Media Printer Polaris PQ-512 (35PL) Series Printhead

Polaris PQ-512 (35PL) Series Printhead  - $1200

The Polaris PQ-512 AAA Printhead has 512 independent channels arranged in multiple rows at 200 dots-per-inch spacing for single color operation, or 100 dots-per-inch spacing for two color operation.

The printhead is designed for binary jetting using from 15 to 80 picoliters native drop size with 8-meters per second nominal drop velocity for jetting fluids in the 8 to 20 centipoise range. Using VersaDrop jetting technology, the printhead is capable of adjustable binary operation at drop sizes up to 30 picoliters with resolutions up to 1000 dpi.
  • Transportation to the river and back from Ennis, Alder, Sheridan or Twin Bridges.
  • Access to top of the line fishing equipment
  • Wonderful streamside lunches
  • Casting instruction
  • Knot tying instruction
  • Entomology lessons
  • Learning how to "read the water"
  • Beautiful 2-3 day float trip in pristine Montana
  • All from a professional, experienced and enthusiastic MFFT fishing guide
This is our 2-3 day, personalized introduction to fly fishing. You will learn knots, fly selection, how to find where the fish are and soooo much more. Our guides have been fishing ... moreall of their lives, they know what they're doing and are excited to share that knowledge with you! We offer this on the water, individualized, class in two and three day sessions. Besides another great day of fishing in Montana, booking the three day intro will give you a chance to: ask more questions as you learn more and start knowing what questions to ask, see more of a variety of water and better learn to adjust your fishing to different situations, get a better understanding of bug life (entemology) and what part that plays in your fishing plans, as well as more intricate fishing knowledge from one of our professional and experienced guides. The rivers you learn this wonderful sport will be determined by the guide and where he/she thinks you will be most successful. However, if there is a certain river (i.e the Madison) you would like to spend some time on, let us know and we are happy to accommodate.
Fishing Waters
Big Bear Lake is a reservoir in the San Bernardino Mountains in California. Located about 100 miles east of Los Angles, it offers one of the top rated fishing locations in all of Southern ... moreCalifornia. Trolling is one of the most popular approaches to fish Rainbows. Freshwater anglers of all types will enjoy the quality trout and bass found in the local waters at Big Bear Lake. Along with trout and bass, you will also love to find the waters of Big Bear Lake offer an abundant supply of catfish, crappie, blue gill and sunfish. Fishermen of all types will find something to their liking in the pristine waters of the lake.

"Big Bear Lake1" by H.G. Judd - Own work (transferred from en:File:Big Bear Lake1.jpg). Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons -
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