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Ennis Lake is a medium sized reservoir that separates the Upper and Lower Madison Rivers. A day trip on Ennis Lake is a great option when planning a Montana fly fishing trip. The lake ... moreis located just minutes from the town of Ennis and is also a short drive for anglers fishing around Bozeman. 

Ennis lake is a very shallow impoundment with most of the lake less than 8 feet deep. The inlet where the Channels of the Madison drain into the lake provide shallow flats with weedbeds that harbor outstanding trout habitat. These shallow flats also allow for wade fishing. We use drift boats to access the upper half of the lake during prime hatches that take place on the lake in the late summer. The majority of the fishing on Ennis lake is sight fishing to large cruising browns and rainbows. We either fish directly from the drift boat or get out and wade on some of the flats. Occasionally we split a day with the morning spent casting to rising trout on Ennis lake and the afternoon spent fly fishing the Madison River.

Fishing is good early in the season when the ice first melts but the fish are deeper and blind fishing around drops and structure is most productive. As the summer progresses callibaetis and tricorythode mayflies become the dominant food source for the trout. Intense hatches occur daily in the late summer producing a daily feeding frenzy that every fly fisherman should experience. Trout feeding during these famous hatches have been labeled "gulpers" after the frequent sucking noise they make as they swim around with open mouths while inhaling the hatching mayflies.
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Fri, 18 Mar, 2016
Fishing was a bit on the “crisp” side with temps hovering around 30 degrees but the fish didn’t seem to mind. Once the ice melted off enough to get to the river mouths, ... morethe fish were happy to see us. We fished small black buggers down deep on a super slow swing and saw good action on both browns and rainbows. Outside air was cold and frozen guides were a problem but water temps stayed warm enough to keep the fish active. When faced with the frozen guide problem the best solution is to hold the rod down in the warmer water, which usually clears the guides in a few seconds.

We started late in the day due to the cold conditions and ice on the lake. March fishing most often starts late. Sleep in, big breakfast, then hit the water around 12 or 1 when the water warms up. Good news, we saw the first Blue Winged Olive ( mayfly ) of the year. This means the big show is just around the corner. We found two selective fish on the surface sucking down dries. Dry fly season is just around the corner. Weeee!
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