Opt 13 1F Portable Analog Oscilloscope Tektronix 2465B 400Mhz 2 Channel 60Mhz Digitizing Oscilloscope 500Mhz 15 Mhz Oscilloscope Digital Oscilloscope 300Mhz Tektronix 2232 Oscilloscope Cal'd Tektronix 465 100Mhz 100Mhz Dual Channel 4 Channel Digitizing Oscilloscope Telequipment Oscilloscope 1Ghz 4 Channel Tektronix 7603 Oscilloscope 100Mhz 2Ch 40Mhz Oscilloscope 60Mhz Digital Tektronix 2235 100Mhz 4-Channel Digitizing 100Mhz Digital Storage Oscilloscope 1 Ghz Digital Oscilloscope 20Mhz Dual Trace Oscilloscope Analog Oscilloscope Two Probes Tektronix 2430A Digital Oscilloscope 500Ms S Digital Oscilloscope 100Mhz Dual Trace 150Mhz Digital Oscilloscope Channel Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope Digital Oscilloscope 200Mhz Tektronix 2445A Digital Oscilloscope With Gpib Tektronix 2445 Oscilloscope Tektronix 2440 Digital Oscilloscope Ghz 4 Ch Tektronix 2230 Channel Digital Real Time Oscilloscope 15Mhz Oscilloscope Tektronix Powers 4Ch 1Ghz Analog Oscilloscope Model Sweep Oscilloscope 2235 100Mhz Oscilloscope With Dm44 Dual Beam Oscilloscope Oscilloscope 350 Mhz Tektronix Tas Ch 100Mhz Tektronix 2465 300Mhz Tektronix 2213A Oscilloscope Plug-Ins 100 Mhz Dual 2 Channel Scope Oscilloscope 100Ms Tektronix 2445B Oscilloscope Modules Tektronix 2246 20Mhz Analog 2Ch 100Mhz Oscilloscope Tektronix 2235 100Mhz Oscilloscope 500 Mhz 4 Channel Laboratory Oscilloscope 2467B Oscilloscope Tektronix 2467B Oscilloscope 20Mhz 2 Channel 100Mhz 2 Channel Digital 500Mhz 2Gs Gsa S Digital Tektronix 7904 Dual Trace Oscilloscope Model 40 Mhz Oscilloscope Tektronix Oscilliscope Channel 300 Mhz Tenma Oscilloscope Digital Storage Oscilloscope 100 Mhz Tektronix 7603 2Ch 100Mhz Usb Oscilloscope 2 5Gs 500Mhz 4Ch Digital Oscilloscope Mhz 4 Channel Digital Oscilloscope Id 2-Channel Dual Trace Dual Trace Analog Digital Oscilloscope Dso 500Mhz 4Ch 60Mhz Dual Tektronix 7904 Oscilloscope Oscilloscope Excellent Oscilloscope Untested 2-Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope Digital Storage Oscilloscope 2 Channel 10Mhz Oscilloscope Portable Digital Oscilloscope Tektronix Oscilloscope Camera 2Ch Digital Oscilloscope 2215 Oscilloscope Tektronix 7104 Tektronix 2215 Tektronix 7A18 Eico Oscilloscope Dso Digital Oscilloscope Read Oscilloscope Counter Timer Ic For Tektronix Digital Oscilloscope Calibrated 100Mhz 4 Channel Oscilloscope 500Mhz 2Gsa S Oscilloscope Tektronix 2430 Digital Oscilloscope Model Tektronix 7104 Oscilloscope Lecroy Waverunner Channel 150 Mhz Mhz Digitizing Oscilloscope Oscilloscope 7A26 4 Channel 100 Mhz 20Mhz Dual Tektronix 2400 Series Tektronix 2213 300Mhz 2 100Mhz 2-Ch Tektronix 24Xx Oscilloscope 1 Ghz 4 50 Mhz Oscilloscope Tektronix 2236 Oscilloscope 30 Day Warranty Oscilloscope 500Mhz 2 Oscilloscope Camera 2465B 2467B 100 Mhz Analog Oscilloscope Hp 54501A 500 Mhz 2 Channel Oscilloscope 6 Tektronix 475A 10 Mhz Oscilloscope Oscilloscope Rack Dual Channel Analog Oscilloscope Channel 20 Mhz Handheld Oscilloscope Digital Analog Oscilloscope Digital Oscilloscope Tested Vintage Heathkit Oscilloscope 500Mhz 2Gsa Oscilloscope Tube 475A Oscilloscope 100Mhz 4 Channel Mhz Digitizing 2465A 350Mhz Oscilloscope Sencore Oscilloscope 60Mhz Two Channel Oscilloscope Scopemeter Oscilloscope 2Ch Digital Digital Phosphor Oscilloscope Dpo Dual Trace Analog Oscilloscope Oscilloscope Cart Tektronix 2215A Tektronix 2440 Oscilloscope 500 Mhz 2 422 Oscilloscope Tektronix 2465A 350Mhz 465 2 Channel Oscilloscope W Accessories Tektronix 468 Dual Time Base Oscilloscope 2445B Oscilloscope Gs S 4 Channel 1Gs S Digital Digital Oscilloscope 4 Channel 500Mhz 485 Oscilloscope 100Mhz Two Channel Oscilloscope Two Probes 300 Mhz Digital Oscilloscope Rca Oscilloscope Digital Oscilloscope 500Mhz 2Gs Sampling Oscilloscope 2Gs S 500Mhz 13 1F 1M 2F 465B Oscilloscope Fluke 123 2215A Oscilloscope 24Xx Series 4 Channel Analog Oscilloscope 2 Channel Digitizing Mhz Portable Oscilloscope Tektronix 2467B Mhz Mixed Signal Tektronix 466 Wide Band Oscilloscope Tektronix 2465 300 Mhz Fluke 97 Scope Mobile Tektronix 465B Oscilloscope 30Mhz Oscilloscope Storage Scope Ghz Digital Oscilloscope
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Free Shipping only to the lower 48 Contiguous United States. Free shipping not available to Canada. Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii. Test Equipment Solutions Today Excellence In Electronic Test And Measurement Tektronix 11402 1 GHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope Mainframe Options 2D. 11A71 ID#23861 Unit is being sold AS-IS and is Sold with NO Warranty Unit was received in a lot and has not been checked. 11/8/2012 UNIT TURNS ON. GOOD DISPLAY. PASSES SELF TESTS. Product Information/Description No manuals or accessories are included unless shown in the picture. The 11402 oscilloscope is a plug-in based. Digitizing oscilloscope with a built-in time base. It is an equivalent time digitizer, meaning that the source needs to be repetitive in order to capture the signal to the full bandwidth. 1-GHz Bandwidth 1-GHz Trigger Bandwidth 10-bit Vertical Resolution ... more14-bits with Averaging Powerful Measurement Set On-board Measurement Statistics Advanced Waveform Processing 8 Channels of Acquisition Dual Independent Time Bases Selectable 512 to 10K Point Record Lengths Menu-based. Touch-screen Front Panel Fully Programmable Over GPIB and RS-232-C Interfaces HPGL Plotter Output option 2D = memory expansion Record Duration: 5.12 ns to 1024 s Record Length: 512 points to 10.240 points Sampling Rate: 20 MS/s maximum Waveform Functions: Differentiate. Integrate, interpolate, smooth, average, and envelope. Arithmetic Operators: Plus, minus, multiply, divide, square root, logn, absolute value, signum, exp. CRT: 9" Diagonal. Monochrome, touch screen operation The Tektronix 11A71 is a used Single Channel Vertical Amplifier that provides 1GHz bandwidth when used in the 11402 Digitizing Mainframe(included) and 500MHz bandwidth when used in the 11401 Digitizing Mainframe(not included) or the 11302 Analog Mainframe(not included) Payment Payment shall be in advance of shipment. Test Equipment Solutions Today accepts PayPal. Cashiers Check, and Wire Transfer. All International customers require a wire transfer of funds. All payments ar
This auction is for: TEKTRONIX 11402 DIGITAL OSCILLOSCOPE MAINFRAME w/ 11A34& 11A71 PLUG-INS THIS UNIT POWERS ON FINE BUT HAS HAD NO FURTHER TESTING. FOR THAT REASON WE ARE SELLING THIS AS-IS WITH NO RETURNS Auction terms- Please read before placing your bid. Disclaimers The pictures include everything that you will get. Unless specifically noted in the description. If you do not see it in the photo or in the description block above. It is not included in the auction. Buyer is responsible for international customs fees. We do not ship to P.O. Boxes or unverified Paypal addresses. And we reserve the right not to sell to eBay buyers with excessive negative feedback. Payment Payment must be made within 4 days of auction close. We reserve the right to cancel the transaction and file an Unpaid Item Claim after 4 days. Buyers in California ... moreplease add 8.00% sales tax to all purchases. If you are a reseller and want to request a resellers' tax exemption. Please ask us for our BOE form which you will need to fill out, sign and fax it to us. We'll send you a new invoice with the sales tax removed. We accept: Paypal(Confirmed addresses only. Payment upon pickup. No personal checks. Please. Please contact us for other payment types. Shipment· US shipping charges are for the continental US only. Buyers in Alaska and Hawaii should contact us before buying for a more accurate shipping quote. Item usually ships within 1-2 days of payment received. We are happy to ship your item through your account with FedEx or UPS. However a packing and handling fee will still apply. We do not ship to P.O. Boxes or A.P.O. International buyers. Please contact us before bidding so that we can get you an accurate shipping quote. Be sure to include your country. City and postal code. International buyers should also be aware that many of our items may require special licences and allowances to be shipped overseas. We make every effort to identify and mention these special cases in their descriptions. But the buyer is ultima