Nigel Warrack

Creator and owner of Fly Fish Kaua'i. I've been fishing here on the island of Kaua'i and surrounding areas my entire life, both freshwater and shoreline flats. I am very familiar with the fishing scene on Kaua'i and can give you all the pointers you need. I have been guiding trips for the past 13 years to help anglers find the many varieties of fish that can be found on the beautiful Garden Island.
Enjoy the best of both worlds with saltwater and freshwater fishing on the beautiful Garden Island. On Kaua'i you have the rare opportunity to cast a line for bonefish one day, and ... morethen to fish for trout the next. It's just one way (of many) to enjoy the lush beauty of our island. 

Some of our top freshwater fishing opportunities include rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and peacock bass. Hiking should be expected, along with some rock hopping. Also be prepared to get muddy as you meander through lush rainforests. Though it can be a bit of a challenge, fresh water fishing is worth the effort because it comes with some of the best views!

Saltwater fishing opportunities target the Hawai'i bonefish, along with several species of trevally. Even though bonefishing on Kaua'i is not as prolific as places such as Christmas Island, the Garden Island makes up for it with the unusually large size of these gorgeous bonefish. 6 to 10 pound fish are common, and every now and then they break the double digit weight. In addition, there's a number of other reef fish that all come with their own challenges to will stimulate your strategic creativity.
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