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Hello. Here for sale I have TEKTRONIX SONY 305 DMM OSCILLOSCOPE from estate sale. This piece of equipment has been plugged in and powered ON and it did ... moredisplay numbers on LED display and on screen thin green line showed up and went from left to right. Flipping switched and turning knobs does change screen and numbers on display. So that works. We are unable to test it further because we simple said do not know how to. No missing buttons or knobs and its is in great condition. It comes with power cord, some testing wires/cables and black leather/vinyl case as pictured above. This is sold as is and no returns. Thank You
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Tektronix 305 DMM Oscilloscope. Includes Case. Probes, Manual, Accessories! TreyTechnology Policy: Working or 100% Money Back Return Policy: Item(s) may be returned for ANY reason within 14 Days from buyers receipt of item. Buyers need only to notify seller of his or her intention to return item(s) 2p5ddv.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk%601d72f%2B26rk%3E2p5ddv-13f0657d5d9-0xfa-
Hello. Here for sale I have TEKTRONIX SONY 305 DMM OSCILLOSCOPE. This piece of equipment has been plugged in and powered ON and it did display numbers on LED display and on screen thin green line showed up and went from left to right. Flipping switched and turning knobs does change screen and numbers on display. So that works. We did test it little more and made tracer line go up and down and do what it is supposed to do. See pictures above. No missing buttons or knobs and its is in great condition. It comes with power cord, some testing wires/cables, 10x probe and black leather/vinyl case as pictured above. This is sold as is and no returns. Thank You{RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk%601d72f%2Bi%3Ahtpqto%3E%7B-13fcf9c1adc-0xf9-
SONY TEKTRONIX 305 DMM OSCILLOSCOPE W/OPERATORS MANUAL AND CABLES Condition: SONY TEKTRONIX 305 DMM OSCILLOSCOPE W/OPERATORS MANUAL AND CABLES USED Package Specifcs: Packaged Weight: 15 lb. Packaging Charge: $0.00, Shipping Service: UPS Ground, Shipping: Shipping Information: Before purchasing the item. Please remember the following: This item is not available for International Bidding or Shipping. We normally ship within 2-3 business days. USPS will ship to PO Boxes and street address. UPS will only ship to street address. Please use the shipping calculator on this page for shipping charges to your zip code. You will be responsible for paying these shipping charges in addition to the sale price should you win. Handling charges are included in the shipping calculator. Delivery to a United States address should be expected in 7-10 days after ... morefunds have been received and cleared through our Pay Pal account(Pay Pal payment) We ship after we have verification of funds. Normally. UPS Ground delivery is 4 days after it is placed in their system, but, unfortunately, we cannot gurrantee the rate of speed of UPS. Please understand, we cannot be held responsible for delivery delays or damages caused by UPS. All items are shipped insured in the amount of the item's final sale price. Once your item is shipped. You will receive an automated email from our UPS Store or Pay Pal which will allow you to track the shipments' progress to you. Please make sure your spam filters allow the email to pass to your account. Click the logo below to track your shipment. Export Control/ITAR Liability Please read carefully. By purchasing this item. You are doing so knowing and agreeing to the following conditions and agree to hold harmless Test Gear Nation Incorporated and all its’ agents should you improperly export this item. This item may be designated an “Export Control Item.” The use. Disposition, export and re-export of this item is subject to all applicable United States Laws and Regulations. This includes the Export Administr
Sony Tektronix 305 Dmm Oscilloscope w/ Tektronix P6149A 10X Passive Probe In good condition seems to work powers on not sure how to use this tester. Some scratches on the screen and missing back support tabs. Comes with 2 probes and test leads. Call Chris at 319-558-8308 with questions. Posted with
1-888-9WEC2IT(993-2248) Problem? Sony/Tektronix Model 305 DMM Oscilloscope w/ 1X/10X Probe. Item Description. Manufacturer Sony/Tektronix, Model Number 305, Category Test Equipment Oscilloscope, Cosmetic Wear Moderate: Some surface scratches. Scuffs, marker writing, stickers and/or adhesive residue, discoloration, Functional Condition Item powers on and beam is visible. Measures 1f sine wave successfully. Probe is functional as pictured. Items Included In Listing Item is as pictured w/ 1X/10X probe and power cord. JPC. Shipping charges seem too high? Please contact us through"ask a question" on the bottom of this ad with the item number and your postal code and we will investigate shipping charges.if you are an international buyer please provide city. Country, and postal code. Sorry, we do not use customer shipping accounts. Please ... morenote we only offer shipment via UPS unless otherwise specified. Want to pick up an item to save on shipping? Please let us know that you wish to pick up the item locally. Our hours for pick up are M-F 10-4pm. Please note Virginia sales tax of 5.3% will be charged for all items locally picked up. We have recently moved our new address is: C2 Management 351 Station Rd. Berryville, VA 22611. 540-955-5740. Buying more items from us? We offer a discount for additional purchases that can be shipped together. After the first won item please notify us that you are still bidding.do not pay until you are finished bidding so that we can get you a combined shipping total. Please request combined shipping total. We allow up to 7 days for items to be added to an existing order. PLEASE NOTE: If you think an accessory should be with this item. And it is not pictured or not mentioned, it is NOT included. This Listing Was Sourced By
Good condition with the book that comes with it and the wires shown in the pictures,RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk.rp*4a24%60%3C%3E-145c4dd307b-0x112-
Powered by Oscilloscope Sony Tektronix 305 DMM Portable Scope With Multimeter In the second picture you can see this working. I have a 1.1 KHz sine wave from our generator and the DMM is reading the voltage from our DC supply. For sale is a good condition and tested Sony Tektronix 305 DMM Portable Scope With Multimeter. We acquired several scopes but are only keeping a couple. We used them all to test the scopes themselves for proper function and we used them for our typical test uses. The battery pack was removed when we got it. We are including it with the sale but not installed. We assume the cells are old and the pack needs rebuilt. The unit comes as pictured. No probes. Manual, case, box or other items are included. Two of the feet/cord keepers have broken off of the rear cover. Payments: All Payments must be made through PayPal. If ... moreyou wish to pay with your credit card you may do so through PayPal. All Ohio Residents: If we are asked to ship a product within the state of Ohio. You will be charged state and/or local sales tax at the time of checkout. If you are tax exempt, we require that you provide us with the Ohio Department of Taxation Blanket Certificate of Exemption, prior to purchase or shipping. Payment must be received within 7 days of the close of auction. If payment isn't received within 7 days. The listing sale or auction will be revoked and a Non-Paying Bidder alert will be filed. Shipping: Packages are process for shipping within 24 hours of payment receipt(excluding Saturday/Sunday/Holiday) Shipping costs for all orders can be determined by the shipping calculator in this auction. All orders are shipped via USPS or UPS. International buyers: Generally. DALAUDIO LLC does not ship outside of the USA due to the nature of the items we offer, international laws, regulations and certification requirements. When and if we do offer items for sale on an international basis, please be aware that you may incur a brokerage and/or customs fee upon delivery. Winning bidder is responsible for shipping ch
Removed from Type 305 DMM'Scope. Worked quite well and all ranges were accurate.
Removed from Type 305 DMM'Scope.
This is a fully functional oscilloscope. With the fine qualities of a Tektronix instrument. It's an old beast. So it has sings of wear and tear, nothing major though, and some obvious performance limitations, but is still alive and working! It has served me for a long time. In different personal projects, and when it comes to occasions when an old school tool is good enough, is a great choice and a sweet compact model. DMM works fine measuring AC. DC Voltage and kilo Ohms. Note: The DMM probes are missing. But DMM works fine, and has only one original 10:1 probe. Never used the Battery. So not sure about it. It seems not to be working when I tested for this listing. The Sony/Tektronix 305 DMM Oscilloscope is a compact dual-trace 5 MHz analog scope with an integrated digital multimeter. It can be operated on battery power or plugged in ... moreto wall power. More technical information: w140.com/Tek_305_DMM_Oscilloscope_Schematics_IPB.pdf w140.com/tekwiki/wiki/305