Radiation Tester Radiation Monitor Model Radiation Monitor Microwave Survey Meter Eberline Model Eberline Microwave Leakage Geiger Test Source Victoreen Model Electromagnetic Radiation Kvp Meter Personal Radiation Radiation Meter Radon Narda 8616 Dosimeter Charger Ion Chamber Victoreen Radiation Fluke Victoreen Ludlum Model Victoreen Radiological Survey Meter Holaday Industries Isotropic Radiation Monitor Dosimeter Nuclear Associates Ludlum Radiation Measurement Electromagnetic Radiation Monitor Radiation Detector Radiometer Broadband Isotropic Radiation Scintillation Detector V-717 Nuclear Radiation Detector Survey Meter Particulate Monitor Geiger Counter Radiation Radiation Detection Cdv-715 Radiation Dosimeter Measurement Kit Victoreen Instrument Cd V-717 Nuclear Radiation Detector Survey Cdv-717 Cd V-717 Nuclear Radiation Detector Radcal Corporation Continuous Radon Monitor Cd 700 Bicron Alpha Bendix Radiation Detector Canberra Cd Civil Defense Clamp Cumulative Radiation Tester Cumulitive Radiation Tester Damaged Electrical Test Equipment Electronic Exploranium Gr-130 Minispec Survey Gamma Ray Family Fluke Geiger Counter Geiger Counter Tested Source Geiger Muller Counter Gr-130 Minispec Survey Gamma Ray Spectrometer Hewlett Packard Hickok Tube Tester Hp Industrial Instrument Laser Ludlum Ro2 Mantle Meter Meter Model Microwave Oven Multimeter Narda Not Working Nuclear Oscilloscope Power Meter Power Supply Preamplifier Radiation Resistor Rf Rf Microwave Meter Rohde Schwarz Solar Electronics Source Survey Meter Tes Tes-593 Test Equipment Tested Equipment Tester Tools Trucks Radiation Testers Tube Tester Tv-7 Waste X-Ray Emf Femto Bendix Radiation Bendix Dosimeter Electrosmog Isotropic Probes Pocket Dosimeter Electromagnetic Detector Vintage Meters Unfors
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Manufactured in the 1960s. This is an unused Civil Defense radiation survey meter, designed for measuring dangerous radiation levels after a nuclear explosion or major nuclear reactor power plant failure. A unique, and functional, historical object from the cold war era. Manual copy included. Checked using its“Circuit Check” function. Bulk-Storage. This meter may have minor scrapes. Rub marks and occasional dings and paint chips from bulk storage. Bulk-stored meters do not come with straps or their original individual boxes. They may also have early calibration tags. CD(Civil Defense) label on one side. PLEASE NOTE: Even though this meter passes its“circuit check” function. It may need calibration to be certain it will read correctly when needed. I include a note on cleaning the cable contacts, and provide a reference for calibration and ... morerepair, if you wish to have it accurately calibrated. Shipped with a fresh alkaline battery installed. In discussion with Victoreen. I asked: 1) Are these meters still serviceable? They are serviceable. 2) Would they be a good home-use instrument in case of a radiological event? Yes. 3) How delicate are they? They’re tough. They tend to read within 20% without calibration, which is about the accuracy that is necessary for home use. PLEASE NOTE: This is not a“Geiger Counter” for prospecting. Though designed like a Geiger Counter. It has an ion-chamber, not a Geiger-Muller sensing tube. It is shielded to detect only high-energy Beta(2 MEV and up) and Gamma radiation from a nuclear explosion or nearby high-energy ionizing radiation source. It will NOT detect mineral radiation, identify Uranium Oxide glass or sense your alpha-emitting smoke detector. It will NOT detect slightly radioactive steel, or titanium or tungsten isotopes. Meter scale is 0-5 R/Hr. Ranges are: X100. X10, X1, X0.1. The meter separates into three components. The ion chamber in the bottom can extend 25-feet on a cable. This allows the detector to be placed outside, while the meter is read insi
This is a Victoreen CD V-717 model 1 meter This meter has a removable base piece that can be placed 25 feet away from the meter. I powered it up and it zeros and the circuit test works fine I have no way to test it more than that. It might need calibrating g63.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Feog4d71f%2B%3Eg63-14852059002-0x116-
This is a Victoreen CD V-717 meter I put a battery in it and it does power up. The circuit test pegs the meter and it zeros out This meter has a 25 foot cable for remote use. It seems to work fine. dhep.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk%601d72f%2Bishm%3Ed%7Fhep-1497e9c3053-0x105-