Us Ca Size 36C Ca Size 34C Tattoo Tattoo Body Art Tattooist Purity Push Up Underwire Bras Underwear Body Art Tattooist Ca Size 36C Id Badge Reel Retractable Teacher Hello Kitty Id Bra Us Ca Size 38B Lace Lycra Casual Underwire Push Up Sexy Bras Lace Casual Underwire Push Up Bras Purity Cotton Floral Lace Casual Underwire Push Purity Floral Lace Casual Underwire Push Embroidery Floral Underwire Bras Underwear Bra Lace Embroidery Floral Underwire Bras Underwear Nurse Dr Rn Teacher Nurse Medical Imprinted Push Up Sexy Bra Us Ca Ca Size 38B Pu Leather Chinlon Lace Underwire Tattoo Sleeve Id Badge Retractable Military Nurse Icu Ccu Push Up Sexy Bra Shoes Lady Bras Sexy Bra Us Ca Store Inventory Fiber Casual Underwire Push Up Bra Fiber Casual Underwire Push Up Sexy Cotton Lace Underwire Push Up Bras Push Up Sexy Underwire Push Up Bras Sexy Bra Us Ca Id Stethoscope Name Tag Medical Business Inventory Er Ccu Er Nicu Bra Leopard Padded Underwear Us Ca Concentrated Bra Leopard Padded Underwear Us Ca Ca Size 32A Id Badge Retractable Reel Nurse Medical Ca Size 4 5 Body Art Tattoo Sleeve Purity Evening Party Bra Us Ca Size 32A Bowknot Cotton Chinlon Underwire Sexy Bra Nurse Dr Tech Ca Size 34A Underwire Sexy Bra Bras Women Girl Ca Size 36A Bra Us Ca Size 34A Id Stethoscope Name Tag Set Nurse Name Tag Set Nurse Cotton Push Up Sexy Bras Bra Purity Cotton Push Up Sexy Bras Rave Bar Us Ca Nurse Er Rn Name Tag Set Cover Shell Ca Size 7 5 Bra Us Ca Size 36A Sexy Bra Us Ca Size 34B Sexy Bra Us Ca Size 36B Entire Inventory Cover Shell Protector For Apple Iphone Shell Protector For Apple Iphone 5 Nurse Dr Caduceus Id Badge Retractable Reel Bag Handbag For Women Biker Helmet Motocross Motorcycle Helmet Tech Medical Leelife Purity Pu Leather Shoulder Bag Seductive Lace Pattern Protective Case Cover Shell Sports Biker Helmet Motocross Motorcycle Helmet Helmet Motocross Medical Rn Cow Leather Er Rn Brown Us Ca Women Halter Ca Size 38C Bra Us Ca Size 38C Nurse Airlines Ca Size 32C Id Stethoscope Name Tag Nurse Tech Underwire Push Up Bra Purity Cotton Underwire Underwire Push Nurse Er Babydolls Nightdress Chinlon Lace Underwire Push Up Bra Patchwork Chinlon Lace Underwire Push Start Your Own Business Underwire Push Up Bra Us Ca Pumps High Heeled Platform Shoes Lady Purity Terylene Lace Casual Underwire Push Nail Polish Varnish Purity Polyester Fiber Casual Underwire Push Patchwork Floral Lace Casual Underwire Push Purity Patchwork Floral Lace Casual Underwire Bra Women Girl Lady Us Ca Bras Bra Women Girl Lady Bras Massage Underwire Women Girl Lady Chinlon Bras Massage Underwire Women Girl Massage Underwire Women Girl Lady Bra Cow Leather Leisure Heeled High Heeled Closed Toe Shoes Medical Hospitals Bowknot Leather Leather High Heeled High Heeled Closed Heeled Closed Toe Shoes Lady Chinlon Lace Underwire Sexy Bra Bras Cotton Chinlon Lace Underwire Sexy Bra Lace Underwire Sexy Bra Bras Women Shoulder Chain Design Id Bra Bras Convenience Store Start Your Own Male Nurse Lycra Spandex Sports Outdoor Molded Concentrated Bra Leopard Padded Underwear Reshape Molded Concentrated Bra Leopard Padded 3 Level In Flesh Us Ca 4 Coverage 4 Hook 3 Level 4 Hook 3 Level In Flesh Lace Underwire Bra Lingerie 3 4 Lingerie 3 4 Coverage 4 Hook Underwire Bra Lingerie 3 4 Coverage Concentrated Bra Leopard Brassiere Padded Underwear Leopard Brassiere Padded Underwear Us Ca Reshape Concentrated Bra Leopard Brassiere Padded Blend Polka Dot Sexy Bra Bras Dot Sexy Bra Bras Women Girl Lycra Blend Polka Dot Sexy Bra Polka Dot Sexy Bra Bras Women Ktv Night Club Wear Chinlon Underwire Push Up Bra Women Striped Chinlon Underwire Push Up Bra Pumps High Heeled Shoes With Flower Lace Up Shoes High Us Ca Ca Size 40C Wallet Billfold Purse Burse Notecase Pouch
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Two great books to follow if you're going to start your own online business. These are used. But gently! Good luck and happy bidding.
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Location: Vienna, United States
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Location: Fort Lauderdale, United States
Highly Targeted Traffic Is Only A Click Away! Harness the Power of Next Generation Web Marketing. 200.000 Real Visitors Traffic and submit SEO for your ... morewebsite Sometimes. The Cheapest on eBay isn't the Best for your website long term! Are webmaster will send 150.000 Real Visitors Traffic and submit SEO for your website Are added SEO service makes sure your 150.000 Real Visitors Traffic is index and to increase your organic search engine traffic and organic backlinks for the long term. First. Just Send us your website URL! Second.We submit to SEO and. Get your website in Google. Yahoo! Bing and Ask Are Webmster will submit SEO for your website to Google. Yahoo! Bing and Ask. This ensures that all of your site's pages are indexed in the major search engines. Third we start with an SEO Review of your entire website. Blacklist Check- This will verify that your website has not been flagged by Google. Yahoo! Bing and Ask as containing malware, spyware or viruses. Being on this Blacklist will keep you from being included in Google's search results as well as block all search traffic to your site. See Your New Listings- Once are webmaster sends 150.000 Real Visitors Traffic and submit SEO for your website, view your site's actual live listings in the search engines.may take 2 weeks to appear in search pages) Last We Track Your Traffic Progress at Alexa.com The Alexa Traffic Rank will show how popular the site. Including Reach, Pageviews and more. We track your SEO progress and give you updated recommendations from Alexa.com which is a complete toolkit for website owners that gives you metrics. Tools and analysis to increase your web traffic and succeed online. Just Send us your website URL! Real people will see your website and you can track from your cPanel Hosting will show the hits! Webmaster Support if needed Example Unique visitors Number of visits Pages Hits Bandwidth Viewed traffic* 124.092 521.361(4.2 visits/visitor) 5.188,599(9.95 Pages/Visit) 5.614,184(10.76 Hits/Visit) Y ou have a websi
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OVER 350 PIECES IN INVENTORY! (I have also had a booth at a local flea market that has not done well). I have a complete inventory list and will send ... moreto any serious inquiry.
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My 5 year old son passed away unexpectedly and then 5 months later we lost our house and everything we owned in a fire.
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Become a Licensed Friendly Songs Premium Dealer with this Special Ebay Dealership Offer! This offer is valid through eBay ONLY! Purchase must be ma de ... morethrough eBay before the listing expires to get this offer. This program s regular price is $2499. Only the first three dealers to purchase will get a huge $1500 discount. Three Premium Dealer Ki ts are available for only $99 9.00 to the first three pu rchasers. Produced on the spot for your customers Personal ized Music CDs or Personali zed Singing Stuffed Animals Each album has all the songs Personalized for Your Customers Child! The Personalized Stuffed Animals also sing a Song with the Child's Name in it! It's easy! It cost s you jut $5 per CD you make and you sell them for $20. That's a $15 profit margin. Use the search tool below to listen to your child's name in the actual music to get an ide a of what the albums sound like. Each Premium Friendly Songs Burn-On-Demand Dealer Kit Includes Our Exclusive Friendly Songs Burn-On-Demand(BOD) Software. A 500 GB Ext ernal Hard Drive to hold all of your music files and the software. A Prop rietary USB Security Key which keeps track of your inventory. Free Software Updates For Life. Free Name Updates For Life. A license to produce All Nine Albums or Personalized Stuffed Anim als for any of the 13.000+ names. 50 free burn credits Pro CD Label Applicator 5 0 Blank CDs to be used to make 100 Personalized Music CDs 5 0 Blank CD labels to make the labels for the CDs 5 0 CD Jewel Cases 1 Stuffed Animal with Sound Module The Ability to print for your customers Personalized CD Labels. The Ability to print for your customers Personalized Lyrics. A high 75% profit margin on most items. Technical Support via Phone or Email or Skype The Premium Burn-On-Demand(BOD) program is what we call our Premium Product Line. The BOD program allows you to make. On the spot, the products for your customer needs. You have access to all of our Personalized CD Albums and the Personalized Stuffed Animal lines. When you make the custo
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Large front overhead garage door with paved 20,000 sq ft paved drive and fork lift. Three phase 480V and 240v along with single phase wiring. Industrial ... morecourse sand blast cabinet--will hold three V8 engine blocks.
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Existing handgun owners, many having multiple handguns, that require multiple holsters uniquely molded to fit each gun model and each designed to fit ... morea variety of carry needs. Shooting Accessories. New gun owners buying their first holsters and accessories.
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Annual sales 120k, leased location within walking distance of 6 marinas.NO LOCAL COMPETITION.

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Furniture Store Website Business For Sale OsCommerce
Note to Ebay Staff: We have rights to these websites. The links on the demo site are disabled to comply with Ebay rules. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions. Making money online is a very profitable and most exciting opportunity available for anyone. Imagine being able to take orders every hour of the day on autopilot. Whether you are looking to make your wildest dreams come true or just looking to make some extra money for that new car. Credit cards, etc. this is the easiest way to start down that road of financial freedom. Lets see. The average annual income of an employee in the US is $26.000. The average annual income of a successful online home business in the US is $50.250. 20% of home based Internet entrepreneurs reported their businesses grossed between $100.000 and $500.000! So what are you waiting for? ClassyHost ... morewebdesign network has everything to make you rich in a short period of time! Furniture Store Website for Sale! Click The Picture to View The Website or ABOUT THE WEBSITE FEATURES: This is a complete online store solution that contains both a catalog frontend and an administration tool backend. Which can be easily installed and configured over a web-based installation procedure. FEATURES General Functionality Compatible with all PHP 4 versions All features enabled by default for a complete out-of-the-box solution Object oriented backend Completely multilingual with English. German, and Spanish provided by default Setup/ Installation Automatic web-browser based installation and upgrade procedure Design/ Layout Template struture implementation to: allow layout changes to be adaptive. Easy, and quickly to make allow easy integration into an existing site Support for dynamic images Administration/ Backend Functionality Supports unlimited products and categories Products-to-categories structure Categories-to-categories structure Add/Edit/Remove categories. Products, manufacturers, customers, and reviews Support for physical(shippable) and virtual(downloadable) products Ad
PEPPER JERKY .com homemade beef turkey chicken domain name website business new
A premium domain name www.pepperjerky.com is for sale Pepper jerky was originally to be come an online home to a long term project we set out to complete with a major jerky manufacturer. This website was acquired for such purpose. Though the project was never fully completed and rolled into another, larger project. This website is registered with godaddy.com until July 17. 2013. Easy to transfer to a new owner. If you are a small business owner making beef jerky. Chicken jerky, turkey jerky and other smoked meats- this will be a perfect website for you to showcase your products. godaddy allows you to set up a basic website for free, without the need to use any coding, or have any web experience. this site will also be perfect as a blog. Information site, a how-to site, with recipes for jerky making. Easy to monetize. Just look at our other ... morewebsite- www.incrediblejerky.com. VERY BASIC and definitely NOT professional. But set up in less than 1 hour using godaddy's free website builder, functional and worked for our purposes. This website is lsited for sale SEPARATELY, and NOT part of this listing. Check out my!Be sure to add me to your! we welcome all questions and a reasonable offer.
Get an ebay Consignment Store Business in your city website Trading Assistant TA
I will set up an ebay Consignment Store Business for you! This training& coaching is done via join me.com and over the phone. In any city or town. Get an ebay Consignment Store Business in your town with a website& ebay Store As a Certified ebay Instructor and an Authorized Trading Assistant with a Registered ebay drop off location In Denver. Colorado I know how to make it work for you. You will get· Includes physical drop off location(optional) Includes ebay stores setup· Includes consignment website· Become an authorized ebay Trading Assistant· Become a r egistered ebay drop off location· Become a b onded ebay consignment shop· Onsite in depth training for new owner· One year support& coaching· Forms. Paperwork, logos, graphics. Consignment software(optional) Asking $995.00 Terry Gehrke ... more303-257-0164 Visit our website My Auction Mall Ebay store number 1 Ebay store number 2 On May-13-13 at 21:49:27 PDT. Seller added the following information: Every buyer gets a MyStoreRewards invitation for cash back On May-13-13 at 23:00:17 PDT. Seller added the following information:
Work at Home Money Making Business Website $ Automated Make Online Income Store
Fully Automated Work at Home Money Making Business Website $ Make Income Online Store. Earning a living doing something you love is one of the most fulfilling life improvements you can make. If you've already spent years chasing the carrot working uninspiring jobs. Then it's time to make a change. I started building sites in 2008. Some of the website I have are based on my personal passions. Since then I make money with affiliate advertising and digital products and advertisements. Today. My websites generates revenue and making money online 24/7 via millions of web visitors every year. Here's how you can do it too. Having Your Own Website First. The obvious. The website will give you enormous financial freedom. Despite not having a"real job" You can pay all your bills, live a stress-free lifestyle, go on vacation multiple ... moretimes a year, and still have savings at the end of it. Your business will provide you with all the income you need, which includes mortgage repayments and kitting out our first baby, all throughout a global recession. More importantly. Having your own website will give you creative freedom. How Much Can You Earn? This is the first question people ask- so let's get right to it. Like any business. There is a range of achievable profit goals when you own a website. Some hobby-themed websites made with WordPress and promoted by their owners make more than $10,000 per month. Those are the cream of the crop. Many successful website owners fall in the realm of $2.000-$5,000 per month. Most tantalizingly, once you have one website meeting its revenue goals, you can replicate the concept in other niches. Besides earning a growing monthly income from anywhere in the world. You also own a valuable asset. You own a business. If you ever tired of having your own website. You could sell this business for a lump sum and let someone else take the reigns. Or you could let it continue generating advertising and affiliate income on auto-pilot while you pursue other adventures in life. Yo
Turn Key Business - Inventory, Fixtures, Decor, Website, Store Setup, Training,+
The turn-key package includes: Inventory– 3000 pcs. minimum. Number will vary according to the size of your store POS System(point-of-sale) Paint and trim up to 1500 sq ft Racks. Fixtures, hangars, pricing guns and labels, Interior decor, Complete store setup Website Advertising& marketing thru grand opening, Training, Unlimited consultation How much money can I make as a store owner? The financial return will depend on many factors including. But not limited to, how well you perform and follow our system, your plan for advertising your store, and your ability to integrate the business into your community. What are the average profit margins? You can expect a minimum of 300% on an average per piece of inventory. But it’s not uncommon to be in the 700% profit range with some inventory. How much product will I have to open my store? The ... moreminimum is 3000 pcs. per store and will vary depending on the size of your location. How do I find a site? We suggest to begin working with local realtors and looking around locally. There are a lot of empty buildings that can be negotiated to extremely reasonable leases. We are experts in this field and can assist with this process. What size location do I need? Our stores average from 900 sq ft– 2.000 sq ft. and vary by location How will I acquire my initial inventory? During training you will learn how to utilize our technique in acquiring and pricing inventory. Can I operate this business part time? We recommend you work full time in the store. You could also hire a manager to oversee day-to-day operations. What type of individual is best suited to become a store owner? To be a successful store owner requires proper capitalization. Hard work, and people skills. Our comprehensive training program will provide you with the tools and skills you need to be successful. If you are motivated, enjoy working with the public, and can follow our proven system, you are a good candidate to own a store. How long does it take to open a store? The typical time frame to open is approximate
Business For Sale, Spirit Force Music 6 CD Collection & Website
REAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY! CAN BE WORKED OUT OF YOUR HOME OR OFFICE. SELLS WELL AT ART SHOWS, TRADE SHOWS, RESELL TO TRADING POSTS, RETAIL OUTLETS, ONLINE, HERE ON EBAY, AND MORE, INCLUDES WEBSITE! NOTE: THIS IS FOR THE MUSIC RIGHTS OF ALL 6 CD'S SPIRIT FORCE MUSIC 6 CD COLLECTION"A DECADE OF MUSIC" THIS AWARD WINNING COLLECTION OF TIMELESS MUSIC SPANS THE GLOBE FEATURING Features 6 CD'S 60 RARE NATIVE AMERICAN FLUTES. 200 ETHNIC AND NATIVE AMERICAN DRUMS. HUNDREDS OF OTHER ASSORTED ETHNIC INSTRUMENTS. HUNDREDS OF NATURE SOUNDS RECORDED"ON LOCATION" IN THE WILDERNESS. ALL BLENDED WITH THE MYSTICAL MAGICAL MUSIC OF SPIRIT FORCE. THIS 6 CD COLLECTION HAS BEEN FEATURED ON THE HISTORY CHANNEL AND MANY OTHER NETWORKS WORLDWIDE. From the oceans. Deserts and plains to the mountains rivers and streams. The music of Spirit ... moreForce takes the listener into another dimension. Transcending time and space this music is the ultimate expression of flutes& drums featuring the instruments, ambiance and styles from different regions of the U.S. as well as other parts of the world. From huge Pow Wow Drums to Crystal Rain Sticks all hand picked and crafted from some of the finest flute& drum makers on the globe. Flutes range from 3" to 3' in size. Drums from 6" to 4' It has been said that the music of Spirit Force is the most cataloged collection of flutes and drums ever recorded. OVER 260 MINUTES OF MUSIC Disc 1. Spirit Forces On Earth 1. Zuni Sunrise 2. First Call of the Wild 3. Meditations in Flight 4. The Storm 5. Spirit Forces on Earth 6. The Pathway to Haven 7. Processions 8. Sea of Tranquility. Disc 2. The Dreamcatcher 1.The Dreamcatcher 2. Prayers to the Web 3. Sacrifice of the Eagles 4. Astral Body of the Tiowa 5. Hands of the Dreamcatcher 6. Return to the Center 7. Ribs of the Feather 8. Blessings of the Could People Disc 3. Echoes of the Pacific Northwest 1.Voyage of the Orcas 2. Distant Passages 3. Into the Rain Forest 4. The Great Spirit 5. The Ice Caves 6. Echoes of th
Website / business that specializes in BMW led bulbs! large profit margins
Hi this is your chance to purchase a business and be your own boss of an internet business. I own a website that sells BMW specialty head light bulbs. It focuses on sales in Canada but you can expand to the US market. Most sales are made off the website. And some off other classifieds sites. It is a profitable. Low-cost business with great profit margins, but I am very busy with my work and can not focus on running this website as well. It has decent 1st page google rankings with certain keywords- but this can be improved too. I am asking $4500USD for my business- I think this is a fair price and you can easily generate a return in a few months if you manage the business properly. I will be including residual stock worth approximately $600-$700. On a good month it will generate a profit of $1000-$2000. With more work you can easily double ... morethis or more. On a slow month it will generate a profit of about $500. All you do is focus on marketing the site(I have an internet marketing expert) And send out parcels with the product. Terms: You will be receiving the website and business. You will also receive stock with a market value of at least $500. I will sign a do-not-compete agreement. I will include the contact details for supplier lists and internet marketing expert. I will request a bank deposit and have a lawyer draft a business asset sale contract to conclude this contract. I am willing to discuss on the phone the business or through messaging. Please contact me with any and all questions. Serious enquiries only.
Studio Recording Instruments & Music Rental Business, Co. Name & Website
To view the complete collection go to website: PercussionProductionsProjectStudioRentals.com For Sale: RECORDING STUDIO Instruments and/or Concert Touring Rental Percussion Instruments' With over 500 listings 22 categories of PERCUSSION m usical instruments from around the world developed for a private collection used in major Television. Motion Pictures and Records. Instruments include African. American Indian, Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Cuban Latin, Brazilian, Pacific Islander, Hawaiian, Middle Eastern, Indian,Irish, Classical Instruments including over 16 tympani, Mallet instruments Bass marimba, two xylophones, chimes, two sets orchestral bells, song bells, whale drums(whole tone& chromatic) two vibraphones, Viennese, Germanic, French Piatti, suspended cymbals, Gongs, Tam Tams. Special effects, Metal Plates, Metal sheets, Bowls, ... moreHeaded drums, Small Accessories and drum set. Above is only a preview of some instruments. CONTACT for list of Television and Motion Pictures. Income generating: Great opportunity for Major Studio Recordings and or Live International Concert Touring Rental for a steady cash flow on weekly rentals. The auction includes the WEB SITE: PercussionProductionsProjectStudioRentals.com. The Name Percussion Productions and all instruments cases and anvil type trunks. All large instruments have been custom steel reinforced for cartage and touring. Pictured is only a sampling of hundreds of listings. The collection can be used for Live Concert Rental. Studio Recording, Sampling and Live Classical Performance. This includes all custom made thick black covers for mallet instruments, tympani and equipment. Inquiries: Please Email for any questions or more detailed information or go to website listed below. Shipping for International buyers. Buyer pays for shipping and transportation. International buyers anticipate at least a 40 foot container. Takes up two 20' trucks when all equipment is loaded. Please email to ask any questions before bidding. Serious buyers/investors only.
Fastener Business For Sale - Complete with active website and customer base
A Complete Fastener local and internet business for sale. Comes with over $100.000 in fastener inventory, a complete customer base, and an active website ready for taking orders today! This is a great bargain. I am selling the business for less than cost. It also has inventory control system set up with part numbers and descriptions. Earn income immediately. Income potential is only limited to how hard you wish to work. Easily make $100,000+ per year with very little investment and space required. As a bonus, I will offer two weeks of my time to come to your location, and help get you started in setting up, and ready to take orders. Don't let this opportunity pass you by!
Your Own Business*Retail*Online Website Included*Well Known Company*Direct & MLM
Make MORE money and take control of YOUR life Become a part of a Global Company Work FOR yourself. But not BY yourself I am looking to expand my own business and I am looking for someone that has the right qualities to be successful in this opportunity. If you are a self starter. Organized& friendly this could be a good fit for you! WORK FROM HOME I don't want just anyone and everyone. This is not a business that will run itself. You need to work it to be successful. But if you have what it takes this can really change your life for the better. BUILD YOUR OWN FUTURE The kit itself comes with everything you need to start selling to friends and family. You also get your own website so you can have an online presence too. You get a few products to try(or sell) yourself. And opportunities to buy products at greatly reduced prices in your ... morefirst few campaigns. If you sign up under a representative(code: TRESC) you will also get a line of credit based on your credit information, so you can order products before your customers actually pay you. If you sign up alone, without a rep, you won't get a line of credit, so it's better for you to join under a Rep(hopefully me: There is so much to review that it would be best if you contact me if you have questions. You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain! Full online Training. On your own schedule. Unlimited earning potential. It's truly amazing what you can do if you put your mind to it. You will get out what you put in. You can join just to get a discount on products that you love, and you can join to turn it into a Career. It's all up to you. Contact me today! Click the link below to see what your online store will look like; you can contact me through the link. Or through eBay. You can decide right now you're interested and buy it now and we can go from there too if you'd like. RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fvo%7B%3Dd70f%2Bf52%3E-14750ffd8c7-0x11a-
Your Own Business*Retail*Online Website Included*Well Known Company*WORK AT HOME
NOW IS THE TIME! ASK ME HOW TO JOIN FOR FREE! Earn Extra Money Where else can you Make MORE money and take control of YOUR life Become a part of a Global Company Work FOR yourself. But not BY yourself If you are a self starter. Organized& friendly this could be a good fit for you! WORK FROM HOME change your life for the better. BUILD YOUR OWN FUTURE Start now don't wait! The Holidays are right around the corner You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain! Full online Training. On your own schedule. Unlimited earning potential. It's truly amazing what you can do if you put your mind to it. You will get out what you put in. You can join just to get a discount on products that you love, and you can join to turn it into a Career. It's all up to you. No obligation! Ask me about a free trial option or how to make money with ... moreNO COMMITMENT Don't wait any longer. AVON IS: FASHION SHOES MAKEUP CHILDREN'S TOYS CHILDREN'S FASHION HOME ITEMS HANDBAGS SKIN CARE FRAGRANCE.AND SO MUCH MORE! email me at tlfaett@gmail.com Serious inquiries ONLY
Unique Dietary Supplement Business Inventory + Website. 3000+ Bottles
For sale is a unique dietary supplement blend and a website that was developed last year. We had other projects we moved on to and never launched this venture. You will receive everything we have and all the rights to it. We will include all of the contacts that we used to put this venture together including the manufacturer of the product and the designer of the website and labels. The actual product is about $2-2.50 per bottle from the manufacturer we used in California( but you can get it created at other private label manufacturers for around the same price. We are not manufacturers. We put together a list of ingredients and Pacific Naturals created the blend for us and shipped us the product. We have about 3.100 units on hand. The sale includes all of the product we have and the website. Shipping quote is $900 for UPS, you can also arrange ... moreyour own shipping or choose local pickup if you are in Phoenix. Unique Dietary Supplement Blend: Acacia Slim UPC: 726670290311 EAN: 0726670290311 Approximately 3000-3100 units/ bottles Date of Manufacture: 6/2013 Expiration Date: 06/2015 30 capsules per bottle. Ingredients per capsule: Acacia Rigidula 200mg, White Kidney Bean Extract 2:1 200mg, Caralluma Fimbriata 200mg, Acacia Fiber 150mg, Garcinia Cambogia Extract 150mg, Caffeine 50mg, Other Ingredients: Vegetable Cellulose Capsules Website& Domain: All files. Label& PSDs are included for easy editing. Please note: The statements. Graphics and text on the website are placeholder text and design. We do not make any claims.The statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any condition or disease. Neither the product or any of its ingredients have been approved or endorsed by the FDA or any other government agency.
Weed business for sale! Includes trademark, product and website! Holiday gift!
Hello All! This is going to be my first sale on Ebay and I am very excited! I am selling my catnip business! My husband and I put together every aspect of this business. But failed to launch it due to a few reasons. First. My husband was offered a job in April he couldn't refuse(you can check out his profile on linked using jasonbergeroncpp) Since it's a start-up with stock options, he decided to invest his time with them. Secondly. We found out I was pregnant around the same time and I just didn't have the energy to run the business, not to mention we needed health insurance asap. Now that I am 9 months pregnant, raising our little boy is my priority, so we have to say goodbye to our weed business, CatGreens™. We may even have our baby during this auction, I am 4 days past my due date! With the legalization of pot happening. ... moreWe noticed that there wasn't anything in the headshops and weed stores for pets! Ever look at your best feline friend smoking a bowl and wished you could share your session? Well, now your cat can get safely high with their own potent and unique weed, CatGreens™ Catnip! It's estimated that there are 74-96 million cats owned in the United States. Approximately 30-37% of households have a cat. ASPCA. There are over 117.538,000 households in the US! Great part is, you can sell weed(catnip) legally in all 50 states! Starting to see the potential? What this business comes with: 1. The domain name and website CatGreens.com(currently developed with Godaddy. You can make changes to the current one or create your own. Easily transferable. We'll cover cost. The domain name alone is worth quite a bit due to the memorability factor and the fact that it's only 2 words. Please see the website to learn more about our product, I had it go live to show for this auction* 2. The Trademark which expires 5/28/19. Registration number 79180, this alone cost us $500 and is easily transferable. We'll cover cost. 3. 25 pounds of fresh. Potent, signature, CatGreens™ Catnip. You will als
Web Site For Your Local Business - Complete Website Fully Optimized
Did You Know That Over 56% of your potential Customers, are coming from Mobile Devices? This is just one reason to choose us for your web design needs. When it comes to web design many sellers on here tend to use old and outdated templates for websites. This would be fine except for the fact that most of your potential customers are trying to find you on mobile devices. This includes mobile search. We have been in web design and online marketing since 1999 and we fully understand when technology changes you have to change with it or be left out. Below is a list of devices that your website will work on if you decide to use our services. 2.1 Android 1.0(API level 1) 2.2 Android 1.1(API level 2) 2.3 Android 1.5 Cupcake(API level 3) 2.4 Android 1.6 Donut(API level 4) 2.5 Android 2.0 Eclair(API level 5) 2.6 Android 2.0.1 Eclair(API level 6) 2.7 ... moreAndroid 2.1 Eclair(API level 7) 2.8 Android 2.2–2.2.3 Froyo(API level 8) 2.9 Android 2.3–2.3.2 Gingerbread(API level 9) 2.10 Android 2.3.3–2.3.7 Gingerbread(API level 10) 2.11 Android 3.0 Honeycomb(API level 11) 2.12 Android 3.1 Honeycomb(API level 12) 2.13 Android 3.2 Honeycomb(API level 13) 2.14 Android 4.0–4.0.2 Ice Cream Sandwich(API level 14) 2.15 Android 4.0.3–4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich(API level 15) 2.16 Android 4.1 Jelly Bean(API level 16) 2.17 Android 4.2 Jelly Bean(API level 17) 2.18 Android 4.3 Jelly Bean(API level 18) 2.19 Android 4.4 KitKat(API level 19) 2.20 Android 4.4 KitKat with wearable extensions(API level 20) 2.21 Android 5.0 Lollipop(API level 21) 4.1 iPhone OS 1.x 4.2 iPhone OS 2.x 4.3 iPhone OS 3.x 4.4 iOS 4 4.5 iOS 5 4.6 iOS 6 4.7 iOS 7 4.8 iOS 8 5.1 iOS 4 5.2 iOS 5 5.3 iOS 6 5.4 iOS 7 6.1 iOS 8 8.1 iOS 4 8.2 iOS 5 8.3 iOS 6 8.4 iOS 7 8.5 iOS 8 Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Internet Explorer Opera Safari Maxthon Rockmelt Sea Monkey Deepnet Explorer Avant Browser Windows NT 3.51 Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows 2000 Windows ME Windows XP Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10(Coming Soon) 5.1 OSX: Kodiak" 5.2 OSX 10.0: Ch
iGold Jewelry Business All Rights $50,000/Year With Website Domain www.iG0LD.com
Affiliate Jewelry Business Established in the art of Engagement and Bridal Jewelry 100% Drop Shipping. NO INVENTORY REQUIRED Tracking is supplied in 2 days. Your products arrives to your customer in a week. Pre Gift Boxed. YOU DONT HAVE TO BUY ANYTHING UNTIL YOU SELL IT. NO BUSINESS INFORMATION INSIDE THE PACKAGE TO SHOW WHERE IT CAME FROM. JUST A RETURN ADDRESS TO MY WAREHOUSE WITH NO NAME! You will receive our website to place your orders- Free shipping in the US. Returns within 30-Days. No Problem. Check the Products in the photos to the products at these links. An ACTIVE affiliate partners selling mostly silver(1) for sale and(2) sold items. Remember they make MINIMUM $50-100 PER sale priced as shown) 1) =(2) What more could you ask for? Join over 200 ACTIVE affiliates today Here from 7am-7pm to help you make $$$ Parent Company With Over ... more30 Years In The Jewelry Industry Currently hosted by I will include a link with a free 7 day trial WINNER WILL RECEIVE: All Rights to Domain. Registered until 12/15/15 Hosting IS NOT REQUIRED Product Supplier to Continue The Business I will be available during business hours to help answer any questions 3c0.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Feog4d71f%2B%3E3c0-14ba3f86f6a-0x11c-
Pet Collars Business/Inventory/Website
This business brings to market a product that is a unique concept in fashion pet collars. Created from the ground up by a Dallas/Fort Worth entrepreneur. The company has been in operation for 6 years and the products have been widely presented throughout the pet products industry. They have been extremely well received but, due to time and financial constraints, we have barely scratched the surface of their market potential. We would like to sell the business to someone with an appreciation for the pet industry and the time and resources to grow and expand. This company has been, and can easily continue to be, run successfully from home with very little overhead. There is a fully functional website with direct retail and wholesale e-commerce. Substantial amount of packaged. Retail-ready inventory for sale through wholesale distribution or ... moredirect to retail. Domain and fully functional website with direct retail and wholesale e-commerce. Customer list and trade contacts. All artwork and digital files including logos. Product images, etc. Fully portable business that can be relocated anywhere and operated from your home or small office with very little overhead. Wholesale value of inventory ~ $295.000.00. Retail value of inventory ~ $590.000.00. Bottom line. We are not able to give this business the time and resources it deserves. We have put a lot of passion and effort(not to mention equity! into getting the product developed, manufactured and debuted into the marketplace. We'd love to see someone take it to the next level and beyond! Full details will be provided for serious inquiries only.