Opt 13 1F Portable Analog Oscilloscope Tektronix 2465B 400Mhz 2 Channel 60Mhz Digitizing Oscilloscope 500Mhz 15 Mhz Oscilloscope Digital Oscilloscope 300Mhz Tektronix 2232 Oscilloscope Cal'd Tektronix 465 100Mhz 100Mhz Dual Channel 4 Channel Digitizing Oscilloscope Telequipment Oscilloscope 1Ghz 4 Channel Tektronix 7603 Oscilloscope 100Mhz 2Ch 40Mhz Oscilloscope 60Mhz Digital Tektronix 2235 100Mhz 4-Channel Digitizing 100Mhz Digital Storage Oscilloscope 1 Ghz Digital Oscilloscope 20Mhz Dual Trace Oscilloscope Analog Oscilloscope Two Probes Tektronix 2430A Digital Oscilloscope 500Ms S Digital Oscilloscope 100Mhz Dual Trace 150Mhz Digital Oscilloscope Channel Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope Digital Oscilloscope 200Mhz Tektronix 2445A Digital Oscilloscope With Gpib Tektronix 2445 Oscilloscope Tektronix 2440 Digital Oscilloscope Ghz 4 Ch Tektronix 2230 Channel Digital Real Time Oscilloscope 15Mhz Oscilloscope Tektronix Powers 4Ch 1Ghz Analog Oscilloscope Model Sweep Oscilloscope 2235 100Mhz Oscilloscope With Dm44 Dual Beam Oscilloscope Oscilloscope 350 Mhz Tektronix Tas Ch 100Mhz Tektronix 2465 300Mhz Tektronix 2213A Oscilloscope Plug-Ins 100 Mhz Dual 2 Channel Scope Oscilloscope 100Ms Tektronix 2445B Oscilloscope Modules Tektronix 2246 20Mhz Analog 2Ch 100Mhz Oscilloscope Tektronix 2235 100Mhz Oscilloscope 500 Mhz 4 Channel Laboratory Oscilloscope 2467B Oscilloscope Tektronix 2467B Oscilloscope 20Mhz 2 Channel 100Mhz 2 Channel Digital 500Mhz 2Gs Gsa S Digital Tektronix 7904 Dual Trace Oscilloscope Model 40 Mhz Oscilloscope Tektronix Oscilliscope Channel 300 Mhz Tenma Oscilloscope Digital Storage Oscilloscope 100 Mhz Tektronix 7603 2Ch 100Mhz Usb Oscilloscope 2 5Gs 500Mhz 4Ch Digital Oscilloscope Mhz 4 Channel Digital Oscilloscope Id 2-Channel Dual Trace Dual Trace Analog Digital Oscilloscope Dso 500Mhz 4Ch 60Mhz Dual Tektronix 7904 Oscilloscope Oscilloscope Excellent Oscilloscope Untested 2-Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope Digital Storage Oscilloscope 2 Channel 10Mhz Oscilloscope Portable Digital Oscilloscope Tektronix Oscilloscope Camera 2Ch Digital Oscilloscope 2215 Oscilloscope Tektronix 7104 Tektronix 2215 Tektronix 7A18 Eico Oscilloscope Dso Digital Oscilloscope Read Oscilloscope Counter Timer Ic For Tektronix Digital Oscilloscope Calibrated 100Mhz 4 Channel Oscilloscope 500Mhz 2Gsa S Oscilloscope Tektronix 2430 Digital Oscilloscope Model Tektronix 7104 Oscilloscope Lecroy Waverunner Channel 150 Mhz Mhz Digitizing Oscilloscope Oscilloscope 7A26 4 Channel 100 Mhz 20Mhz Dual Tektronix 2400 Series Tektronix 2213 300Mhz 2 100Mhz 2-Ch Tektronix 24Xx Oscilloscope 1 Ghz 4 50 Mhz Oscilloscope Tektronix 2236 Oscilloscope 30 Day Warranty Oscilloscope 500Mhz 2 Oscilloscope Camera 2465B 2467B 100 Mhz Analog Oscilloscope Hp 54501A 500 Mhz 2 Channel Oscilloscope 6 Tektronix 475A 10 Mhz Oscilloscope Oscilloscope Rack Dual Channel Analog Oscilloscope Channel 20 Mhz Handheld Oscilloscope Digital Analog Oscilloscope Digital Oscilloscope Tested Vintage Heathkit Oscilloscope 500Mhz 2Gsa Oscilloscope Tube 475A Oscilloscope 100Mhz 4 Channel Mhz Digitizing 2465A 350Mhz Oscilloscope Sencore Oscilloscope 60Mhz Two Channel Oscilloscope Scopemeter Oscilloscope 2Ch Digital Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope Dpo Dual Trace Analog Oscilloscope Oscilloscope Cart Tektronix 2215A Tektronix 2440 Oscilloscope 500 Mhz 2 422 Oscilloscope Tektronix 2465A 350Mhz 465 2 Channel Oscilloscope W Accessories Tektronix 468 Dual Time Base Oscilloscope 2445B Oscilloscope Gs S 4 Channel 1Gs S Digital Digital Oscilloscope 4 Channel 500Mhz 485 Oscilloscope 100Mhz Two Channel Oscilloscope Two Probes 300 Mhz Digital Oscilloscope Rca Oscilloscope Digital Oscilloscope 500Mhz 2Gs Sampling Oscilloscope 2Gs S 500Mhz 13 1F 1M 2F 465B Oscilloscope Fluke 123 2215A Oscilloscope 24Xx Series 4 Channel Analog Oscilloscope 2 Channel Digitizing Mhz Portable Oscilloscope Tektronix 2467B Mhz Mixed Signal Tektronix 466 Wide Band Oscilloscope Tektronix 2465 300 Mhz Fluke 97 Scope Mobile Tektronix 465B Oscilloscope 30Mhz Oscilloscope Storage Scope Ghz Digital Oscilloscope
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New Page 1 Illuminated ORNAMENT New Life Electronics NLESURPLUS New Page 1 TEKTRONIX 5440 OSCILLOSCOPE DESCRIPTION THE UNIT POWERS ON. THIS AUCTION IS BEING SOLD AS IS FOR PARTS OR REPAIR. THERE MAY BE MISSING OR BROKEN PARTS. THERE MAY BE COSMETIC WEAR ON THE CASE FROM NORMAL USAGE. WE DO NOT HAVE ANY FURTHER INFORMATION ON THIS PRODUCT. AUCTION INCLUDES OSCILLOSCOPE ONLY AUCTION DOES NOT INCLUDE MANUAL. CABLES,OR ANY OTHER ACCESSORIES ITEM ID: L0517 CONTACT US Store hours: Monday- Friday 8:30 AM TO 4:00 PM EST Closed: Saturday& Sunday. We are also closed on some holidays. Address: 16621 US Hwy 19 Hudson. FL 34667 PAYMENT We accept PayPal and eCheck payments. We also accept all major credit and debit cards. Please contact us at(877) 797-5619 to make credit/debit card payments. SHIPPING We ship all orders within 1-2 Business Days of cleared ... morepayment. Please contact us immediately to make any address changes or for special instructions. WARRANTY No Warranty: Item sold as is. SquareTrade © AP6.0 SquareTrade © squaretrade warranty v2.0
Thanks for your interest in supporting Merit ePartners#R13110420 This listing is for a Tektronix 5440 Mainframe Oscilloscope w/ plug-ins 5A14N 4-Channel Amplifier Module. 5A26 Dual Differential Amplifier. And 5B10N Time Base/Amplifier as pictured. According to our research. These units offer a speed of 60/50 MHz. This system is in good cosmetic condition with surface wear and a few stickers from prior use. It powers on. This system responds to setting adjustments. The back of the unit has a label that says Op 3. There are no additional parts. Fixtures or power cords included. Only the parts that are pictured. Please note that we are listing item/s on eBay with the condition"used" and not the condition"for parts or not working" because we do not know the full working condition of the products we are selling. We test to ... morepower on and response only. We try to describe any known defects if we think there might be an issue. We are not experts. Items were consigned to us for resale. Please ask questions if you have condition questions. We offer a customer satisfaction guarantee for 30 days. The item/s is being offered to support the operation of our non profit organization. Your purchases help to keep us a self sustaining enterprise. Please watch Meritonlinesales for more industrial. Test and measurement, scientific, computer, telecom and networking equipment. Shipping and Handling Information We currently have staff available to provide packing once a week. So shipments may be delayed. Kindly keep that in mind when ordering or bidding on a product. It may not be possible for overnight or expedited orders. Please rate our shipping speed with the knowledge that we generally pack and ship within 7 business days. We will ship to US customers. We cannot export or ship to a eBay buyers registered outside of the US or Canada. We cannot ship to export companies. Please note: We are a work training program; all packaging is done by participants of the program. Handling rates are paid directly to the particip
This 5440 50 MHz Oscilloscope is CLEAN! This unit is cooled by a non-filtered fan. Yet there is no dust anywhere in the oscilloscope. The circuit boards are clean, and the components are shiny! It appears that the mainframe has had little run time. The plug-ins are not original to the scope, but you'll get the best units from my inventory. They are in nice condition. Only the time base has buttons that have yellowed with age. The scope comes with a 5A48 Dual Trace Amplifier, which gives you two channels with a bandwidth of 50 MHz, and a 5A14N which gives you 4 more channels at 1 MHz. The 5B42 is a delaying time base that also runs at 50 MHz. So there are 2 channels at 50 MHz, and 4 channels at 1 MHz, a total of 6 channels. In the pictures, you will see how it displays a 1 MHz signal(from a tired Heathkit RF generator! The exterior is ... morealso clean, with only minor paint nicks and rubs on the edges. The condition is far above average for a unit of this age. Shipping is free to the mainland 48 states. Contact me if you live outside of the 48 states. The scope is rather large- almost 2 feet long- and weighs over 30 pounds, so foreign shipping can be very expensive. This oscilloscope appears to be 100% operational, but not calibrated. I ship the day after payment, barring unforeseen circumstances.
TMG Surplus Click small picture to enlarge, ClicPicO Click small picture to enlarge. Description Offered for sale is a Tektronix CRT. Part number 154-0701-00. This CRT is for a type 5440 Tektronix Oscilloscope. Condition Physical condition is good. It has not been tested. There are no obvious faults. Status This item is sold as" Untested" See below for further details. Test Equipment Auctions 231 Osborne Avenue(enter via Clayton Road) Clayton South. VIC 3169 Australia Ph. 03 9265 7438 Fax. 03 9558 0575 International +61 3 9265 7438 9:30am to 4:30pm Monday- Friday. For pickups please call ahead. All our items fall under three categories; Tested and Working" Powered On" and"Untested" For all returns, return shipping costs must be paid for by the customer and original shipping costs will not be refunded. We endevour ... moreto provide images of the actual item but in some instances may use photos of another item(same model item) For this reason please treat images as a guide only. Tested and Working Items that are tested and working include a 7 Day. Return to base warranty. We accept returns if an item is not as advertised in the written description or if it fails to perform a function that is expected of it. Powered On If an item is listed as"Powered On" we mean that the item turns on and no faults are visible or audible. We will accept returns where an item does not power on. We cannot guarantee the functionality of the item. This method of testing ensures we can keep the cost of our items down. We will always list any faults we are aware of. Untested Many of our items are sold as Untested and also may include incomplete items. For the most part. This is to keep our costs down to ensure the lowest prices for our customers. For untested items we do not accept any returns. Untested items provide our customers with the opportunity to assess goods, fix and purchase them"as is" for a heavily reduced rate. Payment Paypal To pay using PayPal follow the checkout instructions throu
PRISM ELECTRONICS"Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence and Service in the Electronics Industry" TEKTRONIX 5440 OSCILLOSCOPE. AS IS FOR REPAIR OR PARTS. Items included are: One(1) Oscilloscope Shipping Weight: 31.00Lbs. Condition: Does not power on. Untested. Important: If you have any question regarding this unit please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to answer your questions. Please read the entire description. Most common questions are discussed here. Included is only what is mentioned: 1 unit as shown in picture.The pictures represents the actual item. No other cables. Parts, power adapters, software or any other accessories are included. No warranty is included. The sale is as is and final. No returns. Shipping: Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs. Please note that for domestic shipments(within the U.S. we ... moreship Fedex ground only. But you can use UPS ground shipping rates(calculated automatically by eBay) to estimate the shipping charges. Actual Fedex ground rates may be cheaper than UPS depending on the destination, so for heavy packages you can always contact us to get the exact shipping rate. FEDEX does not ship to PO Boxes- please provide us with a normal address prior to completing the transaction. International shipments are shipped by USPS Global Express mail. If such option is available, twice a week. Please note that the Buyer is responsible for all custom duties/taxes/fees, where applicable. Import duties. Taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding/buying. We do not mark merchandise values below value or mark items as"gifts" U.S. and International government regulations prohibit such behavior. Please allow 2-3 business days to process international shipments. Export controlled items require certificate of usage to be filled out for review to be in compliance with Ex
TEKTRONIX 5440 OSCILLOSCOPE W/ 5B40 TIME BASE(2)5A48 DUAL TRACE AMPS WORKS! ELECT1304LG077-0339-FS-CT Powered by The free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items. lm3vhp.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk%601d72f%2Bjw%60%3Elm3vhp-1404f6bf491-0xfc-
TEKTRONIX 5440 OSCILLOSCOPE MOD 816G WITH PLUGIN'S 5B42 DELAYING TIME BASE 5A48 DUAL TRACE AMPLIFIER U NI T IN WORKING CONDITION SOME SCUFFS AND SCRATCHES FROM NORMAL USE THIS IS THE ACTUAL ITEM YOU WILL GET NO ACCESSORIES COMES WITH THIS UNIT ITEM1518 SERIAL NUMBER B109039 Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Shipping· Shipping to Hawaii. Alaska, Puerto Rico all U.S. bases and territories requires extra shipping charge· WE SHIP TO ALL VERIFIED EBAY/ PAYPAL ADDRESSES NO SHIPPING TO P.O. BOX NUMBERS International Shipping International shipping is extra We will complete the custom forms truthfully and declare the value of the bid price honestly we cannot ship items as“gifts” Returns We offer on most of our items 14 day return option: In order to get a refund these conditions must be met by the buyer: 1. Buyer must notify ... moreus by eBay email within 14 days of receiving the item that item is being returned 2. We will give you approval by eBay email to return the item 3. We must receive the item back within 14 days after approval is given 4. Buyer must notify us thru eBay email of tracking info 5. Item must be in the original condition that the buyer received 6. Item cannot be tampered with in any way 7. Seal must not be broke(some items will have a do not tamper seal) 8. Item must be packed properly and securely by the buyer and insured when item is returned to us. 9. Buyer is responsible for return shipping cost. 10. SEE ALL CONDITION AS-IS Items Item that are marked as is will not be allowed to be returned if you do not agree with this rule please do not purchase an As-Is item from us. We will not accept returns if there is a compatibility issue. Please make sure that the item you are purchasing is the item that you need. ITEMS SOLD FOR PART. OR NOT WORKING NO RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED. BRAND NEW ITEMS THAT ARE RETURNED AND NOT IN ITS ORIGINAL CONDITION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED* MUST BE IN ORIGINAL CONDITION SO WE CAN SELL IT AS NEW AGAIN IF ITEM IS USED OR OUT OF ITS ORIGINAL CASE OR IF SEAL IS BR
You are bidding on one(1) used Tektronix 5440 Oscilloscope with 5A48 + 5A45 + 5B40.This unit was tested by a retired Tektronix Engineer.and determined it to be in very good condition.This unit has 2 small dents on the top grills/vents that do not affect any functions what-so-ever. This Oscilloscope includes the following: Tektronix 5440 Oscilloscope 5A48 Dual Trace Amplifier-Tested Working 5A45 Dual Trace Amplifier-Tested Working 5B40 Time Base- Tested Working.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk.rp*05e54c%3E-14217f34f5b-0xfa-
Tektronix analog oscilloscope sell as-is. All buttons respond well, all modules display the calibration signal correctly, but I do not have a signal generator for an accurate test. one probe included.
IF THERE ARE ANY ISSUES WITH YOUR ORDER. WE ASK THAT YOU CONTACT US BEFORE OPENING A CASE IN EBAY. PLEASE READ ALL OF CLC's TERMS& CONDITIONS PRIOR TO BIDDING. WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS. THANK YOU FOR LOOKING. Manufacturer: Tektronix Model: 5440 Oscilloscope with 5A45 Amplifier and 5B40 Time Base Modules Part# 5440 Condition: POWERS ON. NOT TESTED FURTHER. SOLD AS-IS FOR PARTS OR REPAIR. NO WARRANTY. NO RETURNS. COMES AS SHOWN IN THE PHOTOS. ACTUAL ITEM PICTURED. DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY OTHER PARTS OR ACCESSORIES. D- TERMS AND CONDITIONS: For full details. Please check our Terms and Conditions page. PAYMENT: For full payment details. Please visit our Payment Policy page. SHIPPING: For complete shipping inquiries. Please visit our Shipping Policy page. RETURNS: For a complete list of our Terms. Conditions, and RMA Warranty, visit our ... moreReturns page. We work very hard to earn your positive feedback by providing you with outstanding support. We appreciate your business and looking forward to providing you with outstanding service. Quality, and pricing you deserve. CLCEN1 is not responsible for any damages caused by this item in the case of a malfunction. Improper maintenance/usage, or neglegence of the user. DROP SHIPPING: WE DO NOT DROP SHIP ANY PACKAGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE TAX EXEMPT: Tax Exempt buyers are required to send us state form BOE-230 within 24 hours of purchase. Please fill out state form BOE-230 and fax or email it to us. A resale certificate copy will not be accepted. Form BOE-230 can be found here: CONTACT: My About Me Page Return Address: CLC( CLCEN) 5332 Industrial Dr. Huntington Beach. CA 92649 Phone: 714) 895-5802 Fax: 714) 897-9498 Business Hours: Monday- Thursday 8:15am- 4:30pm(PST) Friday: 8:15am- 12:00pm Saturday. Sunday, Holidays: CLOSED. We are not a retail store. Or open to the public
Used in good working condition. Comes with manual and cover. Will ship ups ground.
Click Here. Double your traffic. Get Vendio Gallery- Now FREE! Up for sale is a TEKTRONIX 5440 OSCILLOSCOPE w/ 5a48 dual trace ampl and 5b40 time base. This item is in good working order. Shows signs of use. Contact Us: Office hours are Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm EST. For additional information. Please call us at 910-352-8812, though contact by eBay message is preferred Auction: If you are the winning bidder. You will enter into a legally binding contract to purchase the item. If payment is not received within 4 days, the item may be offered to the next highest bidder or re-listed at the seller’s sole discretion and a non-payment dispute will be filed with eBay. Shipping: All orders inside the continental USA are shipped via UPS/Fedex Ground or USPS. Unless otherwise stated) Shipping Calculator: Shipping is calculated by zip code and is ... morelocated at the top of the auction page. Shipping and payments) Some items may have fixed shipping rates or free shipping. There is no packaging fee for freight shipments. However if you require crating then I will quote you for materials and labor. If you need help with a shipping quote you can email us. Orders are generally shipped within 24hrs of full payment being received. Please allow at least 72hrs to process freight shipments. Packaging: We use bubble wrap. Packing paper and recycled boxes selected to fit your item perfectly. All freight items will be palletized. Shrink wrapped and strapped. International Shipping: Orders shipped outside the continental USA are subject to additional taxes. Duties and other charges. Carolina Computer Parts Inc. is not responsible for these fees. Please note that we will not accept returns or issue refunds on items that are sent out and denied due to these charges. Shipping outside of the Continental USA is the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BUYER. We will package/palletize the item for shipping. If crating or any packaging above and beyond"normal" is required it is the RESPONSIBILITY OF THE BUYER. Payments: Payment must be received within