Joe Donsky

Joe first picked up a rod on the banks of the ever so mighty Tin Cup Creek outside of Darby Montana. At the age of 12 he was literally hooked, in the back of the head, the ear, and the face. It’s amazing how a few dozen 6 inch Trout can alter the course of a boys life.

Joe is passionate about catching fish. He has journeyed far and near in his pursuit. He considers fishing to be the delivery device of life’s greatest gifts his friends, family, and memories.

Since his days on Tin Cup Creek Joe has fished as far South as New Zealand and as far North as Alaska. His love of adventure and extensive travel experience make Joe a great resource for our destination packages, our lodge, and any of our clients searching for new journeys.

Joe is a Seattle native where he currently resides with his wife and two young children. He has a house full of girls and cannot wait until they are ready to become part of the family business.

Favorite Trout Rod – 509 LL Series
Two Hander - Old Brown 7136
Favorite Washington Waters - Yakima, Klickitat, Methow, O.P. , Lake McMurray
Favorite Waters outside of Washington – Belize, Chile, Florida, Mexico, SE Idaho
Favorite Fish – Big ones that bite
One Liner - "Who loves you Baby?"
The Evening Hatch started by Jack Mitchell, began guiding on the Yakima in 1988. We are one of the remaining original outfitters on 'Our Home River.' Since then our services have expanded ... moresubstantially, including three post and beam lodges. For those who have fished with us, we appreciate your loyal support as this is our 27th year of operating and it continues to be a fun adventure. If you haven't fished with us, we invite you to join us waterside and experience a day, two, three or more on the water with The Evening Hatch.

Over the years The Evening Hatch has seasoned a good number of the guides that are on the Yakima and in Central/Eastern Washington today. Some are with us and some may be out there on their own or with other outfitters. One thing is for sure, The Evening Hatch set the standard of excellence and continues to do so.

..The reputation of The Evening Hatch is based directly on our developed and original programs, quality facilities and our staff that greets you at the Yakima river fly shop, at one of our lodges or the guide that shows you the best of the fishery. We are fortunate to have our crew. These dedicated professionals are hard working, fleece wearing, sunglass bearing, weather tattered, sun lined, oar pulling, fish netting, fly tying, genuine fly fishing guides, bums, chefs, hosts and more. At first glance they may appear to be aloof, out there, glaze eyed, robotic and/or just 'guide like.' A closer look reveals a group of people that will do whatever it takes to make your day the best it can be, period! Our programs have always been 'the first' on the east slope of the Cascades. We guarantee our service, and were the FIRST to do so! - See what our guests have to say.!

Most of our guide staff are full time for The Hatch and some are freelancers roaming the waters... Regardless of their origin, rest assured the experience will be an enjoyable adventure. We guarantee our service! Some of our guide staff have been on the water with us for over 26 years now.....No other Washington or Yakima guide service can quote that statistic... Link below to learn more about our guide staff...

A good guide is your link between the knowledge you already have and the knowledge you would like to gain when it pertains to fishing with the fly.

We are grass roots, from the get go... We won't presume to tell you how to fish; Whether it be dry flies, streamers, nymphing or swinging...We are well versed in all techniques with a fly rod, both single hand and double handers and can teach you the intricacies of the methods you are interested in. If there is something you would like or not like on your trip, let us know and we will make it happen!
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