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Search our eBay Store! HP Agilent 1652B/1653B Portable Logic Analyzer Digitizing Oscilloscope PARTS SKU: JV-BIN-A-AGILENTLOGIC Condition: For parts or ... morenot working Packaging: OEM Warranty: AS-IS FOR PARTS OR REPAIR This auction only comes with what is pictured or listed in the description. All parts. Accessories, cables, etc. are not included unless pictured or described. If in doubt, please contact us before purchasing. Click an Image to Enlarge New Page 1 HP Agilent 1652B/1653B Portable Logic Analyzer Digitizing Oscilloscope HPIB*FOR PARTS&OR REPAIR* PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE NOT SURE WHAT THE EXACT MODEL NUMBER IS FOR THIS UNIT. BASED ON OUR RESEARCH WE BELIEVE THIS IS EITHER A 1652B OR A 1653B LOGIC ANALYZER. Model: 1652B or 1653B. Physical Condition: Poor– Lots of scuffs/scratches on the unit. The back panel has a severe dent by the fan(SEE PHOTO) The“RS-232” port is not usable. Pieces of the enclosure have broken off(SEE PHOTO) Other dents/chips can be found throughout the unit. There are loose pieces inside the unit. One of the legs/spacers on the back of the unit has broken off(SEE PHOTO) Sticker remnant and adhesive residue can be found on the unit. Signs of rust can be found on the screws. Unit is missing some screws. Connection ports are in fair condition. Control panel is in good condition. The front ports on the control panel is missing. Display screen show no signs of scratches. Functionality/Degree of Testing: Unit does not power on. We do not have the necessary resources to further test this unit. Power cable is not included. Dimensions(L" W" H" 14 ¼* 16 ¾* 7 ¾ BEING SOLD AS-IS FOR PARTS OR REPAIR. PLEASE NOTE. THE FDA DISCLAIMER BELOW IS FOR MEDICAL DEVICES/EQUIPMENT REQUIRING GOVERNMENT AUTHORIZATION: SVC ASSET MANAGEMENT. INC. MILPITAS. CA 95035(877)757-3863"The sale of this item may be subject to regulation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and state and local regulatory agencies. If so. Do not bid on this item unless you are an authorized purchaser. If t
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Condition: For parts or not working
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Agilent/HP 1652B 80 CH. Logic Analyzer/ 2CH Digital Scope. Purchase includes 7 Day Right of Refusal. The HP 1652B logic analyzer has all the features ... morefo the HP 1650B and HP1651B plus two 400 MSa/s digitizing oscilloscope channels. Automatic pulse parameter measurements, and time-correlated state, timing and oscilloscope display. You can still completely analyze your 8- 16- or 32-bit microprocessor while getting better definition on system signals with the 2-channel oscilloscope. You can characterize critical timing parameters with time interval measurements to better than 1 na accuracy or examine glitches in your system with the built-in scope to determine if noise or loading is the problem. Or. You can use the scope to enhance your troubleshooting capabilities. Number of Channels 80 ch Maximum Conventional Timing Rate 100 MHz Maximum Transitional Timing Rate 100 MHz Maximum Glitch Timing Rate 50 MHz Memory Depth/Channel-Normal 1 KB Channel to Channel Delay 4 ns Minimum Recognizable Glitch Width 5 ns Setup/Hold Time 10 ns No of Scope channels- 2 Bandwidth- 100 MHz Simultaneous max.sampling rate/Ch- 400 MSa/s HPIB.RS-232C FDD Accessories Included: 4- 01650-8705- Pods 1& 2 Logic Analyzer Probes& Grabber 2- 10430A- Probe Assembly 3- 5959-0288- THROUGH-HOLD SMD GRABBERS Purchase Includes: 7 Day Right of Return Power Cord CD Manual Payment Policy U.S. Bidders- PayPal. Wire Transfer, Credit Card, Bank or Personal Check in US Dollars. Unsecured funds must clear prior to shipment. International Bidders- Wire Transfer and PayPal(To confirmed addresses ONLY) Shipping Policy for U.S. Bidders Most items will ship 1-2 business days after confirmed receipt of payment. If you have an account with a shipping service that you would prefer to utilize. Please contact us immediately following the close of the auction and provide the information. Shipping Policy for International Bidders We will only ship internationally on YOUR ACCOUNT– No Exceptions. We will not prepay and add shipping costs to your invoice. Item