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Lot of 2 National Electronics NL-5551A Size B Ignitrons Sellers Location Note: Room C Shelf Lot 1651(Littlejohn) RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fvo%7B%3Dd70f%2Bf54%3E-1402614ff22-0x102-
We have for sale a used RCA Ignitron electron tube. 5551A, in excellent condition. Please see photos for details. Questions about this item? Contact me through My Messages in ebay. Check out our other items in my eBay store. Various& Sundry" Thanks for Looking!
OFFER& WIN WE BID ALL PRICES Please Make an Offer if You Find This Item with Lower Prices Then Our, We Promisse to Sell it Cheapear Then That What You Have Found ITEM FOR SALE: MULLARD IGNITRON 5551A USED Normal 0 21 false false false PL X-NONE X-NONE Item pictures- Please be assured that when you buy more than one item they might not look the same as the one in the picture above. Warranty- You have 7 days warranty from time you receive the device to check if it is fully functional. If it's not we'll send you another unit or make a full refund. Delivery time- Using Polish Post priority mail it takes about 2-3 weeks but sometimes it might be longer. It depends where we should send your item. If the device doesn't arrive on time please check if your order is already on your post office otherwise please inform us. Shipping price- ... moreWe can send this item worldwide for FREE! with Polish Post priority mail. If you need this item faster we can always use UPS/DHL but you'll have to pay extra for shipping. Return policy- If device doesn't work please inform us about it. There is always a positive way to finishing transaction before you leave a negative or neutral feedback. You may choose full refund or faulty item exchange(we pay for shipments) If you don't accept the package from the carrier we'll have to charge you for shipping. Our policy- Please do not ask us to low-down the value of the invoice. It's against our policy. Broker fee- If you're from outside the UE. It may happen that you'll have to pay a broker fee. It depends on the item and it's cost. Important! Please open package in the presence of the carrier/transporter to make sure that the item is ok and it's not crushed. Other way we'll not pay for any damages! All customers from EU who are not owners of European VAT number and are willing to make an offer should be aware that their offer will be countered with additional 23% of their offer amount. This is due to Polish Tax System. If you have any questions.