Fiber Identifier Everest Vit Fiber Loss Test Set Fiberscope Borescope Noyes Opm Ribbon Fiber Tunable Laser Source Everest Vit Ge Fusion Splicer Sumitomo Fiber Optic Splicer Afl Noyes Corning Splicer Newport 818 Milwaukee M-Spector Fiber Optic Fusion Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer Precision Fiber Optic Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer Wavelength Meter Newport Power Meter Tunable Laser Arc Fusion Splicer Fiber Optical Power Meter Fiber Inspection Microscope Sm Mm Fiber Optic Fiber Optic Laser Fiber Optic Tester Precision Optic Fiber Optic Cleaver Borescope Inspection Camera Mm Fiber Fusion Splicer W Cleaver Loss Test Set Optic Tester Lightwave Multimeter Sumitomo Type 1310 1550Nm Core Alignment Cleaver Type Inspection Scope Laser Source Module Scope Borescope Fusion Splicer Kit Fujikura Fusion Splicer Siecor Optic Video Borescope Siecor Corning Optic Inspection Laser Diode Controller Hp 8153A Otdr Module Handheld Fiber Sm Mm Fiber Fusion Splicer Ilx Lightwave Noyes Opm4 Fujikura Splicer Fiber Optic Inspection Source 1310 Autocollimator Fiber Optic Power Meter Fiber Optic Switch Jds Fitel Videoscope Borescope Optic Power Meter Digital Inspection Camera Fiberscope Fiber Fiber Tester Laser Light Source Opm 4 Bare Fiber Noyes Ofs Video Probe Precision Fiber Mm Fiber Optic 3M Photodyne Fiber Scope Inspection Optic Switch Pon Power Meter Spectrum Analyzer -Optical Flir Infrared Camera Fiber Optic Test Fiber Scope Video Fiber Microscope Fiber Holder Thermal Imager Infrared 1550 Nm Optic Test Laser Diode Driver Davidson Optronics Core Alignment Fusion Splicer W Cleaver Inspection Kit Jdsu Jds Uniphase Westover Scientific Exfo Fiber Fiber Optic Polishing Thermal Imager Camera Fiber Optic Kit Sm Otdr Gn Nettest Jds Uniphase Precision Optic Fiber Cleaver Fiber Optic Tool M12 M-Spector Fitel Furukawa Video Inspection Fiber Fusion Splicer W Cleaver Inspection Probe Jdsu T-Berd Flir Thermal Camera Visual Fault Fluke Fiber Optic Nettest Fiber Optic Loss Test Infrared Thermal Camera Otdr Jdsu Thermal Imager Infrared Camera Hand Refractometer Newport Optic Optical Fiber Cleaver Module 1310 Polarization Fiber Otdr Thermal Imager Fiber Termination Kit Flir Camera Ols 2 Fiber Optic Loss Test Set Optic Fiber Scope Sm Fiber Otdr Jdsu Westover Radiometer Photometer Otdr Technicians Tool Hp Agilent 8153A Vfl Fusion Splicer W Cleaver Visual Fault Locator 1550Nm Camera Flir Interferometer Singlemode Fiber Return Loss Milwaukee 2310-21 Video Inspection System Noyes Mlp Flir Thermacam Mm Fiber Core Alignment Fusion Splicer Sm Mm Fiber Core Alignment Fusion Seiko Seikoh Giken Westover Fiber Optic Scope Newport Model Fc Pc Laser Diode Module ++ Oriel Thermal Imaging Optical Fiber Fusion Nrc Model Ols 1 Fiber Optic Laser Light Source Source 1310Nm Siecor M-Spector 360 Furukawa Fiber Holders Alignment Telescope Newport Research Siecor Corning X75 Fiber Microscope Oriel Fluke Fiber Optic Laser 1310Nm 1550Nm 8163A Lightwave Multimeter Thermal Imaging Camera Optic Loss Test Set Connector Cleaner M-Spector Digital Inspection Camera Laser Power Meter Visual Inspection Bare Fiber Adapter Termination Kit Agilent 8163A Lightwave Multimeter Portable Refractometer Fujikura Ct-30 Lightwave Switch Fitel S175 Sm Mm Fiber Power Sensor Head Newport Nrc Laser Source Fiber Optic Microscope 8153A Lightwave Multimeter Hp 8153A Lightwave Multimeter Exfo Ppm-350B Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera Sm Mm Ribbon Fiber Fusion Splicer Nrc Newport Oriel Newport Inspection System Fiber Optic Test Kit Single Mode
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This auction is for 2 Vytran PTR 200 Series Recoaters/Proofers. Also included are 2 VYT-200C Integrated Module Controllers. 1 Power Supply with power cables, and serial cable. We could not find the correct cable to attach the Controller to the recoaters(like the serial cable with Vytran 3 pin interface on both sides) Both units where power tested(test button pushed and holder moved on smaller unit) and seem to operate properly. This is a great deal for someone who can use these. They have been out of use for a number of years and we are clearing excess equipment. The PTR's are in good condition with a few scratches but the controllers look almost new. A piece of tissue was kept in between the mold sides on the smaller unit to keep dust out. There are 2 controller stands but one does not have the screw that holds the hinge together. We ... moredecided to sell both units together for what is a great deal for one to make sure you are happy as there are no returns. We think you will be more than happy with your purchase. Included picture of MMR mold. Sorry about the dust in the picture but you can see it is in good condition. If you BIN we will provide FREE SHIPPING Thanks for bidding. MA residents include 6.25% sales tax.
I just sell this eqipment as the picture is shown. I only plugged on the power. The power is on as you can see by the picture. You can check out the condition of this equipment by the pictures that I posted on my site. You can refer the pictures and purchase it. There is no AC Adaptor. I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO OPERATE THIS MACHINE AND DON'T KNOW IF ALL THE FUNCTIONS WORK EITHER. There is no accessories with this equipment. IT IS BEING SOLD AS IS I only sell it as is. I DO NOT ACCEPT RETURN. Thank you. God bless you. shipping- The shipping company is EMS. I send my item by using this company. The delivery is performed by every post office of each country. If you order the item. Then I pack the product right away and let you know the tracking number.
Fiber Optic Tools and Supplies BUY | SELL | TRADE Description, Vytran PTR-200-MRR Manual Fiber Recoater with Rotary Proof Tester Parts-Only Used Vytran PTR-200-MRR Manual Fiber Recoater with Rotary Proof Tester Product Type: Type@ Model/Part No:PTR-200-MRR Our Item ID: 253115 Description Specific Details: This used The PTR-200-MRR Manual Model with Rotary Proof Tester is in good physical condition. This unit is pending testing and evaluation. Kindly contact us if you have further questions on this item. Actual item shown. Sold as pictured. Condition: Product Type: Parts-Only Terms of sales: Sold As-Is Physical Condition: Fair Working Condition: N/A(Not Applicable) Tested Condition: Evaluation Pending 15.00 | 16.00 x 16.00 x 16.00 | 0. Manufacturer"s Product Information: Description: The PTR-200-MRR Manual Model with Rotary ... moreProof Testing. PTR-200 is a family of manual to fully automated fiber recoaters and proof testers for high-volume optical fiber processing. Together our PTR-200 recoaters and proof testers ensure that stripped or fusion spliced fibers retain their original diameter. Flexibility and long-term strength. PTR-200 is the most comprehensive and effective line of recoaters and proof testers on the market today. PTR-200 recoaters restore the protective UV-cured acrylate or polyimide coating to a stripped fiber. The result is a recoated fiber section that is as smooth and flexible as the original fiber. In a proof-test mode(linear) PTR-200 proof testers apply a set load at a controlled rate to an optical fiber or fusion splice to assess the long-term reliability of the fiber. In a tension test mode(rotary) the load is taken up to the breaking strength of the fiber. This is an ideal method for process qualification in R&D. To accommodate a wide range of applications, we offer three types of PTR-200 recoaters(manual, extended-length manual or automatic) and two types of proof testers(rotary or linear) The PTR-200-MRR is a combination optical fiber recoater and rotary p
Vytran PTR-200 Optical Fiber Recoater with VYT-200-C Display No Power Supply Vytran PTR-200 Optical Fiber Recoater with VYT-200-C Display No Power Supply PTR-200 Series recoaters restore the protective UV-cured acrylate or polyimide coating to a stripped fiber. The result is a recoated fiber section that is as smooth and flexible as the original fiber. Details: Manufacturer: Vytran Model: PTR-200 Series(Exact model not known) Includes VYT-200-C Display/Controller. As pictured. Power supply is NOT included(If we locate it. We will update the listing) Power supply cable is included Condition: Good cosmetic condition with some signs of previous use. Controller has some scuffs in the plastic screen cover(See photos for more detail) Tested: No Warranty: 14-Day Right-of-Return SKU: 394636 Please review our Help page for all of our Terms and Conditions ... morebefore bidding or purchasing. By bidding or purchasing our merchandise. You are agreeing to these terms and conditions. Questions? Send us a message SALE TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Only the pictured items are included in the listing. If it is not pictured or mentioned in the description it is not included. Place a bid only if you intend to purchase the item. If payment is not received within 3 days. The item(s) will be relisted at our discretion. PAYMENT INFORMATION: Payments are expected in a timely manner. Please contact us in the event that payment cannot be made within three days. Payment arrangements can be made. We accept: PayPal. All Major Credit Cards, and Bank Wire Transfers in USD(There is a $25 wire transfer fee) A 8.75% Sales tax applies to CALIFORNIA residents unless a resale tax form is provided for our records. We cannot process the order until we receive sales tax or a copy of your CA. If you would like to pay using a credit card. Please call us at(408) 743-5609. Resellers Click Here* WARRANTY: Please see listing above for the warranty that applies to this item. AS-IS. No Warranty: When an item is stated as being AS-IS. The condition of the it
Up for sale is for ERICSSON EFR1000 Fiber Recoater W/ ERICSSON Power Supply. Condition: Used. It is in Good Looking condition; Unit powers on; No further testing has been conducted; Power supply included; No accessories included; Please Refer to Pictures. Please understand that you are buying a used item. Sometimes we are unable to test the item, if you have any issues with it, if it is not as described, please contact us before placing feedback and we will help you until everything is resolved. For sale is the item shown and described in this listing. No additional accessories included.
Used In Excellent Condition Vytran PTR-200 ARL Fiber Recoater Power cable from Power supply to Controller.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Feog4d72f%2Bf7%60%3E-14734db61b7-0x110-
For sale is a used Vytran PTR 200 s/n 04972 Fiber Proof Tester Recoater. Comes with a PTR200 CX controller. Comes with what you see in the photos. Nothing else included. We purchased from a closed factory sale. We were told it works fine. We will pack for shipping. Buyer pays for shipping. Thank you for looking
Vytran PTR-200/xtr series fiber recoater w/ vyt-200-c controller and tps150-12s-2 ps Government used. Requires cleaning and possible calibration Used is tested and appears to be functioning good(aside from needing cleaning and calibration) g.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk%601d72f%2Bjw%60hquvg%3Eg-14986346871-0x104-