MacLaren River Lodge

Fishing, Hunting
MacLaren River Lodge is your gateway to experiencing wild Alaska! With a number of fishing and hunting opportunities along with amazing sightseeing, canoeing, glacier camping, and much, much more, you will experience Alaska in all its glory. In the winter we provide snow mobiling trips and a variety of other Alaskan adventures. We are located at mile 42 of the Denali Highway with amazing views and incredible opportunities for outdoor adventures. MacLaren River lodge sits right near the base of the MacLaren glacier and the Denali Highway is the second highest highway pass in the state. This is alpine country!

The many streams and lakes around the MacLaren Valley provide ample opportunities to catch Arctic Grayling and Burbot (poor man's lobster). The MacLaren rivers offers clear waters that help make fishing a truly magical experience.

Hunting opportunities along the Denali Hwy include Moose, Caribou, Grizzly Bear, Ducks, Ptarmigan, and more. 
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