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Condition: New – Open box
Location: Gilbert, United States
Baileigh Industrial exhaust pipe benders are well built to last for decades of profitable production. If that is the case look, at the EB-300 exhaust ... morebender from Baileigh Industrial. This just might be tool you need to add profitability back to your jobs.

Former Listings  
Baileigh tube bender Pipe Dies
Baileigh tube bending dies. 1/2. 3/4, 1, 1 1/4, 1 1/2. Pipe Dies all in good shape. This auction is for one set of dies only but a bulk purchase for all the dies is available.
Baileigh Industrial Mandrel Bender MB-350, With 2.5" & 3" Tooling.
This bender has been very lightly used. Comes with 2.5" 3" tooling for aluminized steel 0.65 wall. stainless steel. The MB-350 mandrel bender from Baileigh Industrial is the perfect machine for small to medium fabricators looking to either increase productivity or bend to small radii like 1.5 times the outside diameter of the material. Bending stainless steel exhaust is another great application for the MB-350. This machine has a capacity of 3” OD x.065” wall thickness on stainless steel. The MB-350 is made in the USA and is packed with great features. Operation is controlled by a touch screen programmer that is capable of having 170 programs with 10 bends per program with the included memory. But is unlimited with the use of an SD card. A 10’ mandrel extraction table ... morewith rotary chuck is also included. This table along with the four manual carriage stops, allows the operator to“program” where the next bend is. This is a right handed mandrel bender with single stack tooling which makes operation a lot less confusing for first time operators. Of course. Tooling on the MB-350 like all mandrel benders is application specific and must be verified to work by Baileigh Industrial. Tooling consists of five parts; 1- Rotary Bending Die; 2- Clamp Die; 3- Pressure Die; 4- Mandrel; 5- Wiper Die. Call 804-928-7445 if you have any questions. Posted with.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk.rp*05e54c%3E-13fef8360a9-0xf3-
Baileigh RDB 125 hydraulic pipe bender
This item has been used one time with minimal wear Baileigh RDB-125 Tube and Pipe Bender RDB-125 The RDB 125 tubing and pipe bender is one of the latest additions to the Baileigh/RMD lineup. This bender features big capacity for the money and is able to bend 2.5" round tube or 2" Sch 40 pipe. Using a single hydraulic cylinder. The machine is capable of 180 degrees of bend without any repositioning of the tooling. The cylinder can be reset and restroked by using the foot pedal control. It also features a quick release counterbend die for easy positioning/removal of the tubing. U sing industrial grade hydraulics and heavy steel construction. This machine is built to withstand tough industrial jobs. Features 180 degree capable(multiple strokes of cylinder) 2-1/2" Round Tube. 120 m/s) 2" Sch. 40 pipe capacity capacity(m/s) ... more2" Chrome Moly(120 wall) 2" Square capacity(125 m/s) 7" CLR maximum 110V Made in the USA
Hydraulic Tube Bender RDB-150 Baileigh Industrial (fabrication)
I have a tube bender that is like new that I am selling. this comes with a 1.5" tubing die set. this bender was 5995.00 new plus shipping. you can take your fabrication business to the next level with this machine. the following text is taken from the mfg. website: The RDB-150 tube bender from Baileigh Industrial broke new ground in 2002 when it became the first hydraulic tube bender to consistently and accurately bend tube and pipe to 180 degrees in one shot. Since then we now have thousands in the field working as well today as they did the day they were made. The RDB-150 is the perfect bender for small to medium fabrication shops looking to save time and money. The RDB-150 uses a low pressure industrial grade hydraulic system that operated on 110 volts. This industrial grade system allows the RDB-150 to bend 2" Schedule 40 pipe ... moreand up to 2-1/2" tubing with a wall thickness of.120" mild steel. The RDB-150 has an 8" centerline radius maximum. Depending on the outside diameter of the material being bent. The RDB-150 accepts all Baileigh Industrial"drop on" tooling, giving you thousands of choices for your application. Baileigh Industrial will also make custom tooling sets if the need arises. Other features of the RDB-150 are an easy to read degree indicator and quick release counter die system. Which allows the pipe bender to be loaded and unloaded quickly. The base of the RDB-150 tube bender also includes wheels, this help with shops that are especially small and allows the bender to be pushed out of the way when not in use.
Baileigh Industrial H60 Roll Bender
GOING OUT OF BUSINESS SALE! This is the Baileigh Industrial H60 roll bender in great shape. It features 3 driven rolls. Hydraulic top roll positioning, bends vertically and horizontally, digital readout, bends up to 2.75" square tubing, 3.75" round tubing and is 220V 3PH. This machine is in perfect working condition and comes with the standard universal dies and also 6 round tubing dies. Round tubing dies included are: 1" 1.25" 1.375" 1.500" 1.750" and 2" These dies cost $1000/set! Cost of machine new with dies is $26,000. Our shop has recently close so were selling this machine for thousands less! This unit is ready to ship! The only problem with the machine is during transport another machine tipped and fell into the left side of it(see picture) Just cosmetic damage. Some scratches and a few small ... moredents. Machine has normal signs of wear and tear. Sold as is, no warranty. If you have any other questions. Please ask. Thank you
Baileigh Manual Hand Bender - RDB-10
Used TWICE! Local Pick up Orcas Island WA 98245 OR we can pallet-up and buyer organizes freight pick up. Thanks.Navigator Stoves.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk.rp*a4%601gc%3E-145388527dd-0x10f-
Baileigh R-M55H Hydraulic Ring Roll Bender Pyramid Bending Section Pinch Roller
R-M55H Hydraulic Adjust Roll Bender This unit was taken in satisfaction of a judgment by Mostyn Prettyman. PLLC. We are a law firm, not an equipment broker, and we have no use for a tube bender. If you do, then it's your lucky day. This unit was manufactured June 2013 and was purchased in October 2013. There is nothing wrong with this item. It is practically brand new. It was seized from a business that was using it as recently as June 2014. Shipping needs to be arranged by the Buyer. Buyer may have it shipped to wherever it needs to go. But take possession in Rogers, AR. Call Josh@ Toll Free 1-855-464-4529 to arrange shipping from the law office. Click here for capacities and specifications: The R-M55H metal ring roller is a very powerful bender capable of rolling 2" Schedule 40 pipe. Or 2" X 2" 187) angle iron in mild ... moresteel. This model has a power requirement of 220 volts, single phase, so it literally can work in any fabrication shop or on any job site. The R-M55H has a powerful direct gearbox drive system that delivers full torque when bending at full capacity. A Sieman's inverter drive protects this metal ring roller when bending at full load. The inverter drive allows this ring roll to provide variable speeds. A variable speed machine really comes in handy when dealing with different materials. Adjustments to this Benders speed can be made on the fly. Like all Baileigh hydraulic single pinch ring rollers. This machine has a powerful top roll that uses industrial grade hydraulics. The hydraulic top roll works in conjunction with the programmable digital read out. This DRO can be programmed with the final down position and upward stroke which allows for precise repeatability when doing production runs. The R-M55H ring roll comes with a sturdy frame that allows the operator to run the machine in a vertical or horizontal position. This section bender come with a set of segment rolls that allows the operator to bend certain flat materials. As well as some angle iron applications. Additiona
Baileigh Industrial MB-350 Mandrel Bender !!! Tube Bender - Tube Notchers !!!
Purchesed in 2009 brand new. Used it maybe 10- 20 times. Paid: $ 44.795. Buyer is responsible for a pick-up. Located in Richmond VA. For more info call 804 525 6738.
USED Baileigh RDB-100 Manual Tube Pipe Bender Tubing Bending RMD 2006 w/ Die
You are bidding on a USED Baileigh Rotary Draw Bender. New in 2006. Very little use. Bought for a job that did not last very long. Includes: 1-1/4" Tubing Die I prefer local pick-up. But would band to a skid and ship via your common carrier. Call 262-719-0232 or email with questions. No lowballers. You are already saving $ 1,000.00 over new, don't insult me.
Rotary Mandrel Tubing Bender, Dial Positioner Air Over Hydraulic Pines Baileigh
800-380-4913 SKU: IP3932 Rotary Mandrel Tubing Bender. Dial Positioner Air Over Hydraulic Pines Baileigh. In Stock: 1 Brand: Pines Baileigh Unknown Condition: Used Notes: Used Item. Good Condition. Model: Unknown Type: Rotary Mandel Tubing Bender Capacity: Unknown Used Rotary Mandrel Tubing/ Pipe Bender equipped with Dial Guage Indicating Positioner. Collet Set with Sizes Ranging from 1/4" to 1 1/4" in diameter. The dial gauge is marked 360 degrees with 8 positioning cams that can be preset for makeing multiple idententical bends in production use. As for the bending capacity of this machine I cannot say for sure the maximum diameter or wall thickness this unit is capable of bending. After researching several similar units I am estimating this could bend up to 3" exhaust tubing with the right tooling. I only have a 1/4" ... morebending mandrel for this unit, but it does accept standard tooling. I cannot identify the manufacturer of this bender. It has been used over the years by the Department of Defense in the manufacturing of C-130 Aircraft Components. It is in excellent condition and ready to go back to work. Applications: Hydraulic lines, Aircraft Fabrication, Ornamental Ironworking, Motorcycle Fabrication, Steel Tubing Frames, Rollcages, Air Lines, Brake Lines, Automation Cntrl Sensing Devices Industrial Control Speed Controls Motion Control Encoder Industrial Parts R Us Accepts PayPal& Visa. Mastercard, Discover, AMEX. We are always happy to accommodate our customers and fully understand the importance of timely shipping. Please view our shipping policies below to better understand how we can help you. All"non-freight" orders placed before 10:00 A.M. EST will be shipped the same day. All orders placed after 10:00 A.M. EST will be shipped on the following day. All smaller items 70 lbs. and under ship USPS Priority Mail. Larger packages up to 150 lbs. will be shipped UPS Ground Service. Next Day Service is available if order is placed by 3:30 P.M. EST. For Emergency Orders call 800-3
Baileigh Rotary Draw Pipe and Tubing Bender RDB050 for Roll Cages & Fabrication
Very lightly used Baileigh Industrial pipe& tubing bender. This bender requires a specific die for each tube or pipe you plan on bending. For example. If you want to bend 1 3/4" tube for a roll cage, you need a 1 3/4" tube die. Dies are not included. This is a mechanical ratcheting bender with a degree wheel. It includes the stand and ratcheting arm. Can bend up to 2 1/2" OD mild steel with a wall thickness of.120" and 2" OD Chromoly with a wall thickness of.120"
this electric over hydraulic tube and pipe bender. has been well taken care of and used properly. it is a baileigh rdb 125 it comes with a set of 1 1/4 inch dies. the specs are. CLR.5 inch.Minimum OD.25 inch,mild steel solid rod 1.25 inch,mild steel pipe schedule 40 2 inch,mild steelround tube wall 2.5 inch, mild steel square tube 2 inch, stainless pipe schedule 40 1.5 inch, maximum center line radius is 10.5 inch. this is a great machine and would be assett to your company. the cost of it new was 5400.00 so dont miss out on this awesome buy for a fraction of that cost. thanks and good luck bidding
Baileigh RDB-250 Programmable Tube Pipe Bender Tubing W/full set pipe dies ect
Baileigh Manual Hand Bender - RDB-10 / RB-2
Used Twice. Standard set of dies. In need of a home! Navigator Stoves