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HEWLETT PACKARD 6466C Power Supply S/N: 2329A-00372 UNTESTED SOLD AS IS Powered by The free listing tool. List your items fast and easy and manage your active items.
Single Output DC Power Supply Performance Characteristics: No. of Outputs: 1 o/p Range programming modes: Fixed Output 1 Max. power: 9600 Watts Output 1/Range 1 Max. Current: 600 A(0 V to 16 V) Voltage Ripple and Noise: 0.18 V Load Regulation. Voltage: 5 mV Load Regulation. Current: 1 A Transient Response Time: 100 ms Programming Resolution( of full scale) 0.05% Remote Sensing Measurement: No Multiple Unit Combinations: Auto-Parallel.Series Overvoltage Protection: Yes Overcurrent Protection: Yes Over-temperature Protection: Yes Local Lockout: Yes 550 pounds shipping weight. Net weight 500 pounds. 17"x26"x26" approx. $45 pallet/loading charge will be added to your invoice. Please inquire for freight costs.
Low BUY IT NOW Price! $1.450.00 each. Buy 1,2,3 up to 4 Units. SAVE $$$$: Be sure to add me to your! Check out my! 1369 Daviess Street Lockport.IL. 60441 Call Patrick Lind at"RELIABLE COMPUTER SERVICES. Inc. 27 Years of Buying& Selling computer hardware by DEC or"Digital Equipment Corporation" Since 1985. RCS Inc. has been buying& selling computer hardware by DEC or Digital Equipment Corporation for 27 Years. Buying whole machines/sights& selling the peripherals& parts to Maintenance companies& even back to DEC. When it comes to purchasing or selling computer hardware by DEC. Call the company that delivers what they promise at the fairest market price. We will also be selling many non DEC related items here on Ebay. We will be attending many auctions.Liquidations,surplus& bankruptcies sales here in Chicago& ... morethe Midwest area. We will be selling a wide variety of items. From printers& plotters to floor scrubbers& Oscilloscope. Tools, Antique's,Computer hardware, Copiers, motors, generators, Radios, Test& Scientific Equipment. Payment is due within 10 days of purchase. Unless we are on vacation. Most orders ship within 1 to 3 days of receipt of a guaranteed payment. We do accept Paypal for International payment if Paypal will guarantee the payment. We must ship to the address instructed on the paypal payment. All International shipping charges must be Prepaid to RCS Inc. As the Exporter. We are liable for these charges if the buyer does not pay. Sorry,We cannot& will not ship freight collect to a buyers account. We are located in LOCKPORT IL. About 35 miles SW of Chicago IL. Most items can be inspected in our warehouse before bidding. Please call 1st& make an appointment. We are not there or available everyday. Buyers can also email or call us with any test procedures they would like us to try for them on the equipment. Send us your day time phone# we will call you while we try your procedures.Thanks Send payment to: Reliable Computer Services. Inc.