Nick Ross

Nick was born and raised in Yosemite National Park, often accompanying his parents who worked as naturalists in Yosemite. His passion is helping people deepen their relationship with the earth. For Nick, the backcountry is not just a place to visit, it’s home—and Nick is committed to remembering, honoring, and continually learning from the people who have made it their home for thousands of years. He believes that people from any background can find peace and renewal from time spent in the mountains, and gain experience and insight that serve of great value in any walk of life.
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World class experiences in a world class location. We are passionate about guiding in Yosemite - fly fishing, hiking, majestic forests, and our surrounding waters! We explore and we ... morefly fish because the little voice that we hear, drives us into the most beautiful destination locations that the Sierra Nevada mountain range has to offer. Discover beautiful Yosemite National Park, it's hiking trails, it's fly fishing on the Merced, and the mighty Tuolumne rivers; or the seemingly endless Stanislaus river, and the stately Mokulmne river. We have a deep rooted love for Yosemite and it's surrounding areas, but this is only out done by sharing that passion for fly fishing and hiking with others, and watching our clients catch a sunset, a fish, a memory, and a passion for the outdoors!
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